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Promenade Canon Experiment (/TVMI.PCE)
Scraps Restaurant - Gourmet Fast Food
The newest project intiated here finds the intermediary grounds between restaurant casual dining and disturbing Chinese feline take-out. Our most favored cuisine for the past 20 years has been fast food despite being scoffed at for it's supposed 'unhealthy' qualities. (Note: They're often proven wrong and typically procrastinators, liars, feckless, obese and observantly strangulated.) Scraps amalgamates international gourmet and expediency within a contemporary take-out treatment. We are currently crafting the interior and exterior architecture and menu for an ordinal location in the greater Manhattan area. Stay tuned.
In Development (69.14.070)
Tv Miller's current abridged listing as of 69.14.070:

'Morningside' Novella (< 80 pages)
FSPW North [fspwnorth.com]
'Thirty' Novella (< 80 pages)
Stand Up Comedy
Rub Rob Widget [?page=rubrobwidget]
'Curfew' Comic Book (w/ Christopher Wiley)
Ergonomic Mattress
Passenger Car Seat Aide (Untitled)
Figment Miniature Golf Entry Abrogation
Competitive sports requires an element of symmetry from it's adversaries, a coherence scaled for the designer of an athletic apparatus.

After further investigation of the 'preferences' for design of the miniature golf holes for the Figment Governors' Island submissions, a particular set of bullet points under the 'playability' header deviates from this clause.

Remember that young children still developing motor skills will be playing.
Highly pitched ramps are really hard, avoid them.

Integrity requires no submission to circumstances, thusly we were unable to submit a mediocre alternative to accommodate the weakening variables.
Sneak Peak - Figment Miniature Golf Submission (1st Draft)
Here is a first draft sneak peak for the Figment Project's Governors' Island miniature golf hole design proposals that deadlines in only 20 days. [Figment Project]