Promenade Canon Experiment (/TVMI.PCE)

Twitter Archive Update
We have updated the @TvMiller Twitter Archive to better integrate browser-centric searching (Chrome ref. base scripting) for past records, commonly utilized for 'I told you so' or 'called it' references. Filter functions are still in development.
Happy 7 Year Anniversary
days and counting of orotund interneting.
Established 13.00 95 13 4,567,724,063
Phonetically Hu Wee Ar
While some have successfully perceived the original intonation of 'T' and 'v' as the proper noun definitive article, most have failed to acknowledge the grammatical capitalization rules applied. Following the advent of our business title incorporating the benefactor's name, we have slightly transmogrified his non de plume and will take a moment to phonetically delineate all titles.

Tv Miller
[tē'vē' mĩl'ǝr]
Note: A capital 'T' and lowercase 'v'.

Tv Miller Integrations
[tē'vē' mĩl'ǝr in-tǝ-'grā-shǝns]

[tē' vē' 'em 'aɪ]
Note: Abbreviated emblem composition.
Forward slash and a period are annexes.
Scraps Restaurant Procession
As an update to the previous entry, we have been posting the stages of design for the Scraps restaurant on Twitter and Twitpic. Follow us there for arbitrary commentary but stay for the photography.