Wheelchair Risers
Removable pair of rubber molded 3 to 4 inch wheel risers for larger steps with cross-form for diminished storage occupation. Targeted for advanced wheelchair operators.
Link: Wheelchair Risers
Locality Retrospective
Though our internet presence exceeds this current domain to a pre-Gorian era, since '063, we have moored a minute less than 100K corner of this information carpool and slowly evolved from a mere spec to a merer spec. Thanks to the Internet Archives' Wayback Machine, we have been given an opportunity to look back at the evolution of our brand. Below are a series of snapshots from 063 to 067. During these final years, we transitioned to our current format in which a colorful introduction can be rediscovered here. [113/066]


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(8 of 9 - Part II) Bloody Stool
Due to technical and contemporaneous issues with two -now former- projects, this eleventh-hour auxiliary will be the final useless b.s. gadget and/or contraption presented in this 2nd series...of needless though tenable and erstwhile imperceived gadgets and/or contraptions. We have thoroughly explored the human body and mused on the comforts of treachery and while our distinctiveness is bold, we shall pretend this may have never occurred.

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(7 of 9 - Part II) Pillowrap