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In Development - Hammock Edition
1. Project47 (1.01R/A)
2. FV3*
3. Fooled (Short Films)
4. Etcetera/tba (Website Design)
5. Blender (Engineering)
6. TvAC Phase 2 of 3 (Engineering)
7. Stand Up Comedy
8. Tv Radio Show (Podcast)
9. Back to Frank Black Campaign Article (tba)
10. Professional Wrestling
11. The Promenade Canon Experiment (Sidewalk Handbook)
12. Toilet (Engineering)
TvAC DIY Air Conditioner
The principle of an air conditioning or refrigeration unit is to remove heat from the air (heat exchanger), not create cold air through prestidigitation as commonly perceived by the 'you're letting the cold air out' of a refrigerator mythos children are ingrained with. Last year we delved into this very subject with our conceptual refrigeration design.

A client recently identified an issue related to our combustible New York City weather and inability to install an air conditioning unit within their apartment due to an archaic electrical infrastructure. We pitched a remedy that was refined with the aide of engineers who have posted their own schematics online (see Credit). These photographs are of a homemade air conditioning unit currently under construction. Further images are to follow upon project completion.

Credit: [http://www.gmilburn.ca/category/project ... nditioner/]
Love Letters
Yesterday morning, I was the welcomed uneducated victim of chicanery by an online 'organization' titled Integrascan.

After searching through a cache of 'investigative' websites, I fell upon this 'brand' where I was asked to surrender a fee of 49 US Dollars for the entitlement to my complete and accurate documented background. A common apparatus of employers and the like. The results (which are available to you upon request) consisted of 1 correct previous address...and that is all. From a blunderingly inaccurate date of birth to completely irrelevant prattle about real estate (to which I have never owned) to an apparent clean slate of morality in the criminal justice system (to which I could never own up to), the absent minded document was utter nonsense and as blank as my expression upon my now lighten wallet.

Admittedly, had I done my research I could have easily avoided these circumstances.
http://complaintsboard.com/complaints/i ... c4247.html

Thus, #tvfail.

Anyone who has read my 'disclaimer' listed on the lower right portion of this webpage knows, my discretionary actions towards resolve cater to the intolerant.

First, a patient and docile yet strongly insistent request for a refunding of my fee in compliance of their 'money back guarantee'. The response (also available to you upon request) was that I willingly gambled with the risks of assurances.

The threshold laid bare, I unleashed a scathingly vigorous though vague implication that a reimbursement of my money was the safest of recourses. What I now present to you in vivid HD cut and pasting, is their multi-layered retort.

Mr. Miller,

I will be contacting your local authorities to file charges for physical and terroristic threats today. I will also direct our company attorneys to take out restraining orders against you for every one of our employees. That's going to be quite a few which will all be public record.

I have also directed my staff to refund your money for the order.

R E Vernoti

Public records, which I can only assume will not be available or accurate as part of their services. The final line of his dialog is the culmination of a discernible lack of implication of my written word to such a deviant nature...though I promise you they were very much so and will continue to as this breathtakingly passionate company is lovingly placed upon our 'penitence list'. I am far from done with these swindlers being that they are defiant of a pact with humanity to aide not hinder. [47]
Politicks - The Steaks
Admittedly, this is merely another cheap theatrical escape from a more dutiful project submission to the #tenday. While we are engorged by mediocrity such as this, we are genuinely hoping to display more competitively interesting projects in the coming countdowns. Translation: "This week's #tenday is just one big hilarious screw you." [Politicks]
Bus Shelter (1)
This 'ten day' item is a backup from the originally intended posting which we anticipate to fill the gap in the next segment.

Bus shelters are as common as the urine they are stained with. This variant design applies modifications to aesthetics, 360 advertising and potential for a 'green' reciprocation of occupation waste. [Link]