In Development - Hammock Edition
11:0.0 134-10 OTC
1. Project47 (1.01R/A)
2. FV3*
3. Fooled (Short Films)
4. Etcetera/tba (Website Design)
5. Blender (Engineering)
6. TvAC Phase 2 of 3 (Engineering)
7. Stand Up Comedy
8. Tv Radio Show (Podcast)
9. Back to Frank Black Campaign Article (tba)
10. Professional Wrestling
11. The Promenade Canon Experiment (Sidewalk Handbook)
12. Toilet (Engineering)
Project 47 Aphorism
10:50.57 127-10 OTC
Project 47 has shifted titles and dictums over the preceding years only to this time settle upon a further evolved aphorism; 47Redefine. Patch-applicable or a temporary muse? [About 47]
Ten Day Weight
16:48.14 126-10 OTC
A sudden increase in both private workload and overlapping public projects has led to the re-evaluation of the #tenday countdown. In the coming weeks, we will present an array of new materials while analyzing the #tenday application.
FV3* 204/070
16:54.48 117-10 OTC

TvAC DIY Air Conditioner
10:41.56 117-10 OTC
The principle of an air conditioning or refrigeration unit is to remove heat from the air (heat exchanger), not create cold air through prestidigitation as commonly perceived by the 'you're letting the cold air out' of a refrigerator mythos children are ingrained with. Last year we delved into this very subject with our conceptual refrigeration design.

A client recently identified an issue related to our combustible New York City weather and inability to install an air conditioning unit within their apartment due to an archaic electrical infrastructure. We pitched a remedy that was refined with the aide of engineers who have posted their own schematics online (see Credit). These photographs are of a homemade air conditioning unit currently under construction. Further images are to follow upon project completion.

Credit: [ ... nditioner/]