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Practicum - Introduction (Course 1)
In an attempt to elucidate the mechanisms behind a more contemporary environment for our future, this course will examine the ethical architectures that surround us today. In a 3 day a week (5 days OT) curriculum, a subject currently blighting the public soapbox will be harvested, embittered and then ravaged for parts with a paradoxical and tangible discourse, leading us to a sense of resolve for a more cohesive and coherent inhabitation that may soundly apply to the 47Project. Sessions will begin on the following day. You are dismissed.
Operation Pond (Project 47)
Preliminary information can relieve details of the first stage of our Project 47 venture, inuring sailing solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Further details will be made available as they develop.

Plug - Da Vinci Artist Supply
-The following is an advert-is(e)-ment (eloquent) for DaVinci Artist Supply-

Manhattan ambiguously blows when it comes to non-fashion-themed creativity. Should you desire sporting goods, engineering (mechanical, electrical and/or hardware) supplies or even artistry apparati, you would be hard pressed to find an abundance of reputable dealers peddling their wares. It has become more frequent that to obtain even simplistic elements are tasking or improbable upon this non-dormental atoll...which heralds applause to DaVinci Artist Supply for being the sole provider of several molding and casting products utilized in our current venture - in addition to supplying various miscellaneous yet apparently vexing instruments in our previous electromagnetic microgravity experiment. We wholly advocate your patronage of this establishment located on 23rd and 21st below Midtown.

Link: DaVinci Artist Supply
Plugtite (Casting Draft)
Several modifications to the design inhabit a thinner structure while maintaining durability amid utility. The new forked edged legs allow for a more compact base, greater ease of re-use by the consumer and simplification of molding and casting. This current 'proof-of-concept' draft will be sent to prototpying to create a breadboard model. (pat. pend.)
Plugtite (For Sale)
The 'Plugtite' device is currently undergoing final adjustments before molding a working prototype next month. We anticipate refining the catch, arms and general size of the unit over the next week. This product will be pitched to manufacturers following several operating tests by year's end. (pat. pend.) [Ref: Alumilite]