Practicum (Course I) Don't Ask, Don't Care
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Abnormality is a deviation from the properties of the norm. The mammalian seam created by nature imparted two diverse organisms as means of a system of checks and balances. Biological nature and diversity often generate discrepancies which have lead to various abnormalities, both in parallel of acclimatization and defiant of the formulaic assets of continuance.

Chromosome irregularities during gestation can pervert the certainty of gender identification. The eventual habitation of the human gender neutral can deviate appropriate development.

Regardless of this collusion, these hybrids can function to a near or above standard faculty within margins of the genetic makeup comparable to first phase gender.

Are they dissimilar? Yes. Are they insubordinate of the properties to a successful biological evolution? Yes and no. These hybrid human species can not typically procreate by means of gender neutrality subsequently invalidating participation within the boundaries of heterosexual biological evolution. These earmarks establish the variables for tolerance.

Final analysis and edict will state that gender classifications will govern four subdivisions, M (Male), F (Female), M-H (Male Hybrid), F-H (Female Hybrid). Each breed will abide by the same civil statutes including social union contracts and equal dignity mandates. No taxonomic group can be recused for a gender identity noncompliant to biological stricture.
Practicum (Course I) Termination of Pregnancy
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A singularity stasis of the human organism requires no competing or collaborating human interaction post infancy. Prior transience is wholly dependant on a host. Devoid of this liaison subsequent of a segregation from a host, the subject will incur a 90% or greater likelihood of mortality. If the vassal is a mutual entity with the host during the fetal stages of gestation, the subject can acquire a 100% likelihood of mortality should the host become incompliant. This median of secession defines the boundary for the ethical standards for the host's accountability for the queried entity.

A virus requires a host organism. This host then becomes victim to providing the resources for this alien body to survive. Without the particular conditions necessary for this collaboration of organisms, the alien body ceases to exist. The same environmental conditions are true for human procreation. The host is accountable for the survival of the alien organism (embryo and/or fetus) and additionally subject to the variants of the conditions applied. The alien body cannot subsist without the host, thus giving full authority to the governing entity.

This is neither a pro-life nor pro-choice discourse. The embryo/fetus cannot exist without a host (the mother or technological apparatus). The embryo/fetus requires resources provided only by the host and should the host's validity become obsolete, the likelihood of the fetus surviving is dependent on technological advances and gestation having exceeded particular boundaries which dramatically decreases quality of life, hindering a successful procreation which is defiant of the parameters of human evolution as defined by natural selection.

The ethereal argument is that a sentient being acquires a lesser morbidity precept regardless of condition. As demonstrated above, a responsive fetus cannot survive sans tender thusly the host is wholly accountable until the alien organism is segregated from the host.

Final analysis and edict will state that any sundered human hosting a contingent alien organism is wholly liable over their individual corpus.
Practicum - Introduction (Course 1)
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In an attempt to elucidate the mechanisms behind a more contemporary environment for our future, this course will examine the ethical architectures that surround us today. In a 3 day a week (5 days OT) curriculum, a subject currently blighting the public soapbox will be harvested, embittered and then ravaged for parts with a paradoxical and tangible discourse, leading us to a sense of resolve for a more cohesive and coherent inhabitation that may soundly apply to the 47Project. Sessions will begin on the following day. You are dismissed.
Updated - Improved Interactive 47Pond and 47R/A Map
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Operation Pond (Project 47)
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Preliminary information can relieve details of the first stage of our Project 47 venture, inuring sailing solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Further details will be made available as they develop.