Practicum (Course III) Cash Out
01:13.15 214-10 OTC
Ref: ... 563432.htm

Accountability lies upon the individual to employ and support him or herself regardless of circumstances as to promote an even planed discipline. A proper course of action requires one to objectify ideological expectations in order to retain success beyond the threshold of faculty.

In this timeline, there are not consistent biological markers throughout the species that identifies particular variables to cede application.

A federal depository should not be contributed to, nor anticipated to sustain the individual when the entity is the regulator of the institution.

Final analysis and edict will state that no individual or federal institution can establish a date of sequestration from employment. A governing body may not withhold or distribute sources of income on behalf of the individual. Government aid is permissible with leniency towards age variances with an applicable guarantor should the first party be without employment for longer than 180 days.

Private businesses, such as financial intermediaries, may allow for pensions structured as investment savings liable to principle federal interest rates and insurances. Employers have discretionary rights to offer a pension program and can obtain federal tax credits should they do so. Government employees will be given access to tax free deferred payment programs for the life of the savings with proper identification on semi-annual tax forms following 60 days of employment.
FV3* 1X01 Release Date (Thu-294-070)
00:26.21 212-10 OTC
After roughly sixty days since the first announcement of the FV3* Documentary Series, an entire above and below the line crew have been working relentlessly on production of the first video...then they abandoned ship and left. Quite some time ago, actually. They are all now likely working for Gossip Girl or a Smitts vehicle on CBS called, 'Maybe This One'.

Notwithstanding, production continued with non-Hispanic day laborers and a crack team of people who happened to pass by or owe a favor. With that said, we are proud...nay, ambivalent, to announce the world-wide release of the first video in the hopefully improvable documentary series, FV3* comma as this coming Thursday, the 294th (21-October-2010). Check back here at in 4 days for the first part of the six part series leading to an epic live grand finale, all yet to be announced...or known.
El Caseichabra
16:27.57 204-10 OTC
As a break from our norm, we spent less than an hour (mired in an et cetera's block) affixing archival footage of our beloved Caesar Casey Mapp -blessed is the Casey is he, amen- to a classic composition featuring several hallmark characteristics of our Lord and Savior Casey Mapp -glory be to the Casey, amen-. Light a rosary, strand a candle with a bottle of Smilax regelii and enjoy.

Practicum (Course II) Deadly Consequences
02:27.2 203-10 OTC
Ref: ... 1FPGQO.DTL

In spite of emotive semantics that influence our perspectives today, the foundation of our existence is crafted amongst a series of biological invariables. This species-wide formula contains the virtues for the successes and failures of the species to evolve and protract. Disobedience hostile to these fundamentals are catalysts for expulsion of these opponents.

Hominoids require an assemblage in order to flourish. The success of the collective is dependent on unanimity and should an individual's errant behavior severely damage this collaboration, the aforementioned individual becomes a liability to the performance of the society.

Final analysis and edict will state that crimes befitting absolute societal insolence at a consequence to the success of the collective, specifically to include grievances as attempted homicide (non-defensive), homicide (non-defensive) and aggravated rape, warrant obligatory cause for execution of the condemned offender(s).

This concludes the Course II curriculum.
Practicum (Course II) Plummeting Numbers
22:25.29 201-10 OTC
Ref: ... ide-haven/

Human life is a self contained and oblivious machinate to the composition of a natural sequence. Validating existence requires ethereal perspectives inconsistent to external biological reserves. Core rigors are relative to environmental happenstances while peripheral tribulations are psychological diatribe.

The nucleus of combating turmoil with resolve is inherent competitiveness. Deficiency of apposite genetic material to sustain antagonism will likely lead a subject to succumb to an inability of application.

Each individual has complete governance over the maintenance and conservation of their welfare should these circumstances fail to cause distress amongst a populace or private property.

Final analysis and edict will state that an individual has the permissible civil rights to conclude their life by any lethal measure with a provision that the next-of-kin or suitable comparative can and will be held liable for expenses correlated to indemnity and labor wielded by federal personnel.