Practicum - Does Your Opinion Count? (Multiculturalism)
13:8.35 234-10 OTC
Enacting a lucid argument requires the delineation of experience and subsequent coherence, and your astuteness when studying from the Practicum must employ this attribute. Hence, further Practicum courses will utilize a brief quiz in order to better insinuate the validity of your contention.

As an initial example of these pending course quizzes, we have created one grading your experience relative to interpreting multiculturalism.

Link: ... ulturalism
Facebook Code Extermination
15:27.16 230-10 OTC
After a generosity of probing, we have determined that integrating the garish Facebook scripting into this website is parallel to installing AOL or being HIV positive. Thusly, we have terminated this beta project. The comment panels for each individual posting remains unspoiled...please enjoy WoW spammers.
Social Interactivity Beta
12:28.34 225-10 OTC
Despite our dread of the insipid and bland social medium called Facebook, statistics [] do not deceive. For this lot, you will now take heed of a login feature on the upper right portion of this website. Over the next several weeks we will be experimenting with an OpenID interface for the allowance of form completion and inclusion of possible future interactive features. In addition to Facebook, we are researching other OpenID brands such as Twitter and Google. This is notification that the current commenting system is now in beta until further notice.
Comments Security
17:12.11 224-10 OTC
With a slight augmentation of file size by +0.1K, we have blocked all guest commentators from utilizing the name Tv Miller. From this moment forward, only the administrator of this website may display the Tv Miller name on the comments extension of an article, thus verifying authenticity of the posting.

We are currently investigating alternative authentication methods including Facebook and Twitter API.
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