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In Development - 32.718 Edition
1. EyePhone Piece (Coming Soon to Instructables.com)
2. Plugtite (Stage 3 - Molding)
3. FV3* (1X02 Principle in 2 days)
4. 'Morningside' Screenplay (Draft 7 Rewrite)
5. iCard (Coming Soon)
6. Music Composition (The Tv Music Band and Whyte Noyz)
7. Project 47 (DR-Op 47Pond)
8. Practicum (Courses IV and V)
9. Stand Up Comedy

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Facebook Code Extermination
After a generosity of probing, we have determined that integrating the garish Facebook scripting into this website is parallel to installing AOL or being HIV positive. Thusly, we have terminated this beta project. The comment panels for each individual posting remains unspoiled...please enjoy WoW spammers.
Practicum (Course III) - Time Out
Ref: http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/Global/sto ... S=13343532

The average generational duration of a typical industrialized population is 26 years. Latterly of this span, a series of cultural and applicable changes (ex. environment) occur that can influence the perspectives of approved statutes legislated by a preceding generation.

Affixed laws that must adapt to generational changes often are layered with amendments, destabilizing the interpretation of the said occupation.

Final analysis and edict will state that all conceded uncontested laws will be held for appraisal and ballot following a term of no greater than 25 years. A revised edict may be conditionally applied to the ballot providing that the preliminary decree is additionally declared. Should the revised and declined vote not obtain a majority, the edict will remain enacted until a following ballot has resolved the partition.

This concludes the Course III curriculum.
Myspace Cessation
As of 18.07 296 070, the Myspace account for Tv Miller will no longer be accessible. Please adjust your bookmarks accordingly.
FV3* Documentary - Part I