In Development - Tapas Edition
08:36.51 294-10 OTC
1. Project 47 (1.01R/A.P47 and Burn Map)
2. FV3* (Documentary Part II, Website Design)
3. Sidewalk Canon (Documents, Experiment)
4. Whyte Noyz - 'Must See This'
5. Music Composition
6. Website Design ( and tba)
7. Politicks (1 Comic Strip)
8. (4) Miscellaneous Videos
9. 'Son of a Bee' Children's Book
10. Waste Receptacle Face Replacement (Modeling)
11. Plugtite (Mold and Casting)
12. Stand-up Comedy

+/- 140 Projects
Sidewalk Canon (VI) On-Ramp
19:34.56 291-10 OTC
When exiting a building or accessing a lane of traffic from a street, you must observe the same rules applied in Part V.

Upon exiting a doorway you must:

1. Stop.
2. Look both directions regardless of intent.
3. Yield to all traffic.
4. Enter your lane of travel at an acceptable velocity as to not compromise other pedestrians.

This course of action applies as well to entrance from a street or automobile parked adjacent to a walkway.

Lane possessors must cautiously accommodate impediments such as doors or sublevel access points.
Happy New Year 4,567,724,071
17:38.32 287-10 OTC
In less than 1 hour UTC, the Earth will have traveled 150 million kilometers over 365.256363 mean solar days around the Sun at a velocity of over 108,000 kilometers per hour (ref. Wikipedia). Tonight, at the peak of this anniversary reception with the preceding advent of the year, we here at would like to parcel out a veneration to you all in the auspices of a Happy New Year (4,567,724,071).

It is also never too late to begin your embrace of a more functional declination of time than with our Live Orbital Time Clock Widget.

Sidewalk Canon (Part V) Lane Changes
18:59.13 286-10 OTC
When crossing perpendicular over an opposing lane, direction of travel must first be possessed. All intrusions into opposing traffic lanes must yield to opposing traffic and allow traffic to pass until a clear path of travel can be obtained.

When crossing a parallel lane, you must merge towards the center of the median, allowing for passage of succeeding pedestrians.

To change lanes outside of a corner or intersection, all edicts identified with a parallel lane change in addition to all edicts governed by (Part IV) must be observed.

Sidewalk Canon (Part IV) Corners
14:33.41 284-10 OTC
When approaching a corner, intersection passage must be observed in order to determine further progression.

1. If direction of travel displays (or implies) a "Don't Walk" status, cross traffic must be given right of way.

2. If direction of travel displays (or implies) a "Walk" status, travel must yield safely into the intersection, cross traffic having given the right the way.

Turning corners follows the above edict, lane change rules (see Part V) apply.