Blender Concept
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Engineering > Blender (1)

In Development - Marquis de Sade Wallpaper Edition
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1. Project 47 (1.01R/A)
2. FV3* Documentary (Photography, Website)
3. Short Film "Negotiations" (Writing)
4. Plugtite (Prototype)
6. Short Film "125th" (Photography)
7. Blender Design (Concept)
8. Personal Space Jacket (Concept)
9. Waste Receptacle Face Replacement (Prototype)
10. Whyte Noyz "Anthem" (Writing)
11. Metrocard Wallet Swipe (Concept)
12. Toilet Film (Concept)
13. SGU Door SFX (Prototype)
14. The Tv Music Band "Gone As Usual" (Score)
15. Commentary "Mound of Sermon"

118 +/-
Poo-Doh Factory
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Engineering Dump > Poo-Doh (Play-Doh) Factory

Engineering Dump Crap-o-thon Semi-Annual Sale
07:26.55 327-10 OTC
Every so often we unload our crappiest of bowel seepage engineering designs to the dump. Oddly enough, the engineering dump has seen an excess of traffic as of late, which we can only assume is relative to the need for those to shave their assholes. We will be welcoming a minimum of four more to the dump over the next two days...stay tuned.
FV3* Part II Still (1 of 6)
08:3.42 323-10 OTC
Part II of the FV3* documentary is still in post-production but here is an exclusive first look at stills from the highly anticipated continuation of this epic 6 part deux-trilogy.

[Link] FV3* Documentary