Pet Door Brush (Updated)
17:41.44 206-11 OTC

[Update] Yowza! When engineering a new project, we are often quite liberal about researching existing materials before moving forward and (ungracefully) while we disagree with their particular methodology, we will surrender that this (currently unavailable) one slipped through the cracks. []

[Update Part Deux] Ours is better. If anyone wants it, we demand 23.75 per cent and our services labelled, Analogue Anatomical Contortion Deviation Toilance. It's rubber, genius.
25.837 Meridian
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Dying-battery-toy-radio Bob Dylan once wrote, "these times, they are a changin," as compared to say, an improbability of a static environment? Stupid Bob Dylan. Anywho, after several years of seducing a vehement confrontation with a deviated lethargic society, we are at present seated 2 kilometers from the murder capital of the world.

In the next 40 days, a collusion of characters will carry out a discourse that will lead to events that will forever alter the perceptions dealt within these pages. We are upon a catalyst, and there is no substitute to be reckoned. Upon affirmations, we will promptly indicate #Project47's tenets. Stay tuned.
The Rat Pack Operational Readiness Status (TRPORS) Update
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20:55:14+275+55+071 Martin and Sinatra Duet
Slicèdbread Project 47 Mini Button
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Now available in our merchandise department is your opportunity to antedatedly© attest your support for #project47 by prominently displaying a minute 2.54 centimeter "Slicèdbread" Project 47 Mini Button. Demonstrate your acknowledgment of somebody else purging your own muddle by pining one near your measly communication throttle, forthright. [Buy $2.00 ea]
Engineering "Holy Grails" Queued
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The following article is merely an allusion, as to validate that despite that our most frequented engineering projects perused on this website are sexual in nature or comically absurd, our substantial feats are to be far more complex; dinero pending. Not the Robert kind.

Society's luxuries are often convoluted with environmental deterrents. Though spout by filthy degenerate activists whose core hobbies are lounging in a cloud of smoke to cure-the-world, they are taught to preach particular disdains that are valid...everything else they say is bowel seepage. The following are elements of both, that are currently in development in our labs.

Domestic Brush Firefighting Alleviation
 (Automated Dwelling Protection Perimeter)
Liquid Compression Displacement Propulsion
 (Non-Combustion Trans-Oceanic Transportation)
Anti-Gravitational Propulsion
 (Low Profile Hovering Transportation)
Hot Water Generation Efficiency
Shia Saide LaBeouf Lunar Launch
 (and Accidental Disaster)
Toilet Efficiency and Splashless Design
Space Propulsion
 (Hydrogen Absorption Fueling)
Geomagnetic Manipulation
Static Molecular Enclosure

...and tell them what else they've won. A new car! That however, was already mentioned above. In the meantime, our catalyst invokes that you stay acutely tuned to #project47.