Stencil Spray Box
04:25.6 289-11 OTC
We are currently employed on a side job that entails can paint spraying well over 900 individual 3" stencil numerals, which has proven to be quite tasking outdoors (ex. wind) and no less than on a raised vertical surface. Additionally, commonly purchased stencils are unforgiving in clearance boundaries, giving little means to efficient expedient processing. Thus, our concept, the Stencil Spray Box. More DIY than not, which is inadvertent. Further modifications would include scales for placement trajectory, a level and expandable guides for larger stencil allowances.
Happy This Year #4,567,724,072
00:20.45 288-11 OTC
Don't forget to install our Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension (323 users) or bookmark our mobile Orbital Clock. Side note, updated versions are currently in development and available soon.
Capt. Tv Slicèdbread Miller Mobilized
02:30.18 280-11 OTC
The index page of this website is now available in a more efficiently/low-bandwidth-ly loading mobile webpage. Bookmark this page ( in your smart-phone browser, as this webpage will not be automatically redirected to from this website.
Project 47 Countdown
04:16.41 274-11 OTC
days until 61/72
Project 47 - W (6 of 5)
08:20.8 267-11 OTC
Above all, it's for the love of the game.

Stay tuned for upcoming #Project47 supplementals including the yet-to-be-critically-acclaimed Tv Podcast Podcast.