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Vacuum Shuttle Concept
Consumers will often utilize a purchased vacuum for several years and very few brands and even fewer models furnish distinctive electrical cord retention tools required to be built into the existing machine, leaving us with the all too familiar pile of cord to be held, re-bound or ran-over, which occasionally irreparably damages the cord and the expensive vacuum cleaner. The Vacuum Shuttle (1st draft below) is an attempt to save you from the headaches of this chore.

The unit is affixed to your existing vacuum by first hanging the upper portion to the electrical cord hook and then stretching the elastic strap to the lower hook. From the base, wrap the electrical cord around the spindle and feed the male end through the opening. The faceplate will spin when the release button is depressed and retract (wrapping it around the spindle) when the alternative button is pressed, allowing the tensioner to rewound. The Vacuum Shuttle will aide in preventing cord damage and will negate the need to hold the electrical cord as you vacuum, so that you may move chairs, end tables or use the FleshliPad with your free hand, shamelessly. 287--1 OTC
Professional Wrestling California Return?
Last night at DCW's solid performance in Santa Clarita, California, N.A., there was a clandestine meeting (purportedly) between our Public Relations Director Mor and executives from numerous independent wrestling organizations throughout California, who discussed (presumably) the possible return of Tv to the squared triangular circle, ring. We will have more information on this in the coming days as negotiations are finalized. Stay tuned. 287--1 OTC
GeekOSystems Reviews Fleshlight iPad Holder Concept
GeekOSystem(.com of course) and Obvious Winner has posted our Fleshlight iPad (tablet) concept on it's main page(s) and left a that we agree with..? Regardlesslyness, all are welcome to this nether-region of wisdom and enjoy, won't you.

Special thanks to Tim Tebow's Jesus and Marky Mark's pencils.

The Daily What?
Twitter (?=fleshlight+ipad)
Jace Hall Show
VK Magazine (Netherlands)

Someone tell Obvious Winner and anyone else that we (as in us) have no affiliation what-so-ever with the accidentally credit-stealing @Fleshlightyet. Did you (those who link to it) even bother to notice there is no mention of this design and/or device. Jebus Herbert Christ! [Fixed] 287--1 OTC
It goes without saying that we spurn acronyms here at, which naturally garnered our attention to the clamouring in regards to SOPA and PIPA legislation. Thanks to a lethargic undue diligence that was not dued'ed, we have come to unjustly assume that one is for the allowance of illegal immigrant soup and the latter the creation of a National holiday for a semi-foxy semi-Royal. Thusly, we are torn. Hopefully, the following link will parse this decision for you and allow us to adjoin the masses, however they lean.

Google Petition, Don't Censor The F#@king Web 287--1 OTC
Why Not? Steering Wheel Display (Speedometer)
Here's a quick, why not already? Most of your automotive gauges (speedometer, tachometer, et cetera) are viewed through an ever shrinking, frequently obscured steering wheel gap. In an age of orientating digital displays, why is there not a steering wheel gauge that rights itself as you maneuver the steering apparatus? Let's step on it (pun) Audi.

Engineering > Engineering Dump 287--1 OTC