Star Wars Emperor Hand Shower Head
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Bathe in the dark side.

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America Flag Poll (Eh?!)
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The modernization of America is inaugurated by razing the trivial elements of our past. Symbolism aides those of faith through such turbulence which is why a definitive emblem differentiating the two should be wrought.

[Update] Several have sought a traditional meaning to this interpretation, so allow me to, expound. It is our belief that a culture is a collaborative legion of one, not fragmented into boundaried ideologies. A single star, lending it's light down upon the Earth, the mono-governing body of a pure democratic cultivation, of one mind (-majority). Solitary stripes, a woven union. The colors, true to the Nation's doctrine as belayed by Charles Thomson. It is a merciful epitaph and an auspicious token.

na·tion n. /ˈnāSHən/ 1. A large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory [ref.]
Project 47 S1E1 Status
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via @TvMiller
Tv Miller has declared war on the Mexican cartels and your (anonymous) donation can get us there to do it. Goal $2,500. Donate today! 16:37 PM - 22 Feb 12

We are a mere 2,500(US) dollars from initiating what we forecast could be the evolutionary catalyst that could rival the resurfacing of our civilization by the likes of Caesar, Cyrus, William, Napoleon, Hitler and several other delightful characters. What hinders us from nimbly attaining this meager sum is our present environment. We are in fact, a donkey in a pit, leveled upon a raised slope, not quite elevated enough to rise above. This is where your poorly labored spade can change the world.

Do not hesitate to query us as you ponder why you should donate to this cause in lieu of participation yourself and do not fall prey to a piteous existence as life is what we make of it. Donate.
Those Guys MPW Appearance Postponed
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Due to circumstances outside of rational control, our scheduled appearance on the upcoming Millennium Pro Wrestling event on 62\072 (3-March) has been postponed. A substitution date is currently unavailable at time of publication.

[Update] Those Guys have been confirmed for MPW's 20-97 (7-April) event.

Regardlessingly, if you are a professional wrestling connoisseur and in the Southern California area, it would behoove you to join the masses as they assemble for this stellar event.

days until 19:00 PST 62\072 (7pm 3-March)
Millennium Pro Wrestling
2850 Lemon Drive
Simi Valley, California 93063
GMaps | Tickets

On an entirely unrelatable note that in no way, shape or form has everyanything to do with the above cancellation, I would like to trifly suggest that New York City drown in the odorous urine that stains every angular surface it inhabits. #westside
Those Guys Merchandise (Coming Soon)
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Look for Those Guys merchandise to be flying off the shelves (then being noticed by the owner, violently thrown out and used as sanitary wipes by the homeless) soon. In the meantime, remember to disregard any religious vices on the 62nd (3-March) as Those Guys debut at Millennium Pro Wrestling in Simi Valley, California. Stay tuned for more information on how you can watch live from wherever you are around the world, excluding Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Special grievances to resident artist and aspiring pornography mustache collector Christopher George Wiley for illustrations.