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Air Hockey Table
Are you seeking 360° of airsomeness™ hocktiferary™? Done-ish. Defend your goal from all sides with this addesign™ of that cushion of sexy air plowing through those minute holes on a standard USAA sanctioned table by such manufacturers as Valley-Dynamo and...well, there must be someone else. Either way, this will take the advanced player to therapy as his white oversized haunches fail to squeeze into the generous orifice and/or possibly to another level of vehement game play. Lazy Susan floor apparatus optional, but necessary.

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Those Guys vs. Fern Davis and Hed Zeppelin MPW 98/072 (7 April)
Those Guys - BPW Evaluation(s)
Those Guys - MPW 98/072 (7-April 2012) Results
In the heat of confusion and for the lack of a better term, lethargy in reading comprehension, Those Guys came out to face what Tv assumed was, a fern. Despite open mindedly and willingly accepting MPW's challenge to compete against a pteridophyta, real opponents Fern Davis and Hed Zeppelin appeared and Those Guys took the brunt of the violence. Fern Davis and Hed def. Those Guys.

Those Guys Entrance Theme(s)
1. Mr. Belvedere
2. Christina Aguilera "Genie in the Bottle"
3. TBA at BPW 119|072
BPW 91/072 (31-March) Recollection