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Peak Roller Coaster
As Project 47 is reigned in closer, we have begun drafting numerous projects currently delayed and/or in long term development, as a means of record. This several year old roller coaster concept titled "Peak" reaches many new heights in thrills and other fay effigies.

Constructed into a fabricated mountain spire, this high speed coaster's marquee attribute is the peak departing world's highest vertical loop. At ground level, the themed inclined queue mimics a base camp that leads the rider up the slope to a boarding tent. The car then travels along the face of and throughout the mountain and is hurried towards the peak using a drive tire slope that releases back into the mountain and then out into the vertical loop. The car then scrapes the face of the mountain, once again returning inside for a conclusive vertical loop which exits from the interior and returns the car to the 'base camp'.

This project is currently delayed for obvious reasons however, we look forward to an opportunity in the future to reimagine this concept for real application. Further images are available at Engineering > Peak Roller Coaster
Why Not? DIY Tracheotomy Flower Pot
Are you a repulsive rag who's corrupted your meager existence and those around you by being a nerveless pansy? I can tell, seeing as you likely obtained that tracheotomy by doing what simple camping taught you was unhealthy, not inhaling smoke. Now you're frightening the children with your supplemental orifice and robotic discourse, so let's spruce up your decayed visage with a DIY tracheotomy flower pot.

Visit your local flower shop, purchase an aqua tube and sever the end, then treat your cancerous throat like the inside of a VW Beetle. Furthermore, when you have finally succumbed to your inbred stupidity, the in-coffin flower arrangement could be exquisite.

Engineering > Engineering Dump
The frequency at which we now observe our society's edicts allots us the means to analyze many facets of governance. What we quickly discern are the catalysts of law smoldering under a pile of redirect. One of Project 47's many objectives is untangling these cursives for a more proficient and biologically fundamental reign. Once a day, if able, as we peruse the daily register of news articles, we will offer our brief insight to be cataloged for prospective reference. These observations will be refreshed solely on the Plenarium page and not here on our index.

Miscellaneous > Plenarium
In Development - Turkish Garage Band or Obese Lighting Edition
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6. Engineering > "Peak" Roller Coaster
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8. Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension
9. Project 47 > Plenarium
VibraFingerBall Thing?
Titles of projects have always perplexed us and following the FleshliPad "incident", it is especially difficult to comprise an applicable nonclementure, unless overstating the obvious. This is our third of apparently an eventual fourth sex toy, once again for the ladies, that we have blatantly titled, Finger Ball Vibrator. Venture a guess as to it's application? [Dimensions: 1.5" diameter / 0.7" aperture]

Engineering > Finger Ball Vibrator