Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension
14:38.25 86-12 OTC
A gradual transition from sex to science has occurred as mor and mor traffic to has migrated from the Fleshlight iPad (FleshliPad) concept to our Google Chrome Orbital Clock extension. As of publication, 678 installers have developed a sense of belonging by joining the people here on Earth who are displaced from the faux heavens. If you have yet to become one with us Homo s, do so now by visiting the Google Market or whatever it is called these days.

Meanwhile, since relevance can now be applied, here are some updates on our progressive, um, updatingseses.

Source issues are being resolved though suffering from delays.

Solar Alerts
There is no defined measure for an alert so we are having to develop one that collaborates between several sources and platforms which has proven difficult. We currently have no reliable timetable for a resolution.

The extension page is available to you on a mobile phone though caution you to distrust the local information (weather, sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset) as carrier ip's are often sited not by geography but by server.

Elsewhere, we are always open to suggestions from intellectual minds of additions or subtractions or coding efficiencies. Meander over to our Request page and depress the keys to conjugate a suggestion.
Earphone Cord Static Retention
14:43.11 85-12 OTC
Headphone wearerers have all experienced a loose cord tugging free from reaching or catching. The market offers cord retention clips which restrict movement, tear away and/or crimp clothing. Obviously it's our turn.

A fibrous slotted tag (imagine a dryer sheet or gauze as reference) with very little provocation can be statically charged by briefly rubbing the tab(g) along an article of clothing. This will then aid in the retention of the cord to anywhere on your clothed person whilst walking, reaching or bending over. It will then also remain easily freed should you extend beyond the movement of the cord's limitation and as easily, often autonomously, returned to a suspended position. The image below is an approximation the while a more aesthetic version is more likely.

Engineering > Earphone Cord Static Retention
A Those Guys Summer Vacation
08:29.25 84-12 OTC
Due to Furious George's rubber band ligation of a hemorrhoid as performed by Mor in a Korean bathhouse or possibly Project 47, we are suspending Those Guys appearances until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience by gesturing jump up my butt in semaphore.
Donate to Project 47
15:47.58 83-12 OTC
"The only necessity for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
attrib. Edmund Burke

Plenarium Now @TvDictatorWould Twittium
12:11.7 82-12 OTC
[Update] We have migrated the daily Plenarium TvDictatorWould dialog to Twitter. Adjust yourself accordingly.