Key Ring Concept
13:12.29 92-12 OTC
Grammatically Correctionallyistic
21:8.4 91-12 OTC
[Clarificationism] In honor of Those Guys' ancillarator and undefeated Mor, remain cognizant that we here at us have discontinued the application of the e when employing the colloquy more for that moment of course.
In Development - Nordic Ghosts or Pinch It Edition
09:4.2 91-12 OTC
1. Project 47 (≤30 days)
2. Tv Podcast Podcast S1E01 (≤29 days)
3. Those Guys > "Candy Can'ts" Film (≤7 days)
4. Those Guys > Untitled Film (≤17 days)
5. Door Mat Shoe Cleaner (Concept)
6. Fat & Lazy Bastard Workout (YouTube 3-Part Video Series)
7. Short Film > Fragments
8. Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension Update(s)
135 Delayed
Those Guys 0.66 @ MPW 30-June
17:45.20 88-12 OTC
Those Guys' Furious George and Mor are returning live and lower torso censored to Millennium Pro Wrestling on 30-June in Simi Valley where 0.66 of Those Guys seek to retaliate over a Dr. Ruthless attack by the Architects of Anarchy during the Zoogz Rift Memorial Match. MPW has suspended Crayz for the sugary assault which left Frankie D in the executioner's chair for the unbridled rage of the furious one.

19:00 PST 182/072
Those Guys' Furious George vs. Architect of Anarchy's Frankie D
Millennium Professional Wrestling
2850 Lemon Drive
Simi Valley, California 93063
[] [Google Maps]
Bandolier Purse
13:13.32 87-12 OTC
Don't judge. I snuck the word bandolier in there, didn't I? Pft, what did you design today? Jump up my butt!

Anywho, the ladies seem in a trance over exotic bags despite their hilarious over-sized knobs and shapes. While ogling the feminine structure, the notion of a hugging, elegant purse would be a more ideal alternative to those clown satchels.

An engineering note, the rolled over seams are concealing a flexible metallic shaft which allows the consumer to contour the bandolier to their body shape for the most efficient hands free experience and appearance.

Engineering > Bandolier Purse