Hanging Air Conditioner Concept
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Orbital Clock Migration
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Plants can communicate.
My vegetarians and vegans acquaintances, you are savage murderers!
Find salvation in a nutrient rich hydroponic lifestyle with Hydropaganism.
Spare just one more innocent cabbage's life by purchasing several cases of nutrient specific water before Nature passes judgement.

$29.95/case (10) [Buy Now]
[Dev] bin Deyho Edition
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1. Tv Show Podcast (Mexico)
2. Hydropagan™
3. We Hardly Killed He, a bin Laden Exposé
4. Hers Rear View Bathroom Mirror (Concept)
5. Hands Free Faucet Valve (Concept)
6. Smelt It Physics
7. "Fragments" Short Film
8. Space Maker Armband (Concept)
9. Waterpark Polo (Concept)
10. Orbital Clock Updates
11. Hanging Recyclable Coolant System (Build)
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Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension Update - Colorly
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An updated version ( of the Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension is now available, which features all-new icon (badge) color alerts.

Not yet an installee? Go James Holmes coo-coo-bananas with realtime tangible science and install the Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension this millisecond.

[Update] 218/072 - Discovered a cache of errors and have deactivated several of the color alerts while leaving numerous non-localized alerts in tact.