Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
Hanging Air Conditioner Concept
Orbital Clock Migration
Plants can communicate.
My vegetarians and vegans acquaintances, you are savage murderers!
Find salvation in a nutrient rich hydroponic lifestyle with Hydropaganism.
Spare just one more innocent cabbage's life by purchasing several cases of nutrient specific water before Nature passes judgement.

$29.95/case (10) [Buy Now]
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[Dev] bin Deyho Edition
1. Tv Show Podcast (Mexico)
2. Hydropagan™
3. We Hardly Killed He, a bin Laden Exposé
4. Hers Rear View Bathroom Mirror (Concept)
5. Hands Free Faucet Valve (Concept)
6. Smelt It Physics
7. "Fragments" Short Film
8. Space Maker Armband (Concept)
9. Waterpark Polo (Concept)
10. Orbital Clock Updates
11. Hanging Recyclable Coolant System (Build)
±116 Projects Delayed
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Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension Update - Colorly
An updated version ( of the Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension is now available, which features all-new icon (badge) color alerts.

Not yet an installee? Go James Holmes coo-coo-bananas with realtime tangible science and install the Google Chrome Orbital Clock Extension this millisecond.

[Update] 218/072 - Discovered a cache of errors and have deactivated several of the color alerts while leaving numerous non-localized alerts in tact.
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Orbital Clock Update - Unboxing
A recent data provider evanescence (earthtools.org) caused havoc on Google Chrome's less eager popup extension, to the dismay of several who abandoned our plug-in. Buon per voi to the 1,419 1,432 1,459 1,487 who have remained.

Moments ago, a recoded script ( was uploaded and as of now, the Google Chrome extension will act as merely an entranceway to our apparatus, allowing also for non_Chrome browserers to utilize this highly referenceable chart.

As consequence of this property expansion, we are now more freely able to include several, if not numerous, if not many, if not quite a bit of new real-time statistics for your cranial pleasure. To the unseen user, we beckon suggestions. Depress our forum and supplement our categorized board with your sapience.

For the mongoloid uninoculated...reference, installation, open source and hyperlinks are accessible at http://tvmiller.com/static.php?page=ocext. Remember that it is best to this new found wisdom. #orbitalclock
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We Call B/S - NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority's Malapropic "Screw You"
day (dā) n.
1. The period of light between dawn and nightfall;
the interval from sunrise to sunset.
2. A division of time equal to 24 hours and representing
the average length of the period during which the
earth makes one rotation on its axis.
(Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/day)

7-Day Unlimited Pass
Cost: $29, reduced fare $14.50
Good for unlimited subway and local bus rides until midnight,
7 days from day of first use.
(Source: http://www.mta.info/metrocard/mcgtreng.htm#unlimited)

A brief demonstration of one of the many of the
New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority's (MTA) deceits.
$29.00 ÷ (7 days × 24 hours) = $0.17 per hour
Purchased: 00:01 1/1/2012 | 12:00 1/1/2012 | 23:59 1/1/2012
Expires: 00:00 1/8/2012
Difference: 00.06 ($0.01) | 12.00 ($2.04) | 23.94 ($4.07)
[Conclusion] The marketed term day is pliable solely in favor of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. To comply with the implied definition, the consumer must purchase the unlimited Metrocard one second after midnight.
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FleshGrip Concept
"I'm leaving for the weekend to Boston on business and packing my enormous (10") Fleshlight in my carry-on is awkward. What can I do?" asks the overweight fugly businessman I just theorized.

Potentially, the team behind Fleshlight may have your portable solution! FleshGrip. Comprised of the same seductive materials and textures, imagine a Fleshlight unraveled into your hand. A molded layer of Fleshlight material is glued using a silicone adhesive to a poly-wool-nylon glove with a synthetic inner lining, becoming a portable, machine washable and intimate moan away from moan. Simple enough?

Here is some irony. Steve Shubin, CEO of Fleshlight Inc. abandoned the FleshGrip trademark roughly 60 days ago. Should they find interest in this more portable concept, though why I would pitch this is beyond me, they would already have a head start (pun, count it). A tight grip on things? Yep, that's the one.

To note, contoured elements around the inner thumb, dorsal web and index finger vaguely implied on the FleshGrip would allow for smooth and stimulated reentry of the distal end of the penis. The Palmar edge allows the manufacturers to continue the personalized star branding.

Back off on commenting on the lack of texture detail. My graphic design dexterity is on par with my giving a shit proficiency. Concept means 'use your brain'.

Engineering > FleshliPad, FleshlDroid and FleshGrip
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Cubed Draft Disposed
In Dev - Acid Reflux Capacitor Edition
1. Tv Podcast Podcast (S1E01 "Mexico")
2. Orbital Clock Updates [Android App?]
3. "Cubed" Restaurant Concept
4. "Salt" Restaurant Concept
5. Hands Free Faucet Valve
6. Adult Female Dinosaur Costume
7. Those Guys Appearance(s)
8. "Fragments" Short Film
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