MPW Radio Episode #20 w/ Guest Host TV "Vig" Miller
If you're bored and want to catch up on the twentieth episode of MPW Radio with guest host TV "Vig" Miller interviewing head referee Jay Stone, you can, thanks to BlogTalkRadio. If not, join us next week on Wednesday (44/073 or 13-February) at 20:00 where Jay Stone and Whiskey Fists McIntosh return to MPW Radio as they welcome referee Donny Brooks.

MPW Radio (#20) w/ guest host TV "Vig" Miller
Guest: Referee Jay Stone
01:30:27 .mp3
HLC1 Stage III Sketch Draft (1)
CPT TV Miller Guest Hosts MPW Radio (37/073)
One third Those Guys guy CPT TV "Vig" Miller will be guest hosting MPW Radio on BlogTalkRadio on the 37th (6-February) at 20:00 with Whiskey Fists MacIntosh as they welcome special guest Referee Jay Stone.

20:00 37/073 (6-February)
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25$ DIY New York Shower Spa Hack
New York City. The center of the world and considering that a majority of the world is in thirds, then it is appropriate. Those who have lived with a median income in New York City are all too aware of the 1800's-esque water pressure and heat application being equivalent to some one just spitting on you near the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Embittered to the point of forcing myself to do math, we constructed this minute 25$ hack shower spa. Despite a modicum of pleasure, New York City remains the vacuous rear opening of a behemoth whore.

Engineering > Engineering Dump

[Update] A contemporary version with (3) solenoid driven inline valves tied to an on/off control panel is currently under construction. #StayTuned
Those Guys in Morception