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Assessment - YC's Mongolian Grill
YC's Mongolian Grill
9120 E Indian Bend Road
Scottsdale, Arizona, North America

Date: 13:00 315/073
Genre: Mongolian BBQ
Serving: 12.95$ (Unlimited)

In a world of illusionary expediency, even the laid back Mongolians have succumb to the American scattering pace. The dining experience at YC's Mongolian Grill models a Baja Fresh style of finer fast foods. Rather than being seated at a table and served a beverage, here you are accountable for all things including payment up front, a more buffet singularity ala Soup Plantation. Upon the exchange of tender, you are given a bowel and it is here that class diminishes. Rather than an unlimited attempt at perfecting your cuisine, you are given but one opportunity and there are little boundaries to your excess. Humans have always been no more fanciful than swine when dining buffet and this validation is no more apparent than when having to heave mighty amounts of food in to a single bowel, but once. Over flowing gorging so that it produces a secondary pile upon the tray was seen before me in a line burdened by people's simple minded perceptions that ingredient combinations created an exquisite cuisine. There is no sense of calm or nature here, unlike previous incarnations we have adored. YC's Mongolian Grill is a mall food court grade restaurant which while successful for the hogs, does little to create an allure of an unique experience and it is this experience that trumps quality, consumed yet unnecessary.

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