DIY Shower Temperature Gauge
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Some particulars can be known with out the troubles of dismantling an entire edifice. This DIY Shower Temperature Gauge (Version 0.1) /hack/ allows you to not only know when it's reached optimum conditions but aides in identifying the exact temperature for your most pleasurable shower.

1/2" Threaded Tee
1/2" 4" Nipple
1/2" Threaded-Slip 90
1/2" Threaded Plug
1/2" Threaded Male Adapter
1/2" PVC
Digital Thermometer
Thread Tape
PVC Primer/Glue

[Note] Project in operation photographs coming soon.

[Note] A non-destructive automated Arudino temperature controlled project has been designed and is currently pending funding.
TV's Annual Fast Food Assessment Awards 073
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Best Value - Del Taco
Best Quality - Carls Jr.
Best Item - Jack in the Box's Oreo Cookie Shake
Best Interior - Carls Jr.
Honorable Mention - Panda Express

Worst Value - McDonald's "Dollar" Menu
Worst Quality - Taco Bell
Worst Item - White Castle Sliders
Worst Interior - McDonald's "Cafe" Style
No Honorable Mention - Portillo's
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