Assessment - Mori Teppan Grill
12:51.29 331-13 OTC
Mori Teppan Grill
120 West Stocker Street
Glendale, California, North America

Date: 20:15 44/074
Genre: Teppanyaki
Serving: (2) 73$

The hibachi grill fad has long since passed and now few pock mark the landscape, aging and withering away. Mori Teppan Grill is such a place that likely birthed from this mid-90's revolution of teppanyaki establishments and has vaguely subsisted as the populace transitioned to putrid raw fish and pungent spice.

The interior is simplistic. No semblance of a bar or lounge which is suitable as the cache of grill-tables is abundant in a mid-play Jenga like scattering. The music, unfortunately representative a lot of restaurants these days, is not thematic, which detracts. KEarth101 does not lure me in to the illusion of Japan.

Ginger soy sauce was to be applauded. Rice was prompt. It is then we arrive at the moment to herald greatness or dismay. Sadly, the dismay arose in the lack of severing the shrimp in two, which makes for easier consumption while also creating the illusion of more. The vegetables as well were not diced but slivered in such a mannerism that made handling them with chop sticks more difficult. The steak however, was scored in an appreciated size, temperature and flavour though through out, many seasonings and sauces were lacking. I know of one that would have scoffed at the lack of sesame seeds.

One praise must be said for the fire of the onion volcano. Many establishments now refrain from fire and excuse only steam. It is refreshing to see a traditional method preserved.

In all, the food maintained a level of high quality and while not suitable to the methods of craftsmanship and a lack of a luxurious drinks menu tailored towards such cuisine, the rating is of above moderate.

Clovis47 Operational
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#Clovis47 is now active.
Projects will commence production shortly.
Renunciation of Citizenship
19:24.49 309-13 OTC
We have on several occasions threatened to renunciate our American citizenship the while clinging to a thread of sinew that the United States of America would suffer through an apocalyptic revolutionary event that would re-establish it's once dignified culture. Impatience and the abundance of injurious news culminated today with the utter depletion of honor as it was once defined by the established culture...

BBC News:

"Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it."
George Santayana

As of 00:00.00 UTC Day 23 Week 4.6 Year 4,547,724,074 I, TV S. Miller, relinquish my citizenship and allegiance to the United States of America.

Liberalism Specimen
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Through out civilization, humankind has oscillated back and forth upon the two fundamental methods of commune; social uniformity and magisterial authority. One seeks from beneath, a unison due to conditions while the other is required when stagnation imperils subsistence.

In this modern era of stimulated empathy, human evolution suffers from this socialistic misdirection. A collective of those unintelligible enough to cogently devise success upon a black and white world, feign angst applied to our vanity, regardless of the field of rancor.

Below is a recent characteristically typical demonstration we have found befitting this impairment, further alluding to the notion that for humanity to again succeed, power must be taken from the peasants. #ColonialRepublic

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