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Projects Re-Alignment
21:44.15 84-14 OTC
As of 00:00 164 073, all projects in maturation, save for the following, will be re-calibrated as delayed until further notice. Projects not yet classified will be immediately shelved until a later date.

1. Project 47
3. Resistance Theory
Spatial Acuity Physical Relationship Research Project (158.074.1)
16:9.21 81-14 OTC
We are currently conducting a research project to establish a relationship between particular characteristics of the human species relative to spatial acuity. Participation in this research project will involve no more than a few moments of your time and will allow you to remain anonymous.

Spatial Acuity Physical Relationship Research Project (158.074.1)
The Sean Hannity Self Aggrandizing Ratio
13:24.13 77-14 OTC
News media personalities embrace two distinct methods of interaction. They can assimilate the role of a professor, elucidating as if were read from a book, or, they can personalize as if a conversation between catty ladies over tea. The latter is more impassioned, arrogant and emotionally driven and the least demonstrative of the conveyance of stability and intellect.

FOX News television and radio personality Sean Hannity is among these, which is antagonistic of the Capitalistic values he claims to endorse. While recently listening to his radio program, the rate at which he self-aggrandizes was intolerable, so we took a moment to catalog his self inflections from a random program on 153-074 (2 June 2014).

The length of the radio program was 96 minutes and 23 seconds in which Sean Hannity interviewed and interacted with several guests and staff. On average through out the entirety of the program, he utilized a self identifier once every 30.4 seconds though peaked in the third hour averaging once every 22.2 seconds. This does not extract time taken by guests to converse. All told, Sean Hannity identified him self as a component to the story a total 190 times. "We" was analyzed in two methods. It was ignored when utilized as show reference (ie bumpers) but accounted for when personalized (ie with spouse).

Our conclusion is, Sean Hannity is a flaccid feminine hygiene product.
News Tweets Analysis
14:14.46 76-14 OTC
News influences our perception of the world and in turn conditions us to demand particular genres of news which is then reciprocated by news organizations. The state of civilization and news practices could conceivably then be found amidst this.

We gathered tweets from a selection of major news distributors for a single 24 hour cycle and enumerated their genre and subsequent relevance. The number of posts from said organization is accompanied by the number of RTs.

@NBCNews was excluded from this analysis due to their cancellation of Community thus deservedly no longer exists to us. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

All tweets are extracted from labels identifying the Day 153 Week 30.6 Year 4,547,724,074 or 2 June 2014 (Gregorian) on a local machine located in Phoenix, Arizona, North America.

[Miscellaneous] includes history, 'puff pieces' (marathons, extreme age, giving back, pets), programming, speculation (economic, weather), gatherings (protesting, memorial, meetings).

Prevalence of aggrandizing one's own company became apparent during this research. Most organizations seem to completely disregard Science and Technology despite our era of adopting these genres. Domestically, @ABC was found to be the least politically opinionated the while @BBCNews wholly embraces it. @AP seems as concerned about entertainers as world leaders. @FOXNews touts it's religious leanings by not mentioning a single Scientific or Technological report. Despite resources abound by news wires @AP, @Reuters and @AFP, US news agencies are unconcerned about international issues. Irrelevant information and wasted bandwidth was egregious by all.

news /n(y)ooz/ n.
1. Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.

Here are few exceptional samples of "noteworthy, important events"...

VIDEO: Dogs compete in surfing, agility championships in California

Angry bird attacks suburban Pittsburgh woman

131ft Scots pine in Northumberland is tallest in the UK, according to The Tree Register

Puppy drives car into Massachusetts pond

PHOTOS: Brazilian sex workers take classes, learn dirty words in English ahead of #WorldCup

Hedgehogs steadily grow in popularity in US, despite laws in states banning or restricting them as pets
Project Development 148-073
13:52.3 70-14 OTC
HLTBAL1 Build Launch Scheduled
Any Way Door Build HackADay.io
Resistance Theory Experiment I
Perpetual Trickle Charger Design

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Project 47 (Delayed 90 Days)