Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
Bed In A Cell
Professional wrestling mark? Smark? Worker? Jobber? Um...fan?
Then this bed is for you...for perverse maneuvering.

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Project 47 Axiom
Human civilization is fluid. It has been bent, broken and rebuilt a thousand times. The emblems we use to interpret fractions of it; Kingdom, Republic and United are but labels.

Cultures are forged on the incentive of freedom to exercise values justified by experience. The preservation of a value is via the enforcement of a singularity of mind. Freedom must be confined by boundaries to assure such allowances.

Patriotism is not governed by words but shepherded. Blood and sweat from labor and triumph are not beholden to ink on paper. America, is a just a word. The idea behind it has been done before and can be accomplished again with greater fanaticism.

Humanity utilizes resources with great abundance as an advocacy for a life of ease, more so than those before us. When a culture erodes, it misuses these luxuries to an intolerance. It then becomes the responsibility for those more adept. To abandon resources with commiseration for the lesser is negligence. If 'they' have failed in what 'we' have not, 'they' are a hindrance to the whole of evolution. Destitution is not a destination.

Success is the consequence of biological order; eat, sleep, defecate and procreate. Our edicts should be of such austerity. Simplicity is found in reasoned order unmuddled by irregular emotional perspectives. Let us not erode our boundaries for empathy but arouse growth from rivalry. Not be burdened with salvation but condition fearlessness.

Join us to forge a place of candor for present and future. Where integrity is once again held assertively in revere. Where the blurring to shades of grey is focused clearer to points of resolute light and dark. Our new home will be of one wit and to accomplish this, to create, we must destroy. Follow the flames and leave asunder all in your path. The land then at your heel will be divided and rebuilt with purpose as we meet at the cusp of our new empire.

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Arduino Flush-Less (Version 1.0)
California is suffering from a debilitating drought.
When hasn't it, am I right?
Convert grass to gravel and ficus to cacti are all proposed options.
The absolute solution?
Desalinization pla--er, I mean, stop pissing away water!

Standard toilets use up to 6,500 mL (1.6 gal) of water to flush
a standard person's 400 mL of urine twice a standard day.

Hack most existing toilets with the Arduino Flush-Less
and reduce waste by up to half with out replacing a single toilet.

With just 1,825 AFL units installed, we could save 1,000,000 gallons a year, exclamation point.


// Arduino Flush-Less (1.0) _ TV Miller
// CapacitiveSensor Library _ Paul Badger
// PFOD _ Dr. Matthew Ford

#include <CapacitiveSensor.h>
#include <Servo.h>
#include <pfodParser.h>
#include <Stream.h>
pfodParser parser;

// Pin 6 (10M) and 5 (1K)
CapacitiveSensor deucetouch = CapacitiveSensor(6,5);
// Pin 7 (10M) and 8 (1K)
CapacitiveSensor flushtouch = CapacitiveSensor(8,7);

Servo tankservo;
Servo flushservo;

int tankOFF = 120; // Tank Servo Position OFF
int tankON = 0; // Tank Servo Position ON
int flushOFF = 180; // Flush Servo Position OFF
int flushON = 0; // Flush Servo Position ON
int bowlvalve = 10; // Bowl Pin 10
int pooLED = 9; // LED Pin 9

void setup()
for (int i=5; i>0; i--) { // Wait
Serial1.begin(9600); // Serial1 BlueTooth (Micro)

pinMode(bowlvalve, OUTPUT);
pinMode(pooLED, OUTPUT);

tankservo.attach(3); // Tank Pin 3
flushservo.attach(4); // Flush Pin 4

digitalWrite(pooLED, HIGH); // Setup Alert
digitalWrite(pooLED, LOW);
digitalWrite(pooLED, HIGH);

void loop()
// Turn OFF All
flushservo.write(flushOFF); // Flush CLOSED
tankservo.write(tankOFF); // Tank CLOSED
digitalWrite(bowlvalve, LOW); // Bowl CLOSED
digitalWrite(pooLED, LOW); // LED OFF

// Read Sensors
long tank_touch = deucetouch.capacitiveSensor(30);
long flush_touch = flushtouch.capacitiveSensor(30);

// Deuce, Flush or Stand By
if (tank_touch > 1500 && flush_touch < 500){ numbertwo(); }
else if (flush_touch > 1500 && tank_touch < 500){ emptybowl(); }
else ( delay(10) );

// Print Sensors (Testing)

// Write Bluetooth Menu
if (Serial1.available()) {
byte in = Serial1.read();
byte cmd = parser.parse(in);
if (cmd != 0) {
if ('.' == cmd) {
Serial1.print(F("<gy>HackADay Prize"));
Serial1.print(F("|A~<bg o><+8>Deuce"));
Serial1.print(F("|B~<bg n><+8>Flush"));

// Handle Bluetooth Buttons
} else if('A'==cmd) { // Deuce
Serial1.print(F("{}")); // Update
} else if('B'==cmd) { // Flush
Serial1.print(F("{}")); // Update
} else {


// Deuce
void numbertwo() {
digitalWrite(pooLED, HIGH); // LED ON
digitalWrite(bowlvalve, HIGH); // Bowl OPEN
tankservo.write(tankON); // Tank OPEN
delay(13000); /* Adjust Per Model */
//Code To Lock Out NumberTwo()?

// Flush
void emptybowl() {
digitalWrite(pooLED, HIGH); // LED ON
flushservo.write(flushON); // Flush OPEN
digitalWrite(bowlvalve, HIGH); // Bowl OPEN
tankservo.write(tankON); // Tank OPEN
flushservo.write(flushOFF); // Flush CLOSED
digitalWrite(bowlvalve, LOW); // Bowl CLOSED
delay(15000); /* Adjust Per Model */

// BlueTooth Tasks
byte cmdByte;
byte parserByteCounter;
byte parserState;
static const byte pfodMaxMsgLen = 0xff;
static const byte pfodStartMsg = (byte)'{';
static const byte pfodEndMsg = (byte)'}';
static const byte pfodWaitingForStart = 0xff;
static const byte pfodInMsg = 0;

void parserSetup() {
parserByteCounter = 0;
cmdByte = 0;
parserState = pfodWaitingForStart;

byte parse(byte in) {
if (parserState == pfodWaitingForStart) {
if (in == pfodStartMsg) {
parserState = pfodInMsg;
parserByteCounter = 1;
return 0;

if ((parserByteCounter == pfodMaxMsgLen) &&
(in != pfodEndMsg)) {
return 0;

if (in == pfodEndMsg) {
byte pfodMsgCmd = cmdByte;
return pfodMsgCmd;
} else if (cmdByte == 0) {
cmdByte = in;
return 0;

Did we mention Arduino Flush-Less (Version 1.0) is BlueTooth enabled?!

Despite the plethora of HackADay logos ala our futile attempt for favoritism amidst our submission unto the HackADay Prize-contest, the Arduino Flush-Less and TV Miller are not affiliated with HackADay or their unscrupulous, dubious, down-right-under handed ways. Heathens.

All claimers about HackADay are untrue, unless other wise true, to which, see?!

HackADay - Arduino Gives Your Toilet Options
Atmel - Arduino Flush Less Saves More
Embedds - Arduino Controlled Toilet Saves Gallons Per Day
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Follow Project AFL
Currently in development is our Project AFL, for submission in the HackADay Prize contest. There are two methods to follow along with all the lack of action. Follow @TVMiller for real time updates which will include the occasional lambasting of another culture or book mark HackADay.io/project/2206-Project-AFL on HackADay's project repository or what ever one might identify it as. Stay tuned to further updates on this project as we seek to automate for efficiency by hacking the naughty bits depository.
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Formerly HLTBAL1 due to budgetary restraints, HLTSCT4X is a ground based rocket launch utilizing an experimental propulsion. It performed precisely as predicted.

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FleshliPad Becomes Fleshlight LaunchPad
What was once a novelty engineering project, today has become what will certainly be an evolution of the medium of electronic interactive adult entertainment and subsequent gratification.

Three years ago, we pitched a product design to an executive at Fleshlight d.b.a. Interactive Life Forms. Less than a year later, it manifested in to a viral sensation, pun intended. The FleshliPad was chortled in discourse on programs like Playboy Radio and featured in gadget blogs to the likes of Gizmodo. It became a hypothetical global perv-nomenon.

The highly anticipated apex of this journey now cedes. Earlier today, Fleshlight released the following advertisement on YouTube which unveils their new product, the Fleshlight LaunchPad.

We here at TV Miller applaud it's finality and tip our hat with an affable watch yer top knot.
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Resistance Theory (Pass 0.1 Sample)
Simplified for documentation, the upper diagram is a standard model theory of a photon transit via absorption and expulsion. The lower diagram is a two-dimensional spherical wave with oscillation disturbance transit and supplementary wave pattern representation under lay. The Resistance Model demonstrates wave field resistance nodes (particles) and subsequent containment prior to demanding frequency change, suspended in a three-dimensional compression mass.

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555 Timer Delay On Relay Fritzing
Having scoured the internet for a visual 555 timer delay on relay or 955 timer delay on relay schematic, most did not display a fritzing'd version which for some is much more easily translatable.

IC1 555 Timer (955 Timer)
B1 9 Volt Battery
C1 47uf Capacitor (Electrolytic)
C2 0.1uf Capacitor (Ceramic)
R1 470K Resistor
RL1 5 Volt Relay
S1 Toggle Switch

The fritzing displayed below operates after a 24 second delay.
To alter the delay-on time, increase or decrease C1 and R1.
The greater resistance of R1, the slower the current to fill C1.
The greater volume of C1, the longer to fill by R1 current.
IC 3 provides a positive voltage when triggered and stays high.

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Nu Inglish
A singular language unifies a culture. It creates an environment of comprehension and awareness that bolsters proficiency and subsequent success. Words that construct language are a formulation of gestures, composed to suit a particular necessity. Often times in human history, they have been manipulated to suit ulterior motives that devolved to lasting difficulty and consequential deterrence.

At the core of words are letters as representatives of the structure of sound. How this sound is conditioned drives the efficient under standing of the words either heard or visualized. When the phonetics of a word is perverted, communication is thwarted.

Proposals for English language reform dates back to the dawn of a variant of the English language it's self and has had significant notable proponents.

Reconditioning language is by far the most difficult of teachings. Aside from physical manipulations, language is the most primary form of interaction for a developing mind. The accomplishment of this change requires phases, with an initial doubling of methods for youths for a generation and consistent simplified visual demonstrations. Unfortunately, even we advocating for change will be hard-pressed to utilize the variations with abundance, how ever we will begin to experiment with the process.

A frequently updated and developing Nu Inglish page will high light several word alterations and their phonetic component(s). Contributions to this project are welcomed.
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Spatial Acuity Physical Relationship Research Project (158.074.1)
We are currently conducting a research project to establish a relationship between particular characteristics of the human species relative to spatial acuity. Participation in this research project will involve no more than a few moments of your time and will allow you to remain anonymous.

Spatial Acuity Physical Relationship Research Project (158.074.1)
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