Shooting another episode of the #TVShow Canon series ... which needs winding down ... and a new bit, permitting me 2 or 3 lines of foreign impression dialog. #StayTuned 17:04:46 62 018 Miter
Kyocera Shop Sink 3530 (SS3530)
Kyocera Shop Sink 3530 (SS3530)
Switch Control and Warm Up Alert
Adjustable Temperature and Display
Lighted Hand Washing Basin
Dry Towel Warmer Tray
(Ardunio Uno)

HackADay Links: September 28, 2014
The Death of The Little Dutch Boy
For the extent of organized humanity, menial voices were quelled thanks to a lack of domain to preach. Our modern era has technologically unthumbed the dam of lesser wisdoms upon all and to a burden and loss to our unsullied brute order. As the voiceless were often the oppressed meek, now they sway and connect to a larger audience of theirs in similar vain, giving the appearance that emotional conjecture is validated by quantity.

Twitter is such a forum where the benign are allowed their moment in the sun. Aside the wasted breath of sentimental litter, we find a more debilitating uncivil condition of the irrational, given sanctuary. Click the image below for a @CNN tweet accompanied by quips relative to each replied pander (new window).

Project 47 Ensign Color Codes

336633 Hex
51,102,51 RGB
0.50, 0.00, 0.50, 0.60
255,255,255 RGB
0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
002239 Hex
0,34,57 RGB
1.00, 0.40, 0.00, 0.78

Bed In A Cell
Professional wrestling mark? Smark? Worker? Jobber?
Then this bed is for you...for perverse maneuvering.

Project 47 Axiom
Human civilization is fluid. It has been bent, broken and rebuilt a thousand times. The emblems we use to interpret fractions of it; Kingdom, Republic and United are but labels.

Cultures are forged on the incentive of freedom to exercise values justified by experience. The preservation of a value is via the enforcement of a singularity of mind. Freedom must be confined by boundaries to assure such allowances.

Patriotism is not governed by words but shepherded. Blood and sweat from labor and triumph are not beholden to ink on paper. America, is a just a word. The idea behind it has been done before and can be accomplished again with greater fanaticism.

Humanity utilizes resources with great abundance as an advocacy for a life of ease, more so than those before us. When a culture erodes, it misuses these luxuries to an intolerance. It then becomes the responsibility for those more adept. To abandon resources with commiseration for the lesser is negligence. If 'they' have failed in what 'we' have not, 'they' are a hindrance to the whole of evolution. Destitution is not a destination.

Success is the consequence of biological order; eat, sleep, defecate and procreate. Our edicts should be of such austerity. Simplicity is found in reasoned order unmuddled by irregular emotional perspectives. Let us not erode our boundaries for empathy but arouse growth from rivalry. Not be burdened with salvation but condition fearlessness.

Join us to forge a place of candor for present and future. Where integrity is once again held assertively in revere. Where the blurring to shades of grey is focused clearer to points of resolute light and dark. Our new home will be of one wit and to accomplish this, to create, we must destroy. Follow the flames and leave asunder all in your path. The land then at your heel will be divided and rebuilt with purpose as we meet at the cusp of our new empire.