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Resistance Theory (2D Predictive 0.4)
14:45.4 227-14 OTC
Searching for the Resistive Rest Frequency; the state of all matter as a universal field of junctioned spherical waves at moderate opposed oscillation following the conveyance of an interference wave (developed matter).

Resistance Theory (3D Pass 0.3)
15:13.30 226-14 OTC

Resistance Theory (2D Pass 0.2)
15:21.56 224-14 OTC

Needless Arduino Toilet Paper Piler
01:54.44 222-14 OTC
Needless electronic toilet paper dispensers already rarely exist, but the needless missing component aside from waste management is turning a squarely folded piling to a needlessly pre-contorted piling to defend a greater surface area while confidently utilizing less paper. This needless conceptual Arduino Toilet Paper Piler operates a circulating platform to allow warped folds. Disregard the non-touchless switch, done more out of disinterest than application.

Those Guys in Deguying
04:26.1 213-14 OTC