Confabulation 314-074
23:0.11 235-14 OTC
View these words as ramblings if you wish, but they were recently strenuously written sporadically, whilst immersed in streaming deliberation as to not censor the discernment held.
They hold relevance to the query, why which of what follows.
[Notation] Unread for editing.

Portable Water Writer and PH2OV Beta Testing
20:37.7 232-14 OTC

Resistance Theory (2D Predictive 0.4)
14:45.4 227-14 OTC
Searching for the Resistive Rest Frequency; the state of all matter as a universal field of junctioned spherical waves at moderate opposed oscillation following the conveyance of an interference wave (developed matter).

Resistance Theory (3D Pass 0.3)
15:13.30 226-14 OTC

Resistance Theory (2D Pass 0.2)
15:21.56 224-14 OTC