Shooting another episode of the #TVShow Canon series ... which needs winding down ... and a new bit, permitting me 2 or 3 lines of foreign impression dialog. #StayTuned 17:04:46 62 018 Miter
TVShow S01E10 Introduction to Jacob

Far longer than was anticipated -- even with the occasional stuttering edit, how ever, this is science, people; various incarnations of God would greatly disapprove and I was just born bad. Hail our dip shit digital over lords.

Written, Directed and ITed by TVMiller
Guest Starring Jacob
Filmed on Campbell Soup-o-Vision and Droid Razr
TVShow S01E09 Prong Saver
Dr. Jack and Mr. O'Lantern

While carving a pleasant little pumpkin for the children to find glee and adulation, I accidentally swallowed a pumpkin seed. Laced with Nature's poison, I succumbed to it's decay as neurons tangled, my skin tensed, my blood boiled, I changed. I awoke much later to find this wretched thing before me, unaware of how I built it or why. I am cursed...or...

A rushed build for All Hallows Eve which left improvements like a more generous smoke tray, refined blower, water pump, ambient sound and FLAMES, aborted.

// Dr. Jack Mr. O'Lantern
// TVMiller

#include <Servo.h>
Servo jack;
Servo pour;

const int red = 4;
const int blue = 5;
const int fan = 2;

const int sensor = A0;
// Trigger Distance in CM
const int dist = 90;

void setup() {

pinMode(red, OUTPUT);
pinMode(blue, OUTPUT);
pinMode(fan, OUTPUT);


digitalWrite(red, HIGH);
digitalWrite(blue, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, LOW);
digitalWrite(blue, HIGH);

void loop() {

digitalWrite(red, HIGH);
digitalWrite(blue, LOW);
digitalWrite(fan, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, HIGH);

long prox, proxcm;
pinMode(sensor, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(sensor, HIGH);
digitalWrite(sensor, LOW);
pinMode(sensor, INPUT);
prox = pulseIn(sensor, HIGH);
proxcm = mtc(prox);

if (proxcm < dist) {
digitalWrite(red, LOW);
digitalWrite(fan, HIGH);
digitalWrite(blue, HIGH);


long mtc(long ms) {
return ms / 29 / 2;

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TVShow S01E08 McDuff

On a silent film kick; Chaplin reigns supreme.
Side note, I would not be caught kidnapped, raped and dead in a Lincoln MKAny thing

Written, Directed and Duffed by TVMiller
Guest Starring Maximus the Dog
Filmed Through Cellophane, Bat Guano and Droid Razr
Meaning of (Unimportant) Life
An accumulation of perspectives of experiences builds a puzzle; when the image becomes clearer, your life is defined. @TVMiller 1:24 AM - 21 Oct 2015

If it is not useful for every one, it is just art. @TVMiller 11:46 AM - 21 Oct 2015