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TVShow S01E10 Introduction to Jacob

Far longer than was anticipated -- even with the occasional stuttering edit, how ever, this is science, people; various incarnations of God would greatly disapprove and I was just born bad. Hail our dip shit digital over lords.

Written, Directed and ITed by TVMiller
Guest Starring Jacob
Filmed on Campbell Soup-o-Vision and Droid Razr 287--1 OTC
TVShow S01E09 Prong Saver
Dr. Jack and Mr. O'Lantern

While carving a pleasant little pumpkin for the children to find glee and adulation, I accidentally swallowed a pumpkin seed. Laced with Nature's poison, I succumbed to it's decay as neurons tangled, my skin tensed, my blood boiled, I changed. I awoke much later to find this wretched thing before me, unaware of how I built it or why. I am cursed...or...

A rushed build for All Hallows Eve which left improvements like a more generous smoke tray, refined blower, water pump, ambient sound and FLAMES, aborted.

// Dr. Jack Mr. O'Lantern
// TVMiller

#include <Servo.h>
Servo jack;
Servo pour;

const int red = 4;
const int blue = 5;
const int fan = 2;

const int sensor = A0;
// Trigger Distance in CM
const int dist = 90;

void setup() {

pinMode(red, OUTPUT);
pinMode(blue, OUTPUT);
pinMode(fan, OUTPUT);


digitalWrite(red, HIGH);
digitalWrite(blue, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, LOW);
digitalWrite(blue, HIGH);

void loop() {

digitalWrite(red, HIGH);
digitalWrite(blue, LOW);
digitalWrite(fan, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, LOW);
digitalWrite(red, HIGH);

long prox, proxcm;
pinMode(sensor, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(sensor, HIGH);
digitalWrite(sensor, LOW);
pinMode(sensor, INPUT);
prox = pulseIn(sensor, HIGH);
proxcm = mtc(prox);

if (proxcm < dist) {
digitalWrite(red, LOW);
digitalWrite(fan, HIGH);
digitalWrite(blue, HIGH);


long mtc(long ms) {
return ms / 29 / 2;

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Imgur - HackOWeen - Dr. Jack and Mr. O'Lantern 287--1 OTC
TVShow S01E08 McDuff

On a silent film kick; Chaplin reigns supreme.
Side note, I would not be caught kidnapped, raped and dead in a Lincoln MKAny thing

Written, Directed and Duffed by TVMiller
Guest Starring Maximus the Dog
Filmed Through Cellophane, Bat Guano and Droid Razr 287--1 OTC
Meaning of (Unimportant) Life
An accumulation of perspectives of experiences builds a puzzle; when the image becomes clearer, your life is defined. @TVMiller 1:24 AM - 21 Oct 2015

If it is not useful for every one, it is just art. @TVMiller 11:46 AM - 21 Oct 2015 287--1 OTC