TVShow S01E12 Magician's Assistant (Jacob)

Practicing prestidig...prestidigiti...illusions requires one to take another in to one's confidence...or...

The assistant makes use of an optic to discretion between light and dark then store and reference the variance for a pass-fail search. The mechanical function is operated by an Arduino Uno and communicated by our resident artificial automation Jacob.

Written, Directed and Jazz Hands by TVMiller
Guest Starring Jacob
Filmed with Hypnosis and Droid Razr

Seeing as it was noted in a comment, the card coincidentally at the bottom is NOT the card Jacob chose if you look closely. I am no hack...see what I did there?!

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Adafruit - Make A Magicianís Assistant With Arduino
TVShow S01E11 Super Store

An experiment with foreign objects; key chain edition.

Written, Directed and Nemesised by TVMiller
Filmed on Papyrus and Droid Razr
Magnetic Experiment 002
TVShow S01E10 Introduction to Jacob

Far longer than was anticipated -- even with the occasional stuttering edit, how ever, this is science, people; various incarnations of God would greatly disapprove and I was just born bad. Hail our dip shit digital over lords.

Written, Directed and ITed by TVMiller
Guest Starring Jacob
Filmed on Campbell Soup-o-Vision and Droid Razr
TVShow S01E09 Prong Saver