Setl Hotel - Lobby (1)
13:52.32 102-16 OTC
Bear in mind, the Setl Hotel imagery provided have been sketches crafted to occupy time and do not represent a ventured finality of our proposed hotel model by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps, a minute lengthening, as the design it self is inspired by the very notion of the model proposed there by rationalizing the mere pontification of the said encapsu--what was I saying?

TVShow (BTS) - Budget Hotel Green Screen
14:23.51 93-16 OTC

Setl Hotel - Standard Residence Floor Plan
19:13.41 88-16 OTC

Setl Hotel - Standard Suite (1)
20:27.44 86-16 OTC

Setl Hotel - Standard Room (2)
15:24.28 85-16 OTC