Botany Bay II Mongolian BBQ
12:39.4 114-16 OTC

TVShow S02E05X48 P3 Teaser
19:44.8 109-16 OTC

A sneak-peak-teaser-promotional-preview of the highly anticipated sequel to a sequel of the critically acclimated unfinished, unseen seven part trilogy, Pillow, starring Casey Mapp, Shay Astar and probably Dalan Musson but let's just say he Steven-Seagal-Executive-Decisions the first act. Written by TV Miller and directed by the author whose children's book inspired the series, Kyle J Maki.

Sleep tight.
TVShow S02E04X47 Americanism
19:26.29 107-16 OTC

"We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable, that all men are created equal...too equal. Like a pasture of errant unkempt shee--damn it, I must'nt author such." -- Thomas Jefferson crumpled draught, probably.

Written, Directed and Self-Evidented by TVMiller

Minor notation; the audio was re-recorded due to the original sounding as if it were spoken through a tin can lodged deeply and squarely in side the rectum of a bovine. The recording may appear (audibly) flat and poorly dubbed; I shall now give none and to want none. Moving on, as we do...
TVShow S02E03X46 PWFR360SplodeX
19:29.10 106-16 OTC

Do you even wristersize?
Written, Directed and Bro'd by TVMiller
Setl Hotel - Exterior (1)
22:0.50 102-16 OTC