Personalized Golf Tees
13:33.9 160-16 OTC

Collaborating a small gift for the parental units, experimenting with golf tee variables and exploiting a 3D printer I had abandoned because, CNC, am I right?!,, no that is it.

Two of the first set of tees are initials while the third is an experiment of a pointer tee. There are numerous more designs that will be added as we go along, including the obligatory HackADay golf tee. Stay tuned.

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TVShow S02E08X51 Liberty Mutual
23:22.56 148-16 OTC

Accident Forgiveness
Written, Directed and Assured by TVMiller
Camera Spy Ring
20:51.12 147-16 OTC
One must ponder as to why smart phone camera lenses are not placed in the most user ergonomic position. The temporary novelty solution? Camera Spy Ring from Hasbro (not from Hasbro). Sneak a snap in style. As a side, this was in reality a test print on the SeeMeCNC Delta Orion 3D Printer for which I have had little experience with, prior to developing pending project parts.

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TVShow S02E07X50 Burndha
15:16.47 142-16 OTC

Secret Origins Issue #17
Written, Directed and Namasted by TVMiller
TVShow S02E06X49 Evolution
16:38.3 141-16 OTC

Defy science at your own civilizing peril
Written, Directed and Flipped by TVMiller