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NEW Orbital Time Clock Day Adjustment
Spring is emblematic of renewal as it often identifies with foliage's return from a barren Winter landscape. It begs the question as to why, as the majority of evolved populace reside in the Northern Hemisphere, and while arbitrary, that we celebrate the initiation of the year amidst the harshest of seasons. Would it not be more conducive to revelers having the new year brought about in a more favorable atmosphere with some resemblance of association to a tangible element? Indeed, it would.

Years of developing Orbital Time as an alternative to the haphazard Gregorian calendar, has taken in to consideration a requisite conditioning - as have all things through out humanity. The mannerism of human adaptation has bestowed confidence in me to push forward a radical change to the calendar that (again) while fantasy, will demand the greatest hedging of acclimatization.

Hence forth, the New Year will commence upon the day of the Northern Hemisphere Vernal Equinox (Spring) and be accounted as Day 001. The number of days of the year will be divided by 24 hours until the following Vernal Equinox (Spring).

Upon authoring this decree, the day is presently 300 (299.7) of the year 4,574,724,016 (16.8)

OTC Day and Year Javascript

<script type="text/javascript">
var today = new Date();
var timestmp = new Date().setUTCFullYear(new Date().getUTCFullYear(), 0, 1);
var yearFirstDay = Math.floor(timestmp / 86400000);
var todaydoy = Math.abs((new Date().getTime()) / 86400000);
var theDay = todaydoy - yearFirstDay;
if (theDay < 79) {
var setday = theDay + 287;
} else if (theDay >= 79) {
var setday = theDay - 78;
var fday = Math.ceil(setday);
var setYear = today.getUTCFullYear()-1999.9;
var holdyear = setYear.toFixed(1);
if (theDay < 79) {
var theYear = holdyear - 1;
} else {
var theYear = holdyear;
document.write("" + fday + " 0" + theYear + " OTC");

Previous posting dates shall reflect the new OTC date so as described above.
Pre-existing non-scripted dates may not reflect these changes until adjusted by hand.
TVShow S02E21X64 Paradox
TVShow S02E20X63 Divine
TV's Annual Fast Food Assessment Awards 076
Best Value - KFC
Best Quality - Pizza Hut
Best Item - KFC 5$ Fill Up (#6)
Best Interior - Popeye's
Honorable Mention - Del Taco
Honorable Item Mention - McDonalds Sweet Iced Tea

Worst Value - Five Guys and Taco Bell (tie)
Worst Quality - Subway (New York City)
Worst Item - In-N-Out French Fries
Worst Interior - McDonald's
No Honorable Mention - Shake Shack
No Honorable Item Mention - McDonald's Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap
13Cubed Residence
One common anxiety I often experience is in redundancy or static environments. Because of this, it is often difficult to wish to reside in one place before the walls begin to seemingly close in. Nomadic is a natural trait; pioneers are those who conquered and achieved greater than those who stayed behind. It is a gift and burden all the same.

A consequence of this aspiration, a residence for one's self is not a desirable design. If there were some way to perhaps incorporate this requisite for instability. Here we have so attempted a theory on a modular design, creating 13 by 13 foot independent foundations and segmentation that may be easily removed and replaced so as to accommodate what is currently coveted. Utilities would be segmented so as to attach and detach at will and adjoining segments would be anchored with coherence of possible removal.