TVShow S02E24X67 Suicide Hotline
14:41.33 336-16 OTC

Voice over audition? C minus.
Down and vote.
TVShow S02E23X66 Snow Angel
20:15.48 328-16 OTC

Wardrobe by the a hole who worked on City of Angels.
As an aversion to introducing one's self as TV collaborated with it's existing label generalization, I had adopted the abbreviated name given to me by a colleague several (8) years ago. In an attempt to now fully harness this name as being the more definitive identification, you will promptly see a transition from TV Miller to Vijə Miller (vih-juh) -- or more specifically, while embracing again a given name dominate culture, Vije. This change will be fully augmented in the new year, some 45 days from now.
TVShow S02E22X65 sWipe
16:59.51 314-16 OTC

A social commentary -- you do the work.
Gauhd - Speculation
20:29.15 310-16 OTC