TVShow S02E27X70 Audition
15:51.17 351-16 OTC

PSA for Anal Bleeding
TVShow S02E26X69 Boxing
14:17.20 350-16 OTC

Float like a decimal datatype, sting like every breath you take.
TVShow S02E25X68 The Walking Dead "Hostiles and Calamities" 7X11 Reaction...
23:5.51 344-16 OTC

(Note) Recorded the "Friends" bit two days prior to the middling viral intro mash up manifested -- no apologies, no accusations, no reprisals, no redemption no shenanigans...what was I talking about?

(Note Sequel) Audio is not-understandably deplorable -- once again choosing
not to dub new audio so as to move along.
TVShow S02E24X67 Suicide Hotline
14:41.33 336-16 OTC

Voice over audition? C minus.
Down and vote.
TVShow S02E23X66 Snow Angel
20:15.48 328-16 OTC

Wardrobe by the a hole who worked on City of Angels.