TVShow S02E28X71 Plume

Vije 0 Shia 1
TVShow S02E27X70 Audition

PSA for Anal Bleeding
TVShow S02E26X69 Boxing

Float like a decimal datatype, sting like every breath you take.
TVShow S02E25X68 The Walking Dead "Hostiles and Calamities" 7X11 Reaction...

(Note) Recorded the "Friends" bit two days prior to the middling viral intro mash up manifested -- no apologies, no accusations, no reprisals, no redemption no shenanigans...what was I talking about?

(Note Sequel) Audio is not-understandably deplorable -- once again choosing
not to dub new audio so as to move along.
TVShow S02E24X67 Suicide Hotline

Voice over audition? C minus.
Down and vote.