TVShow 5X01 Premiere
Miter Updates 004019
The latest major version update of Miter has been published to GitLab (004019) .. that which has converted the previous direct-to-xml to individual .txt files.

This method retains permitting escaping the SQL difficulties while reducing bandwidth consumption, drawing from individual smaller text files as opposed to an entire obese xml file.

Updated Features
1. xml to txt dat/ conversion
1. User submission migrated to primary public index
2. Login and logout w/ unique sessions
3. Search
4. Redundant header
5. Update buttons and icons

Development Features
1. Update version request
2. RSS subscription
3. Settings interface
4. Frame separation of user submission
5. Reply and quote link (or embed)
6. Share
7. Embed w/ image and video
8. Search w/ page count
TVShow 4X40 Strawberry Jam Finale
TVShow 4X39 The Puzzle
TVShow 4X38 The Curse of Oak Island "Digging Derper"

Watch "The Curse of Oak Island" Tuesdays on the History Channel

1. Camera and audio quality are far removed from earlier in the series due to private conditions having greatly diminished (again). A parody of the best(-ish) show on television (removed from the b/s 'could it' stingers) deserved better.
2. Interval steeped trench 20m inland along the beaches along both shores .. seal the flood tunnels .. drain the swamp and dig along the eastern rise for an entrance .. LeHave pirate bank .. empty?!
3. Caissons are futility. They demand you perfectly embed north of a cavity .. only after obliterating the cavity and artifacts.
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