Update - Multimedia Player
10:44.52 312-6 OTC
The Multimedia Player (v2.4) will once again undergo a series of major esthetics and core-scripting updates in the coming days prior to the re-edit of several of the professional wrestling videos in order to better enhance operation and viewing pleasure. Down time may be encountered.

Vote - Doctrine Categories
23:21.42 309-6 OTC
Below is a link to a poll hosted by tvmiller.com that displays several currently perceived politicized categories of humanity activity. Over the span of the next 220 days, there is a commitment to advocate discernment of substantiality and subsequent hypothesis for progression governing every subject matter identified.

Please click the link below which will open a small auxiliary window and vote as many times as you would like for the order of relevance of presentation. The list will be frequently updated to marshal topics already delineated.

Link: Doctrine Categories Poll

Thoughts - Fatsumers, Manifesto and Algebraic Pardons
22:51.17 309-6 OTC
It was some time ago when I first broke suspicion of the relationship between obesity and higher gasoline prices by means of elevated consumption to accommodate differentiated mass, to which years later several research doctorates declared in thesis as their own. Allow me to rupture the cusp once again...and please, all researchers please pay special attention to detail for your previous dauntless attempt at plagiarism was slightly marred in order to alleviate similarity...uncleverly I might add.

Obesity’s other burdens upon humanity...part three hundred and twelve.

It is biological unassailable that a behemoth more abundantly displaces and more frequently relieves his or her bowels than a toned individual. When performing an evacuation, a greater consumption of energy is utilized to accommodate for the larger volume of sewage per fat-capita. Consequently more potentially vital energy is also utilized to accommodate the toilet’s fluid replenishment, as well requiring a significant increase in the volume, capacity of storage, filtration, and pumping of said fluids. Without even delving into the fat-sumers waste product displacement prior to said evacuation, the post fat-sumers biological run off equates to a supplementary application of mechanical goods and services and inflicts hazardous strains on natural resources which all mandate in one of the mere fat-rageous parallels to higher prices for electrical and water utilities to the average consumer. Do not attempt to feign its authentic grief upon society.

I am aware that I had previously notated the intent to doctrinate the several contemporaneous anxieties within the world in relation and resolution to the inception and application of Sphere...and I will do just that this week (Orbital Time Week –- 5 Days). The initial dispute to be negotiated will concern mind-altering drugs and their perspective residency within a contributory society and to be shortly there followed by the topic of immigration, which I assure you, will be quite brief and acerbic. Having completed those, I will then exhibit a poll that will assist me in defining future ventures on theme.

A quick note...the maneuverings at Cannae by Hannibal Bacar 2200 years ago are rousing and inspirational and well deserving of a more earnest contemplation by those delving into human methodology.

I have often conflicted with the elements of mathematics, regardless of a general per centage of corporeal relevancy, not merely for the lack of faculty but for the tangibility of appliance, keenly adjudicating this as any other theoretical ethereal perception inclined as definitive without incessantly vigorous scrutiny. I have previously demonstrated the absurdity of the “imaginary number” whose contradictory complexities excuses it’s miraculous resolute aptitude. Hence forth I amend my listing to now include the “transcendental number” which by mere definition is a number that is not a solution to an equation.

Update - Symbiosis
23:13.54 304-6 OTC
Welcome to Phase Nine: Irreparable Discourse
Condition: Three Stars and a Heimlich Maneuver for the Fourth
Societal Perspective: Filthy Ignorant Vile Bastards
Location: #13
Perimeter: 0 kilometers
Age: 28 years and 322 days
Projects: 49 (+/- 3)
Accountability: Irrefutable
Anyas: 0
Toms: 2
Vestige: 1,600 (+/- 50) depictions
Current Status: Pre-Production

Update - Top 9 In Development
15:56.39 302-6 OTC
1. Orbital Time Calendar
2. Manifesto
3. Short Films - Fooled
4. Documentary - Nothing Mor
5. Multimedia Video Updates
6. Paranormal Research
7. Screenplay - Morningside
8. Music Track - Follow
9. Television Series - Dreams "Sub-Pilot"