Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
Fleshldroid - Fleshlight Android Tablet (FleshliPad Remix)
In light of our recent success (Gizmodo) (The Register) with our Fleshlight iPad concoction we dimwittedly labeled the FleshliPad, we rescued from the vaults this adjustable variation for the vast-ering array of Android tablet dimensions we then cleverly titled the Fleshldroid. Tablet copulation should not be limited to the Apple impaired.

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NYC Subway Idiot Flyer Series (Part Deuce)
Last year we introduced our idiot fliers to the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority unbeknownst to them, in a test of our broadcasting reach, on behalf of Project 47's dogma of teaching accountability. This year, we've engorged it a notch by exploiting, color. Look for our latest fliers amongst the overcrowded, rat infested, urine odorous subway lines in the coming days and convince your overweight neighbor to scan the QR for more "information". Below are fliers 1 and 2 of 5 that you may click to enlarge...'she said. Stay tuned to our Twitter account for candid photography from the scene of the alleged elucidation.


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In Development - Gertrude Cumberbottom's Lisp Edition or Felt Cheese
In this rendition of In Development, we will examine a catalog of projects that are at present, in development. Fair warning that this article is NSFW in that it contains the word "cunt". Nevertheless, now that this has passed, the remainder of this postage is user acquaintancely (copyright). No touching.

17:28:24 35 7 072

1. Project 47 (Series 1 Episode 1)
2. Tv Podcast Podcast (Teaser | Pre-Production)
3. Rūf (Commercial Architectural Design)
4. Nincompoopie (Short Films)
5. Professional Wrestling (62\072 MPW)
6. Stand-Up Comedy
7. SGU Door SFX
8. Politicks
9. "Street Companion" Jacket (NYC Edition)
10. Performance (Swine)

±117 projects are currently delayed

As a reminder, we are still seeking potential investors in the Tv Slicèdbread Miller dynasty. There currently resides a vast cache of civilization altering explorations that eagerly necessitate financing with the certainty of a guaranteed return. Share this page, employ telepathy or contact us directly at vt@.
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FleshliPad Updates and Q&A
As many of you know, being that you have approached these neck of the woods thanks to the generosity of the mentioning of our design of the Fleshlight iPad case, or as we have lovingly nicknamed, the FleshliPad, there has transpired a series of significant developments. We now turn you over to an article in the highly coveted American gadget-rag, Gizmodo.

Fleshlight Inc. has confirmed that they are finalizing the development of a variation of this design following a successful pitch early last year by Tv Slicèdbread Miller. You may also discover verification of this in the United Kingdom's The Register, which by the by, is a must read for those unaware of the prolifocity (copyright) of whomever it is that works here.

As the FleshliPad has made it's rounds on the internet, we have taken stock of various queries regarding the implementation of such a product. While I cannot speak on behalf of Fleshlight and their developers, I can conjecture based on our original concept.

Question(s): Will there be an app (or api) included with this purchase? Doesn't Apple block adult content from iTunes?

Answer: Apple does not allow for adult related applications, however this does not restrict the viewing of adult materials provided for by online media. Multimedia downloaded from a POV pornographer would be viewed as regular media. A browser application (possibly provided by Fleshlight) may allow for the viewing of online streaming interactive Flash or HTML5. Such applications that utilize the forward facing camera presently exist, allowing for a more personalized experience with adult per-minute providers or personal acquaintances.

Many have labelled this a significant evolution in adult entertainment and we'd like to agree and look forward to Fleshlight's introduction of this product soon. Stay tuned to tvmiller.com for more information as we recieve it and whilst here, peruse our vast cache of concepts and materials developed and paraded by Tv Slicèdbread Miller, Earl of Ozark (subject to change).
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DIY Desktop Square (Engineering Dump)
Just look at that mouse pad...intolerable! For those who know for what I query, you are likely a left-handed, spatial connoisseur or often labelled obsessive, as if it were a fault. I myself have kept tape measures on hand in desk drawers for such re-alignments. Alternatively, here is a simple DIY Desk Square to aide in the easing of your unsettled fettle.

Cut (1) 1" wood lath strip ($1.50) or 1" wood shims/stakes ($3.00 pack) into (7) 10" lengths. Mark off measures of your choice and sandwich that length with two pieces drilled for a bolt and wingnut. Glue and/or finishing nail the front edge and begin accommodating your feng shui'd comforted zone. (Note: This is clearly a non-relevant project thus, to the Engineering Dump with you.)

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Tv Slicèdbread Returns
On the 34th anniversary of his birth, Tv will return to the ring and you can join us live, in more ways than one...

Option #1
19:00 62/072 (7:30p 3-March)
Millennium Pro Wrestling
Slammin' Saturday Nights
2850 Lemon Drive
Simi Valley, California 93063

Tickets $10 [Buy Now]

Option #2
In partnership with USTREAM.tv (free), we will be streaming Tv's match live, exclusively here at tvmiller.com. No registration required.

Also expected to be in attendance is Tv's long time Executive Director of Public Relations, Mor and the salacious timberlanded one, Salacious Casey. Special guest appearance by some broad and Christopher G. Wiley. Stay tuned for more information on the only thing worth watching and the greatest thing since, Tv Slicèdbread.

[Update] In a huge development, MPW has signed Tv Slicèdbread to tag with one-time-friend and nemesis Furious George. Further details on this and more in the coming days. Stay tuned!

ref. mpwwrestling.com
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Vacuum Shuttle Concept
Consumers will often utilize a purchased vacuum for several years and very few brands and even fewer models furnish distinctive electrical cord retention tools required to be built into the existing machine, leaving us with the all too familiar pile of cord to be held, re-bound or ran-over, which occasionally irreparably damages the cord and the expensive vacuum cleaner. The Vacuum Shuttle (1st draft below) is an attempt to save you from the headaches of this chore.

The unit is affixed to your existing vacuum by first hanging the upper portion to the electrical cord hook and then stretching the elastic strap to the lower hook. From the base, wrap the electrical cord around the spindle and feed the male end through the opening. The faceplate will spin when the release button is depressed and retract (wrapping it around the spindle) when the alternative button is pressed, allowing the tensioner to rewound. The Vacuum Shuttle will aide in preventing cord damage and will negate the need to hold the electrical cord as you vacuum, so that you may move chairs, end tables or use the FleshliPad with your free hand, shamelessly.

tvmiller.com/index.php?entry=entry120126-15:miller.com/index.php?entry=entry120126-1520.ller.com/index.php?entry=entry120126-152020 287--1 OTC
Professional Wrestling California Return?
Last night at DCW's solid performance in Santa Clarita, California, N.A., there was a clandestine meeting (purportedly) between our Public Relations Director Mor and executives from numerous independent wrestling organizations throughout California, who discussed (presumably) the possible return of Tv to the squared triangular circle, ring. We will have more information on this in the coming days as negotiations are finalized. Stay tuned.
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GeekOSystems Reviews Fleshlight iPad Holder Concept
GeekOSystem(.com of course) and Obvious Winner has posted our Fleshlight iPad (tablet) concept on it's main page(s) and left a tvmiller.com-nameless-positive(?)-review that we agree with..? Regardlesslyness, all are welcome to this nether-region of wisdom and enjoy, won't you.

Special thanks to Tim Tebow's Jesus and Marky Mark's pencils.

The Daily What?
Twitter (?=fleshlight+ipad)
Jace Hall Show
VK Magazine (Netherlands)

Someone tell Obvious Winner and anyone else that we (as in us) have no affiliation what-so-ever with the accidentally credit-stealing @Fleshlightyet. Did you (those who link to it) even bother to notice there is no mention of this design and/or device. Jebus Herbert Christ! [Fixed]
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It goes without saying that we spurn acronyms here at tvmiller.com, which naturally garnered our attention to the clamouring in regards to SOPA and PIPA legislation. Thanks to a lethargic undue diligence that was not dued'ed, we have come to unjustly assume that one is for the allowance of illegal immigrant soup and the latter the creation of a National holiday for a semi-foxy semi-Royal. Thusly, we are torn. Hopefully, the following link will parse this decision for you and allow us to adjoin the masses, however they lean.

Google Petition, Don't Censor The F#@king Web
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