HLC1 Hybrid Rocket Nozzle Concept
This is a preliminary sketch of an attempt at compensating for thrust inefficiencies as air density decreases during lift. As pressure dissipates, N20 flow will decrease and supply pressure to hydraulic louvers. The louvers may also act as axial stabilizers. #HLC1

MPW Radio w/ guest Furious George
MPW Radio
Episode 22
Guest: Furious George (Those Guys)
19:00 (PST) 59/073
(7:00PM 27 February 2013)
Host: Jay Stone
Co-Host: Whiskey Fists MacIntosh
Producer: TV Miller
Listen Live: blogtalkradio.com/mpwradio
Guest Phone Number: 646-478-5966
Twitter: #MPW
LED Bar Mat
MPW Radio Episode #20 w/ Guest Host TV "Vig" Miller
If you're bored and want to catch up on the twentieth episode of MPW Radio with guest host TV "Vig" Miller interviewing head referee Jay Stone, you can, thanks to BlogTalkRadio. If not, join us next week on Wednesday (44/073 or 13-February) at 20:00 where Jay Stone and Whiskey Fists McIntosh return to MPW Radio as they welcome referee Donny Brooks.

MPW Radio (#20) w/ guest host TV "Vig" Miller
Guest: Referee Jay Stone
01:30:27 .mp3
HLC1 Stage III Sketch Draft (1)