HLT1 Preliminary Draft
HLT1 (Hacked Lunar Transponder 1) has displaced HLC1 as our initial Lunar project. The estimated 230 mm (9 in) diameter encased spherical lander's cost efficient operational stratagem will include a (1) low gain antenna, (1) s-band transponder, (7) ultra bright red LEDs and (1) chaser circuit fed by a power exchange and solar cell(s). Due to the irregular landing, HLT1's internet streaming transit will include a cash prize locating contest for amateur astronomers.

Engineering > HLT1

[Update] The current operation model (2) will unify the HLT1 lander as an impact resistant geodesic frame with internal monostatic sphere that will display a laser array on the Lunar surface and skyward.
HLC1 Stage VI Flow Chart (Simplified)
HLC1 Hybrid Rocket Nozzle Concept
This is a preliminary sketch of an attempt at compensating for thrust inefficiencies as air density decreases during lift. As pressure dissipates, N20 flow will decrease and supply pressure to hydraulic louvers. The louvers may also act as axial stabilizers. #HLC1

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