TVShow 5X03 Tesla Karaoke
TVShow 5X02 "Flush" by Vije ft. T.P.
Soap Burglar Alarm
A friend of a friend who is a friend thru that friend, same friend, third friend over .. has a roommate who steals shaving cream and soap. Using what minor skills made available to me, like angst​, we (me) quickly assembled a very alarming retort.

Up to date -ded​
The culprit was caught .. tho immediately unlikely excuses were levied.
The experience did then highlight some changes one might make - such as - a power diminutive MCU for a timer, denoting and when and how long the device was active - and - a wider toggle lever (printed add-on) to reduce accidental wobble activation.

A wish list would include a wifi-module (power?!) for signaling the event and a diminutive camera to document such thievery. An even more ideal scenario - had time been permitted - a faux can with removed intestines permitting the entire cache of parts to be housed with in.

TVShow 5X01 Premiere
Miter Updates 004019
The latest major version update of Miter has been published to GitLab (004019) .. that which has converted the previous direct-to-xml to individual .txt files.

This method retains permitting escaping the SQL difficulties while reducing bandwidth consumption, drawing from individual smaller text files as opposed to an entire obese xml file.

Updated Features
1. xml to txt dat/ conversion
1. User submission migrated to primary public index
2. Login and logout w/ unique sessions
3. Search
4. Redundant header
5. Update buttons and icons

Development Features
1. Update version request
2. RSS subscription
3. Settings interface
4. Frame separation of user submission
5. Reply and quote link (or embed)
6. Share
7. Embed w/ image and video
8. Search w/ page count
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