Updates - Multimedia
04:30.54 216-06 OTC
Multimedia Embedding
Viewers can now embed several videos already available here on vtyhw.com as well as find exclusive behind the scenes footage of pending projects by visiting the Video link found at myspace.com/vtyhw.

Link: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea ... =118950043

Professional Wrestling
Several of the existing professional wrestling videos available on vtyhw.com are without sound. This will finally begin being remedied and resolved by year’s end. Special thanks to Kyle J. Maki of Matchcut:Films.

Update - Top Nine In Development List
17:1.25 213-06 OTC
All right...so it has been brought to my attention that nothing new has been updated on or produced for vtyhw.com for quite some time other than the accustomed diatribe found in Brainwashings. To now contend with this discernment, I will commence posting a Top Nine In Development List to furnish an enhanced behind the scenes look at Tv.

1. Documentary - Nothing Mor
2. Screenplay - Morningside
3. Matchcut:Films Website
4. Orbital Time Calendar
5. Short Films - Fooled
6. Short Film - Dreams "Sub-Pilot"
7. Short Film - Chance
8. Comic Book Series - Progeny
9. Refuse Lever Design

Why Tv? - Sphere
16:30.30 210-06 OTC
A question that seems to have become recurrent...what is holding Tv back from going to Africa or Colombia and asserting these mammoth doctrines so haughtily decreed? It can be defined in a succinct dissertation on lethargy and omissions. Today, as of 1550 hours, I am now $18,888.85 inversed. And regrettably this is the most restrained slant upon the true delineation of arrears. Owing to the discrimination of my integrity, I would certainly inflate that figure by ten...however, that being candidly impractical, this minor figure has become the pursuit. To lastly assert the accurate rationale for pause before traipsing upon the echelons on tomorrow...the dissection -- and more or less some reaffirmation for those who may have presumably been forgotten.

Grande, I $9,750.00
Morrow, D $3,000.00 (+/- i)
Mapp, C $250.00
Fire-Morrow, A $200.00 (+/- i)
Miller, G $200.00
Cassady, C $50.00

Calculating these above debts we arrive at the figure $13,450.00. Once tallying the incursion expenditures, sustainable living outlays and investment capital into the Sphere enterprise, then we amount to a rough sum of $19,000.00. To answer your question of why Tv -- in finally utilizing the website parallel -- wealth, integrity and security are the merits of cause...which has led to the recent necessity to hazard an endeavor that will be mentioned soon. In-other-words, shove it...I'm working on it.

Thoughts - Volatility, Insubordination and Owen Wilson
05:22.28 207-06 OTC
In defiance of symmetry -- one must define the moment of equilibrium to incite.

According to sympathetic supporters of notably illegitimate female Catholic clergy, religious disobedience can spawn discernment for the accommodating perceptions of the Vatican. So if I am to understand this correctly...ethics exclusively defined upon the inception of heaven and hell and subsequently obligatory to parishioners can afterwards oblige suffrage or even menially evolve -- or should I perceive that the clarity of the covenant is polluted and accordingly invalidated?

Intelligence acuity based on desired aural or optic stimulation -- a comparative study. Characterizations of individual parties...aural stimuli favored persons prefer by example, music before television...with reader comprehension that creative imagery is not stimulus but rather corollary of environmental stimuli the while vise versa for an individual who covets optic stimulation. Biologically, the visual cortex encompasses the general volume of the occipital lobe which is considered the smallest of four lobes however the auditory cortex dwells within the temporal lobe at a far more miniscule volume of consumption...at this point in time I came to the realization that I could easily continue upon a dissertation several pages long so concisely, visual acuity requires more expenditure and examination by the mammalian brain than auditory acuteness, subsequently those who desire aural stimulation over visual stimuli have developed or are developing at a differentiated aptitude. That and quite frankly Owen Wilson should really consider confining his application of talents to one...writing.

If you are a registered voter in any of the countries currently observing electoral republics, please vote liberal this year and the next in order to better eradicate international affairs and subsequently permit the more resolute pending application of Sphere. Particular regard to citizens of the United States of America to cast a ballot for Democratic Party members in the approaching election. The evolution of the civilization graciously appreciates your contribution...and the while bearing in mind of neither supporting liberal or a democratic parties...rather simply supporting the potentiality of Sphere.

Update - Message Board Remnants
13:21.59 204-06 OTC
You are now capable accessing the remnants of the recently terminated vtyhw.com message board under the Editorial category on the Index Page or by clicking on the link below:

Link: Message Board Remnants