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FV3* 1X01 Release Date (Thu-294-070)
After roughly sixty days since the first announcement of the FV3* Documentary Series, an entire above and below the line crew have been working relentlessly on production of the first video...then they abandoned ship and left. Quite some time ago, actually. They are all now likely working for Gossip Girl or a Smitts vehicle on CBS called, 'Maybe This One'.

Notwithstanding, production continued with non-Hispanic day laborers and a crack team of people who happened to pass by or owe a favor. With that said, we are proud...nay, ambivalent, to announce the world-wide release of the first video in the hopefully improvable documentary series, FV3* comma as this coming Thursday, the 294th (21-October-2010). Check back here at in 4 days for the first part of the six part series leading to an epic live grand finale, all yet to be announced...or known.
Practicum (Course II) – Deadly Consequences
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In spite of emotive semantics that influence our perspectives today, the foundation of our existence is crafted amongst a series of biological invariables. This species-wide formula contains the virtues for the successes and failures of the species to evolve and protract. Disobedience hostile to these fundamentals are catalysts for expulsion of these opponents.

Hominoids require an assemblage in order to flourish. The success of the collective is dependent on unanimity and should an individual's errant behavior severely damage this collaboration, the aforementioned individual becomes a liability to the performance of the society.

Final analysis and edict will state that crimes befitting absolute societal insolence at a consequence to the success of the collective, specifically to include grievances as attempted homicide (non-defensive), homicide (non-defensive) and aggravated rape, warrant obligatory cause for execution of the condemned offender(s).

This concludes the Course II curriculum.
Practicum (Course II) – Plummeting Numbers
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Human life is a self contained and oblivious machinate to the composition of a natural sequence. Validating existence requires ethereal perspectives inconsistent to external biological reserves. Core rigors are relative to environmental happenstances while peripheral tribulations are psychological diatribe.

The nucleus of combating turmoil with resolve is inherent competitiveness. Deficiency of apposite genetic material to sustain antagonism will likely lead a subject to succumb to an inability of application.

Each individual has complete governance over the maintenance and conservation of their welfare should these circumstances fail to cause distress amongst a populace or private property.

Final analysis and edict will state that an individual has the permissible civil rights to conclude their life by any lethal measure with a provision that the next-of-kin or suitable comparative can and will be held liable for expenses correlated to indemnity and labor wielded by federal personnel.
Practicum (Course II) – Welcome Home Application
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Coherence is derived from immersive observation. Challenged with authority to decree from a pulpit requires unconditional amalgamation within the distinctive environment. The query is as to how long does one require to attain a negligible amount of fluency.

Endorphin levels from environmental stimulants have shown to decrease or level-off after a year allowing for habituation of serotonin and dopamine hormones that react to rational assessment. This erratic 'high' creates false positives to the layman, deceiving secondary parties to whims.

The likelihood that the following year of activity prescribed more towards a daily routine would allot a nearer relative perspective to SOP. This individual would more hastily validate an articulated response to regional affairs.

Final analysis and edict will state that any individual vying for an office of authority including that of legislation, must have effusively resided in his or her parish, metropolis, province or continent no less than 700 days continuously prior to said application for federal employment.
Practicum (Course I) – Coupons of the Evening
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The legal act of consenting adults submits a contractual agreement to abide by either party’s boundaries. This accord may have been voluntarily coerced by means of both a material or psychological exchange. A consensual sexual act may also be exhibited as a performance or demonstration for a resultant negotiated fee. Either outcome reserves full civil privileges for each participant.

Any employment must maintain a safety monitoring of said labor. Parameters for a sex trade involves a different model of health code guidelines which must be strictly adhered to. Allowing this periphery establishes greater control of the environment, defying necessity for illicit and/or underground activity.

Final analysis and edict will state that a male or female is within fair individual civil rights to barter a fee for sexual gratification while both parties must abide by governing regulations in addition to adhering to strict provincial health code policies. The exchange of goods and services constitutes a taxable revenue.

This concludes the Course I curriculum. Course II instruction will begin in 2 days.