Testing. http://tvmiller.com 2:17:5 306 017 Miter
TVShow 3X29 Amazon Alexi
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[KGBing Intensifies]
TVShow 3X28 Dames
12:34.33 194-17 OTC

Mean while, Ness and his men oggle a dame --
TVShow 3X27 Mila Milu
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Big budget blockbusters are for...well, they are for professionals [sigh]
Not every episode can be Citizen Kane -- jeez!
TVShow 3X26 Sneezercise
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Sneezercise Nose to Abs in 47 Minutes Volumes 4, 5 and 7
DVD and VHS available at any Blockbuster Video location.
Discovery Canada - Daily Planet - Arduino Licorice Launcher
14:23.8 185-17 OTC
Despite being rightly dubbed and the mispronunciation of my name [it's vi-jÉ™], we [me] are much obliged to have Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin on Discovery Canada's Daily Planet present our Arduino Licorice Launcher.

Discovery's Daily Planet airs daily on this planet at 19EST/16PST
Full Episodes Available Online @ http://discovery.ca/Shows/Daily-Planet

Daily Planet 23X14 [Full Episode]
http://www.discovery.ca/Shows/Daily-Pla ... id=1208401

Arduino Licorice Launcher
http://hackaday.com/2016/09/12/licorice ... our-voice/
http://gizmodo.com/every-room-in-my-hou ... 1807574653