Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment - 21:16:41 337 017 Miter
Arduino Proximity Bubbler Not Bubbler

1. Arduino MKR1000
2. Arduino Uno
3. Ultrasonic Module
4. Motion Sensor Module
5. Neopixel RGB Strip
6. Picture Frame Acrylic
7. 1000pf Capacitor
8. 330 Resistor
9. 10K Potentiometer

1. More or less, this was to reacquaint my self with the MKR1000(s) I had been given at MakerFaire NY -- Thx Arduino's Arturo and Christina! -- using scraps being thrown out while in the process of moving [again] -- before the great war. #Project47
2. Learning to prefer to self-host IoT streams -- if better positioned, I would implore and collaborate with some one to create open-source privately hosted IoT software for your own domain - so as to permit more flexibility of function.
3. As said, only scraps -- no digital potentiometer or transistor? Hold my Don Julio -- wanting to thread 120V, we [me] improvised with a servo and hot glue. https://hackaday.io/project/27578/log/68403-no-digital-pot-or-transistor-hold-my-don-julio #Hackcycling
4. Shelved, bcz - meh.
5. The scavenged motion sensor and a-to-be-abandoned-Arduino-Uno were then applied to an entrance way motion triggered random Neopixel display.

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Orbital Clock OTC Firefox Extension (211.17)
Since having jumped ship from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox, thx in no small part to the revealing tales of Google's intrusions and biased infrastructure, we [me] have swiftly acclimated to [WebExtensions] which is the newest extension platform seized upon by Firefox's soon-to-be-released Quantum (57) - permitting an eased inclusion of extensions from other more popular browsers.

That established - after having retired the extension 4 year ago due to disinterest in updating to the latest Chrome language(s) - we return to you the Orbital Clock extension - now available in Project 47 OTC and alternatively a Gregorian OTC version so as to ease transition to a more apropos Project 47 OTC.

Mozilla Firefox Add-On(s)
Orbital Clock
Orbital Clock (Gregorian)
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Kingdom of Gauhd Governance
Asethetic Changes
Due to an utter discontent with a lack of color symmetry across all viewing platforms - all difficult colors have been removed and replaced with an indistinguishable and life affirming black and white. With the loss of several color boundaries - spacing and margins on pre-existing posts may appear incorrectly.
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TVShow 3X30 All Natural

"All Natural" you know, except for the thousands of contributions like farming, processing, packaging, shipping, distribution, sales, electricity, natural gas odorant, appliances manufacturing, garbage reclamation, recycling, landfill [breathe] ...idiots.
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TVShow 3X29 Amazon Alexi
TVShow 3X28 Dames
TVShow 3X27 Mila Milu

Big budget blockbusters are for...well, they are for professionals [sigh]
Not every episode can be Citizen Kane -- jeez!
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TVShow 3X26 Sneezercise

Sneezercise Nose to Abs in 47 Minutes Volumes 4, 5 and 7
DVD and VHS available at any Blockbuster Video location.
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