Environment Dictates
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@VijeMiller · 15m
A basketball player, known for their critical thinking skills and scientific where-with-all .. doubts a moon landing .. NASA rushes to resolve concern with the plebeian market potential. #EndUS
@VijeMiller · 1d
Most NYC Xmas films plot chaos and turmoil for Santa bcz it would be unreasonable to ask the viewer to believe any thing magical occurs in this cesspool.
@VijeMiller · 4d
'almost every thing' writes a newspaper author having evolved from 2.5 million years of evolution .. yeah, 'almost' *snap*
@VijeMiller · 4d
(._.) .. why wars are not necessarily about the acquisition of resources, but the preservation of such. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 4d
Amazon keyboards are apparently made from left over sheets of peeled off lead paint.
@VijeMiller · 5d
New video and audio recording equipment .. new episodes inevitable. #TVShow #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 7d
Mr. Attenborough is a naturalist, unwilling to perceive that our existence and treatment of our environment is natural.
@VijeMiller · 8d
Marcon may seemingly be opposed .. but w/o the traditional means of exile or execution, there is no mandate-known solution equable to the distressed created by appeasing social-governments.
@VijeMiller · 9d
Pity the television manufacturer having to create speakers that tolerate Adele's bubbling clogged sink draining noise voice.