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Shooting another episode of the #TVShow Canon series ... which needs winding down ... and a new bit, permitting me 2 or 3 lines of foreign impression dialog. #StayTuned 17:04:46 62 018
"Your lawn looks like it has been used, what a nightmare! Now simply spray more seed in the spots you know will be trampled on again! For only 19.99 ... " 16:19:57 62 018
Having watched Danica wreck out of Daytona ... she shd wreck out of Indianapolis so as to stay consistent with actually having no real contribution to the sport of racing and/or women in America. 16:02:02 62 018
"...baseball is harder to understand than cricket..." I will smack you in the mouth! 15:57:11 62 018
Ashamed of players who claim home field advantage via fan support, bcz being despised actually improved my playing. Arrogance and antagonism leads men to war, not beach balls and waves. 14:55:29 62 018
Litter in/on our bodies.  Litter in the oceans.  Litter in the soil.  Litter in the air.  Litter in space.  Litter on Mars.  We need to increase our exoplanet exploration budget bcz we are running out of places to litter. 13:12:46 62 018
To be 'the greatest', 50.0001% of the human population shd know of you. Mohammed Ali is NOT now known by such a margin there by is in fact NOT the greatest. 12:02:41 62 018
How can Kym Douglas be a 'beauty expert'?! I have found stacked pancakes more attractive than her denied-to-be-a-muppet face. 8:47:59 62 018
Yay, America! USAians can be proud about manufacturing an over priced and patented (?!) pillow in the USA. Sure it's not a Model T or say patenting the phonograph but, Americans are now more inclined to rest from moving all that weight around. 0:34:48 62 018
By the very metric of how many social-psychological adaptive titles Liberal-minded people seek out, goes to how unstable and desperate they are to fit in what has been a standard biological envelope for hundreds of thousands of years. Liberalism is statistically a mental deficit. 22:44:31 61 018
#Project47 Update:  7,605,389,853 4,030,856,622 (53%) 3,574,533,231 11,043,443 (365) 20:31:46 61 018
5b007c08c3f62.png She is so committed to Scottish culture, she wore a kilt on her head. #Project47 20:28:50 61 018
Is there any thing sexier than Joanne Dru taking an arrow like a champ in Red River? I need my women to patter talk me in to seduction. 18:27:37 61 018
Blacks shd be more appreciative of slavery bcz w/o blacks being enslaved (repurposed), Europeans would have conquered all of Africa leaving no black left in existence ... save for in a zoo.  Instead of Jurassic Park, we would have had Afro Park, to see the extinct Negrosaurus.  One can dream. 17:05:24 61 018
MSM can not be accused of fake news when the fact is that they are just dumb as all hell; Megan is NOT now a royal, a princess, a monarch, a duchess, a any thing but a simple over paid wife, bcz she is an American and not a British subject. 17:05:06 61 018
It is actually an acceptable figure that calculates in to acceptable loss for shipping companies to lose THOUSANDS of shipping containers at sea every year. #FacePalm 13:08:41 61 018
Good grief, from the few forced down my throat images of the Disloyal Wedding, it appears more like a tribal ceremony. Northern Brits and Scots must be stone grinding their long swords in preparation of the Southern invasion. #DeposeTheWindsors  9:56:53 61 018
P_20180519_102139_1.jpg Who best to judge how NYers are than some one who has always been one, said no scientist ever. #NYC 9:25:57 61 018
We need to clarify to American media what the parameters of being a 'survivor' is; if you were not shot, you...you are not a 'survivor'; you were 'inconvenienced'. #SantaFe 1:25:43 61 018
How pissed are Marvel fans right now?! A few dozen million people were begging for the #AgentsofSHIELD editor to drag that particle effect to the timeline. 23:52:44 60 018
Fuck Earth specifically that day. #AgentsofSHIELD 23:06:15 60 018
"We hate pharmaceutical companies for manipulating us..."  "We believe pharmaceutical companies about medical marijuana."  #Sigh #Dateline 21:41:09 60 018
Andrea Canning is constantly inserting her self in to every #Dateline she 'dictates' not narrates. "I get chills..." "I would be terrified..." shut up, this is not about you. 20:59:18 60 018
"We are inspiring the next generation..." says the guy on 'America's Ninja Warriors' ...but the next generation will not be allowed to appropriate "ninja" so, just 'America's Fancy Leapers'. 20:49:52 60 018
Popular YouTube channels are heaping mounds of the most pretentious tripe, which is why it connects so well to it's large Westernized audience. 19:42:24 60 018
Model AND singer?! There's an app for that. 19:16:35 60 018
Exterior MTA subway stations are essentially underwhelming oversized gazebos (pause) takes 6 months to fix one. #Fraud  17:47:13 60 018
Dumb NYC of the Day #1 20 some thing woman, staring at her phone, walking down the middle of a busy NYC side walk, crashes right in to a blind woman virtually every else avoided. Noted to her how apocalyptically pathetic she (you all) was (are). 17:45:10 60 018
"Adams came out as Playboy magazine’s first lesbian centerfold in 2003. But she was later married to an investment banker [male] for two years before becoming engaged to Nicolai [male] in 2009." LGBT shd be docked with an asterisk. LGBT* https://nypost.com/2018/0... 17:42:53 60 018
1970's; sex drugs and rock and roll. 2010's; consent, rehab and right clicks. American music culture is about as thrilling as a wet fart. https://www.usatoday.com/... 17:29:35 60 018
Once again demonstrating that vowels, a e i will kill u. #DimitriosPagourtzis #SantaFe 17:22:14 60 018
P_20180518_143940_1.jpg Modern 'Western World' logic; you CHOSE to serve and you CHOSE to reproduce so every one else shd HAVE to support you aside from already paying you a livable wage. 13:49:04 60 018
Grown god damn man complaining on Yelp that the waiter did not sing happy birthday to his grown god damn girl friend, is why I often side with al Qaeda. #NYC 12:52:37 60 018
P_20180518_102604_1.jpg "In your free time you can learn skills like; culinary arts, sewing, homeland security, hospitality management and more..." 9:49:04 60 018
In spite of the desire to see every NYer deceased, you still conduct your self in the manner at which you would demand of a branch of your species. Conscientiousness is the password to the future beyond what would have in store for the inferior. #Project47  9:45:12 60 018
#Deadpool2 lacked, some thing, while delivering on nearly every thing. Could argue an act pacing issue but, calm yer tits, me; it's a comedy super hero film, not a historical reenactment of Trafalgar. 1:35:33 60 018
9f068a91-e19d-437a-9747-9f24d936cc82.png Customizing the Ford GT, oh dear. (o_O) 0:12:13 60 018
7,604,987,385 -- 3,574,344,071 (47%) -- 4,030,643,314 -- 9,792,723 (365) is what I have decided on. #Project47 22:48:50 59 018
2wy1EaF.jpg Statistical actions have statistical consequences. For those bad at maths, see use of term 'racism' and apply liberally. 22:26:28 59 018
For clarification - the sole reason having entered in a war with Afghanistan, hunting bin Laden and al Qaeda, has long since been accomplished - yet your local illegal immigrant welfare funds are being misspent on more bombs for making sand castles. https://twitter.com/RT_co... 18:08:30 59 018
If the end game in Western Civ is to celebrate only those with the least amount of applicable talent, then between presidents being lawyers and land lords, and bastard children marrying out of culture pretenders, where does Western Civ go from here? 15:52:07 59 018
Internet has effectively obliterated the means of a competitive dialog bcz there is a means of escape, comfort and security. With out an audience present to alienate you, there is no real losing. There must be a loser for success to be achieved. 15:25:09 59 018
Female generals who never dug a fox hole; female senators who never led a business; female intelligence executives who never poisoned a spy. America it self has become a token cartoon character. #StopUS https://www.rt.com/usa/42... 15:20:50 59 018
75 million people are added every year. Considering that the majority will suffer immensely bcz higher birth rates are relative to impoverished, sustaining African growth is actually anti-Earth-first. Liberal-minded are killing the planet. 14:14:38 59 018
Still no Paddock-Las Vegas motive? Regardless of modern connectivity, time is still advantageous to the liar (government). 10:10:29 59 018
Every thing done at this point us purely novelty time filler bcz we are officially in the home stretch. No detours, no balking. #Project47 10:07:15 59 018
Screenshot_20180517-023145_1.jpg American edicts are no longer even able to not sound childish. 1:33:38 59 018
Extraordinary how sites as YouTube contradict racial screening behavior. A black guy mocking going to a white bbq appears in my feed while same day YT had to be bullied to unblock a commentary about This Is America. Extraordinary bcz this behavior is new, less than 20 yrs old. Internet is poisonous. 0:59:22 59 018
#GinaHaspel has a BA in language and journalism. Since 1985(g) she has pushed papers. Every behavior she supports in the CIA she her self has never performed so, she is perfect relative to modern American leadership; experience from afar. 23:49:24 58 018
2/2 Per NYC policy, religious institutions are exempt from loud speaker noise regardless of hour bcz NYC prefers to demonstrate it's ability for both tolerance and intolerance simultaneously. Tolerant of the worst while intolerance of the majority's comforts. #BurnItAllDown 22:06:59 58 018
It is 22:55 -- just filed a noise complaint for the loud speaker coming from the Arabs moaning about what I assume is how hungry they are already since they now have American diets. America, home of the brave...once. Now, do what ever you'd like, no one will stop you. 21:55:36 58 018
#Legion, while retaining the alluring philosophical narration, is becoming rather tedious. The trip has worn off and now it is merely a hang over. 15:10:40 58 018
Jerusalem has the greatest appeal to Christians and yet there is Christian support for those least entitled to the relative mythological religious site. Muslims are even more entitled by legacy. 14:04:39 58 018
8be7545a-18b0-4514-943f-d578c81d80cc.png If you saw this spike in your medical chart or automotive diagnostic, you would have concern. Humans shd panic. #Project47 20:53:51 57 018
So excited to see the not-a-prince not-related-to-Charles ginger Harry marry the not-an-American talent-less numb skull in an expensive ceremony to ensure the legacy of the betrayal of England. 19:38:59 57 018
Man, being black must be great bcz I have never seen a commercial with token blacks conveying how horrible they say being black in America is. 19:19:04 57 018
MRW the multi-million $ well maintained 80 year old 'Robin Master's Estates' location from Magnum & Five-O must be demolished bcz of age, but I currently reside in an ignored 90 year Queens apt building, one of countless thru out NYC. 17:49:11 57 018
Professional golf would be far more exciting if say there was the threat of domestic violence if you failed to make the cut. #PGA http://www.miamiherald.co... 17:01:47 57 018
The idiocy on display by American Conservatives defending the black man with the MAGA hat in a Cheesecake Factory is that, you shd be scorning the culture of wearing hats while you eat you slovenly slobs of a people. 16:55:49 57 018
Margot Kidder was bat shit crazy -- or more appropriately, super-bat shit crazy. 23:07:09 56 018
I believe you bcz these unscrutinized publications say so. [nodding intensifies]  http://www.bbc.com/news/s... 18:57:28 56 018
New #Miter version 056018 now available for download. Includes url field integration, updated bbcode buttons and an archive/ error solution. http://github.com/VijeMil... 16:21:23 56 018
Testing url integration on #Miter. http://github.com/VijeMil... 16:08:57 56 018
Testing new buttons on #Miter, solving the replacement issue. New version shortly. 15:29:01 56 018
English is the required form of communication for pilots around the world -- while English is not required on the ground where it from; England. #Sigh 10:18:49 56 018
Multiverse theorems are finally being rejected after decades of science fiction elation from the mindless unqualified theoretical physics spectrum -- which shd also be included in the Autism spectrum. Recent physics shd be seen as a form of retardation. Neutrinos form dark matter? Ugh of the week. 10:03:24 56 018
Selma Hyhack believes men shd take a pay cut -- presumably so women can be even more compensated in the millions for doing nothing more than pretending at the behest of writers, directors and producers. To seem less disingenuous, they shd consider supporting teachers...but there is no gender gap. 9:57:36 56 018
Decided to embed the link feature in to the miter identical to image -- so as to reduce character waste and ease of integration. #Miter 23:55:45 55 018
Conditioning an animal that has biological urges is not an accomplishment worthy of note in this era well beyond the domestication of animals -- and yet here we are in this modern era of science where trivial things are applauded. 23:54:16 55 018
Are the still killing white farmers in South Africa with out endless prattling by US main stream media? Good; would not want to break US momentum on double standards. 22:33:25 55 018
Easily mistook the Ocean's 8 trailer commercial for the black screen between commercials, but longer and more dull and filled with even less meaning and...it, it was just awful. 20:13:01 55 018
"...what Facebook was built..." which was judging other people -- just like Mark's first project, Hot or Not. 20:09:16 55 018
Buy the Microsoft Surface bcz some pudgy girl believes she is unique by wearing colorful clothing that some one else designed. #NYC logic. 18:46:52 55 018
An estimated 33B$ worth of unused tech can be found in American homes. Gluttony in stomach and thumbs. #Project47 14:02:23 55 018
Today is #ArduinoD18 and while in the past I would have gushed over Arduino, the truth is that now rather than stay competitive with their open source-ed-ness, they began to distance them selves from the poor maker community. So, to your 60$ MKR1000 I say, here is a 9$ NodeMCU to prototype with. 13:07:34 55 018
Rotten Tomatoes complains that studios shd make good films if they wish to not have a bad score but their scores are aggregated from morons who advocate the most idiotic brand of films which provokes studios to make that spectrum of bad films. Idiots begets idiots. 0:44:32 55 018
Rotten Tomatoes is partially owned by Warner Bros and Comcast -- so convince me why any one shd give a flying fuck about their opinion on studio films?! 0:33:07 55 018
Bogart on a tug boat. Now, Rhys-Davies and the Holy Grail. Paramounted. 0:03:25 55 018
The excessive amount of personal defense safety courses demonstrates a failure of community. 22:20:40 54 018
How terrible is Sam Smith's Spectre theme? It is what it must be like to discover you have cancer again, only exponentially worse,and in the bits that make little sense. 18:39:18 54 018
Billie Piper at a stand still is even for a Brit rubbish. Billie Piper in motion is then more understandably attractive. I'd imagine some had quite a shock when waking in the morn. 17:50:08 54 018
When I come to power, I shall invite people of the world, not presently in my kingdom, to murder in exchange for a dollar per person. Those with some initiative could do quite well, or not, it matters not. 17:42:19 54 018
Depression is on the rise in America -- amazing that when you remove community, culture, patriotism, masculinity, femininity, identity, gender, industry, aspiration...that you find the consequence being that people feel with out purpose. #StopUS  17:31:12 54 018
Every thing Simone Giertz said at the TED talk is quite literally the opposite of what you shd aspire to. Ignore that she is a feeble minded useless woman who promotes inability in hopes of advocating ability...or don't, bcz that is her sole problem -- and the morons who adore her. 17:28:10 54 018
Subscribed to a YouTube channel that does flight simulations of crashes -- aaaannnnd will not likely be flying in the immediate and unimmediate future. 13:45:56 54 018
Having met as many people as I have, I am far from surprised that most would be so easily deceived by an AI conversation -- most people barely have enough personality to account for being human them selves. 13:28:44 54 018
P_20180512_111925.jpg Common courtesy so unconditional in NYC that it must be embedded. #StopUS  10:20:19 54 018
When Google has to inform you about their data collection procedures, you are then assured that every thing before that was excessive. 10:15:24 54 018
Going to de-Google some more today. Bare minimum by Sunday. Dropping Android, that's a doozy - if I ignore how little I use a phone... 9:31:59 54 018
Ethnicities demand the right to march in parades in America -- angered by American centric parades, notes how Americans 'stole' land and enslaved people. 1:10:38 54 018
b4201c16-a4e1-43d2-84dc-a3ff71fb6cc9.png It is requested of you to take this person seriously when they are confronted with 'social injustice'. You must look past the glaring issue of her inability for self preservation. #StopUS 0:58:53 54 018
The Kenyan dam that ruptured is above a rose farm that grows and ships cut flowers to Germany. I support Thanos bcz we have lost our minds to the preservation of our world -- to consume and pollute resources to ship flowers thousands of miles. #StopTheWorld 0:54:33 54 018
5af63bba2d18a.jpeg Patriotism is only an ailment when your country is not of one mind. #StopUS 0:34:52 54 018
117 days until #Project47 w/o apology, just history. 22:33:30 53 018
There is a growing ailment in NYC restaurants becoming unable to differentiate between tips and employment wages. They will hold your CC tips for a time determined by them which is counter logic bcz the tips are NOT their wage to you but rather wholly independent from said income. #StopUS 22:28:40 53 018
The amusing irony coming from more police body cameras is that in fact, black criminals are responsible for their own racism and are the antagonists by a large statistical margin -- thus the recent decline in claims and MSM reports on the matter. 22:26:58 53 018
Here's hoping the next #Predator film is a romantic comedy -- you know, some thing different than say the previous 47 exactly the same damn thing films. 19:41:00 53 018
MTA is how their executives want you to see them. ATM is how they see you. #NYC 8:37:29 53 018
Blacks see equal or better with 'crazy white folk' - but they base it on city whites, who I also perceive as morons, so the metric is skewed and there fore misleading to blacks and faux black supporters. 8:35:57 53 018
"Cleft lip third world dogs are desperately in need for your help. For just 19 cents a minute, you can help heal these freaks." 21:18:48 52 018
The most cooperative audience in sitcom history -- laughing exactly between beats -- every, single, beat -- and then shutting up like there was a conductor with a wand. It is almost as if, they were, artificially inseminated in to the show. #TheBigBangTheory #NoMore 20:42:11 52 018
Chuckling about Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Last Man on Earth being cancelled is the only laughter those shows have heard in quite some time. 20:29:58 52 018
2/2 There is no need for NYC paid family leave -- we already pay immigrants and blacks to do nothing while over populating -- it's called welfare. What is welfare in variant then? Paid non-family leave? #StopUS  17:57:30 52 018
0.13% deducted from our single-no-family income for NY paid family leave bcz NYC is that Socialist third world country just off the coast of that decaying shit hole country between those two other shit hole countries on the opposite side of the globe from 100+ other shit hole countries. #StopUS 17:55:07 52 018
Since the dawn of tool making, the majority of man has yielded a weapon for both defense and resource. Today, the majority of Western world people can hardly even manage a kitchen knife, let alone a sword, bow, spear or gun. This generation IS the most ineffectual. 13:58:08 52 018
Shd your morals be exacerbated by an exposed breast, your value shd be equal or greater than that of the population of women on Earth. Another words, shh. 22:15:04 51 018
5af3579e44226.jpeg Tee, hee. 21:15:01 51 018
#TVShow episodes 4X06 thru X15 are scheduled and in pre-production. Aiming to shoot 3 at a go, as free time has become more (less?) limited. #StayTuned 14:43:51 51 018
Have I mentioned I hate NYC? If war ever came to these shores, the invading soldiers would stop me to ask where every one went - to which I would reply, 'already cleaned up for you chaps, off to DC then? Shot gun.' 14:34:53 51 018
Liberalism in America demands that you believe lightening can not strike twice. #NorthKorea #Iran 11:16:59 51 018
Amusing irony considering for how abundant taco tossers have become in this once notably safe (white) city. And yet to humiliate the point - blacks (African-American-Blackicans) used to account for 0.01% of the #SCV population. https://tinyurl.com/ycftz... 10:52:50 51 018
#Frontline will in no way mention how PBS cupped Harvey Weinstein's sack for years whilst running a report in two weeks about his hidden but well known behaviours. Liberalism demands blind hindsight. 23:56:27 50 018
"She went from human rights advocate to military supporter..." and rather than perceive that her change as growth of understanding about cultural differences, it is perceived by comforted spoiled whites as villainous. #Frontline 23:53:47 50 018
No UN or US 'human rights' official or MSM reporter ever asks why a culture is attacked -- bcz no culture seeks to attack another unless provoked. #Frontline 23:33:56 50 018
#Frontline is conveying the victimization of Muslims in Myanmar w/o noting the victimization of the predominate culture in Myanmar who are impeded by said Muslims. When there is a side w/o natural applicable validation, PBS will be there. 23:25:36 50 018
Who are those to be self elected 'human rights' UN leaders when most have no clue as to who they are or if they observe what the masses conclude. #Frontline 23:16:31 50 018
The fact is that w/o more aggressive wars against inferior cultures (genocide), superior cultures will be hindered further and suffer endlessly from natural ailments until chaos (nature or nurture) it self solves the issue. 23:07:38 50 018
Argument against the genocide of a peoples is never more than attempting to convey that it is 'wrong' with out demonstrating how, where and why collaboration with other cultures succeeds. 23:02:14 50 018
Any country that enforces a punishable law against the perspective to deny 'the holocaust' shall not be recognized as a viable state by #Gauhd. #DOR #DOM https://en.wikipedia.org/... #FreeHaversack 22:10:52 50 018
Prediction: Capt America will be the one to use the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet to reverse the events that occurred in #AvengersInfinityWar and effectively be destroyed -- releasing Evans from his acting wealth per his request - the blithering idiot. He'll be good at...uh...um... 22:00:20 50 018
Limiting artificial intelligence to suit a 'politically correct' culture not only limits the cognitive behavior of the data requested but then impedes the actionable response by the AI -- making it even more artificial than devised. #StopUS 14:48:22 50 018
Donation limits idealizes that the US election system is hindered by fiscal value than traditional values. There shd be no limits so as to distribute wealth by any means applicable. #StopUS  14:04:17 50 018
47233357-cf31-450d-8cf3-628cda953132.png All right - admittedly when configuring the R8 V10 with 'gun metal green' and black panels - oh dear me. 20:04:35 49 018
In the last 180 days I have witnessed the elation of complete moron dope smoking young adults 'playing' stocks on their app -- this -- is why your system does not work and giving market stability influence over the economy is even more foolish as technology advances. #StopUS 18:44:31 49 018
Yelp is where NYC dumb is a business card, "over priced food" while asking for increasing minimum wage. Liberal minded people are oblivious or disinterested to 'consequences'. 23:37:55 48 018
Modern American adults are a special kind of stupid to believe children in unaffected schools are under a daily stress of concern of a school shooting. Even the schools in Detroit where shootings are common place, students are oblivious/complacent. #StopUS 23:24:25 48 018
Fashion bloggers are literally taking credit for creating styles that some designer in where-ever-the-fuck developed long before these buffoons looked at the price tag and did a double take. 20:53:59 48 018
When you realize that numerous eastern European countries treated women equally long before USA existed, US being 'bold' from Western EUR powers and starting with diminished women meant US is hundreds of years behind mentally and only recently childishly accommodating that impede function. #StopUS 20:43:51 48 018
We have mapped human genetics, viruses, bacteria - can display the anatomical structure of cells in three dimensions and in real time show mitosis - have not cured cancer. Are we ready to accept what I have exclaimed for some time, that you can not 'cure' natural and artificially-influenced decay? 19:44:01 48 018
Every thing you can not do on a train in Japan out of courtesy is done by people on a train in NYC. Being 'free' is not as cracked up as you think it is. #StopUS 18:46:51 48 018
NYC train driver pulls in to the station, slides down his windows and "Yo brother (to another MTA worker) you here gettin' yo money?" Oh darn, so close to the professionalism you might want from some one holding the lives of 100's in his hands. 9:47:46 48 018
NEW #TVShow 4X05 Canon: Part IV https://www.youtube.com/w... 1:04:56 47 018
The term "that may" in a psychological research paper is the tell. 8:01:10 46 018
maxresdefault.00_00_14_16.Still001.png Wrapped on (2) new #TVShow episodes. Struggling thru post with mediocre footage due to unknown camera tolerances. Publish, tomorrow?! 1:00:24 46 018
"When I tried Ancestry DNA, I discovered tribal leader ancestors from Uganda. Now I know where I get my strength to sit on the couch and watch 'Dancing with the Stars' from. Ugh, I have to get up in the morning and work at JC Penny's." 21:37:25 45 018
Hydrogen is the future of the automobile and yet here we are gobbling the tiny useless over priced cock of Musk and Tesla which are accessible to no one and advanced nothing. 16:10:03 45 018
Boris Johnson had the city publish adverts telling drivers how to drive their cars, like optimal shift changing. In America, many of the leaders have to be asked if they have even driven a car. #StopUS 14:49:34 45 018
The MSM romance of Elon Musk has cooled bcz in the end, there is little to nothing to validate of his contributions, or rather, exploitations -- as noted here. Would wager his 'tunnel projects' tax kick backs will recieve heavy scorn by year's end. 7:53:35 45 018
An idiotic human gesture is for some one who embraces science, to read Hawking's finale paper with less scrutiny bcz he is dead. Multiverse is an astronomically stupid model. 7:47:03 45 018
Filming a new #TVShow and new #Canon episode day after tomorrow AND another new #TVShow bit episode. Cataloging a lengthy volume of engineering episodes come (end of month?) when acquiring a 3D printer. #StayTuned 23:13:10 44 018
pussycat_dolls_20090214_5302.jpg Lingerie models or band? Why are modern music awards not in the shape of legs spread eagle with juices dripping out in to a plinth? I am not opposed to exposed females -- just refuse to accept automated validation for other forms of entertainment. #StopUS 15:53:00 44 018
Disinterested in commenting about the Asian dress, Starbucks cowardice, BLM...etc bcz they only go to antagonize those who need to be led in to the flames. I am more concerned about the mechanics of running an entire country from scratch. #Project47  13:04:15 44 018
If you don't squint, Amy Schumer looks fairly clearly like a corgi's ass hole. 11:07:16 44 018
"waaa, Trump is a tyrant, waaa" Uh huh, so you are saying you are so small that a landlord bullied you and now you are crying to the MSM? And, Trump does not rule America -- that is Congress' job to fumble.  10:38:16 44 018
GEN-F2-Maloo-R8-LSA-Exterior-1-lg.jpg Have turned away from Audi as of late bcz much like the Chiefs, they stopped looking at what they had (meat and potatoes) and listened to morons who earn a living from arguing about mascots. That said, I want the Alex Smith of utes -- the Maloo R8 LSV 0:57:34 44 018
All I truly want in this moment, and in most moments, is to follow my biological carnivore intuition and drive a bearded ax in the chest of a cultural enemy and take his land and possessions -- until satisfying my blood lust. I have quite a bit of it too -- and it is unnatural to suspend it 23:22:05 43 018
Apple says their numbers are good, as demonstrated by saying so and doubling down by saying so in a power point presentation of large words that say, the numbers are good. Who...who checks and balances a private company? #StopUS 20:07:36 43 018
Obligatory 2 minute scene from the 1960's (g) of some one operating an over sized computer that buzzes and whirs -- then a 2 minute lecture about pesticides. 17:56:21 43 018
Bloody hell a large computer screen shd almost be Communistic civil law for people who CAD (Sketchup) 17:10:40 43 018
65% of 8th grade US students are morons -- as result of a combination of unrealistic demands in modern society and really unrealistic demands in modern diverse American society. https://tinyurl.com/y8qxm... 11:29:36 43 018
Michelle Wolf - who ever the fuckity she even is - will have effectively ended the White House Correspondents Dinner - but rather than be ashamed of her behavior, she will be celebrated and she will applaud her self, bcz, Liberal American behavior is the least civilized form of conversation. 9:42:28 43 018
A probably rather annoying element about the volume of people in NYC is that deaths or evictions leading to apartments being emptied to the street leaves HUGE piles of perfectly good items to trash. Just free upgraded to a 24" LG tele/monitor. 9:35:55 43 018
Dancing, still not a talent. Flailing your arms to any resemblance of symmetry with others is called being a school of fish. 9:33:44 43 018
I was 100 lbs soaking wet in high school and I am only 70 lbs heavier today but I am fairly certain I could have folded high school me in two with very little effort. 23:30:46 42 018
La Paz is effectively proof that our species is a plague on this Earth -- an unlivable place over-occupied by miserable violent useless people. They just exist in an age when existing shd have some return value. If they disappeared, it would be a by-line. 22:52:21 42 018
The 'autism spectrum' miraculously requires you to be able to at least have the ability to tell people you have 'autism'. It's the vegan-crossfit-vaping of medical conditions. 19:14:08 42 018
Dear UK, Chris Evans is an ear bleeding twat and Billie Piper looks like a transsexual. Your rubbish standards are why USians are 'celebrities' and UKians are comedians. 19:03:05 42 018
#SimoneGiertz has a brain tumor. Ha! I am not one to bellow idiotic superstitions such as 'karma' - but metaphorically, it is a bitch. 16:28:35 42 018
Rather ironic if Kanye were killed by his own and for that to trigger Conservatives to raise arms against the other side. #StopUSUK  16:13:12 42 018
Still rather hilarious that the mayor of London is named Sadiq Khan. For every thing every English island occupant fought for thousands of years, pissed on by the cowardice of political correctedness behavior (vanity). #StopUK 12:20:31 42 018
Living in a building built before my parent's parents had even considered having children -- those people are deceased -- ask me how comfortable I am in believing this building is not as well a death trap. #NYC 0:24:23 42 018
New #Miter version available -- removed the footer format -- unimportant at the moment while XML is being coded. 042018 @ http://github.com/VijeMil... 19:30:36 41 018
StackOverflow, a site where coders ask questions and are given responses by other users, is now suggesting that newbies, women and people of color are being bullied. Apparently even when there is a voluntary click-away or LCD screen as a boundary, Americans have rice paper thick skin. #StopUS 17:52:26 41 018
f79adda6-3ca1-41e9-a60d-20ee7a74a77c.png When some one conveys 'cities are the future' - I remind them that no doctor recommends clogged arteries. #NYC  13:09:33 41 018
Kurt Busch is a piece of shit so it is no surprise his wife is a blithering idiot. #Geico500 12:48:11 41 018
The context missed here is that when a culture has become too diverse, you can no longer even distinguish your brothers from your enemies. https://tinyurl.com/yakhu... 11:32:38 41 018
The Simpsons and MSM has no right to make claims of being the longest running series, whilst passing a show that required actual scaled human production. #Gunsmoke 7:28:08 41 018
80/20 chance of (2) new #TVShow episodes this coming week -- another episode added to the #Canon story and a parody of a classic television show. Probably another month before new engineering projects -- sigh. 0:57:05 41 018
[Spoiler] Meera Reed will return in Avengers: Infinity-ing War. 23:41:03 40 018
We have to do some thing about this Dell hatred for left handed people -- the vent blows on the mouse hand. Pre-pre-designing the 3D print 'solution'. 14:19:09 40 018
Just want to apologize to every one in Malaysia - I was cleaning out my laundry hamper and I guess I forgot I put MH370 in there to be washed. Will return shortly, starched and pressed. 12:15:43 40 018
I refuse to say that courage is what shd label some one who climbs The Matterhorn bcz it is merely a passionate knuckleheaded novelty.  10:34:59 40 018
"We shd show respect and not disturb this grave." --days later-- "Lets go to that history museum where they have mummies on display." 9:39:08 40 018
Starting to add a third rationalization to #Project47 in that it shd be not a war of regional cultures, but a religious war as has been since the dawn of man's psyche. We shd be fighting against all religions, to hold integrity to our intolerance. 9:30:54 40 018
Legalizing marijuana for recreational use after all this time AND after having legalized it medically, is effectively cowardice to bend a society to the will of control. Laws boundary sheep from outward and inward dangers. 7:45:47 40 018
Prosecutors who are 'morally opposed' to particular sentences shd not be in a position to protect the masses. Setting aside how idiotic one is to be 'morally opposed' to ridding the world of rapists and cold blooded murderers. #Dateline 21:50:11 39 018
3b4dd40b-a232-4aa2-9b9b-81e1dac8e4d1.png Apparently "white" and "caucasian" are whose name shall not be spoken. https://en.wikipedia.org/...#Demographics 19:44:47 39 018
Cutting a #TVShow episode with footage from Saskatoon and in doing research, finding Saskatoon looks genuinely nice. Tho, founded by non-drunks means there is a demonic under belly. 19:38:53 39 018
Bill Cosby was found guilty after a trial and by a jury of his peers - gets to stay home. America's justice system favors the wealthy bcz no sex offender from Bumfuck, Nebraska would get to stay home after being convicted. #StopUS 16:35:58 39 018
Subway is closing 500 stores in the US bcz "it's just not what they want any more" - presumably bcz it involves requiring critical thinking skills and bipedal motivation. #StopUS 11:07:12 39 018
Modern social media standards that CalTech and MIT apply to admissions give less and less credibility to the distinguishing elements of those universities. 10:43:44 39 018
The methods of incarceration in America is being scrutinized by people having never been incarcerated. If they had been, they would know that the horrors in both conditions and culture are due solely to the inmates. But, in 'modern' America, the victims (police) are to blame. #StopUS  9:40:57 39 018
2/2 To the favor of the writing - my prediction is as follows - Tony had to survive as witnessed by Strange -- and that is all I have. In that regard then, there is remaining anticipation of the potential out comes. #AvengersInfinityWar 9:33:27 39 018
The following day, I am less appeased by #AvengersInfinityWar. The uselessness of Vision/Hulk - Thor's levers - why did Falcon's wings also disintegrate - 14.7m? How does even a mystic keep track of that. I vaguely forgive the absence of Marvel and Warlock (read the wiki). Bad, bad writing. 9:30:37 39 018
200 restaurants in NYC wrote a letter to Gov. Blasio asking to permit adding a surcharge to the bill to offset NYC wage and rent hikes - so as to maintain the illusion of lower menu prices. NYC is the museum wing of how once you pass neither side being right, it become a POS competition. #StopUS 0:31:53 39 018
Cast aside the pre-destined and fitting hoorays and chuckles, #AvengersInfinityWar felt too comic bookish (eagles?!). It does live up to the hype, that is certain -- and the ending is faultless. Shd be noted, I side with Thanos. Presumably Capt. Marvel controls time -- flies backwards? 22:06:41 38 018
NFL fans would hope Roger Goodell is drafted to the janitorial staff. #NFLDraft 17:17:31 38 018
NEW #TVShow 4X04 Marvel's Funniest Home Videos https://youtu.be/jXNKAvGX... #AvengersInfinityWar 15:58:50 38 018
Not buying this Kanye thing -- klan foil hat me bcz there is an end game to these shenanigans and it does not include who many are paddling it to. Kanye is far too selfish - hip hop artist after all - to seek societal selfless interests. #BurnTheWitch 14:14:16 38 018
"Don't worry Mr. President, just know right before you die here in Dallas that we won't let any one know the details of your death for 40 years *whispers* and probably not even then." #JFK 12:10:00 38 018
27-melania-trump-botox.w710.h473.2x.jpg Your face would recondition in to a squint if you had to listen to Donald prattle on for years too. 11:53:01 38 018
Banning a product bcz it was misused is how you stop being civil, more so than the misuser. #StopUS #StopUK 11:13:29 38 018
The hipster-hacker sous vide 'thing' is the food poisoning of engineering trends. 11:07:12 38 018
If being rich and successful does not pervert the need to kill one's self - then the construct of modern society is flawed. 11:01:17 38 018
3,000 people had to die for NYC to get a park and space to breathe. That apparently is the cut off line for how many people must suffer for NYC to make others comfortable. 11:00:00 38 018
The realization that simply banning Pepsi drinkings is a dynamic. #Gauhd #Project47 9:46:26 38 018
Juries taking more than 5 minutes, leading to often days, is proof that Americans do not exist in a unified likeminded community. (ex.) Cosby is a criminal, lengthy ponder is but selfish, cowardly and weak division. America can not work if its people are unable to enforce it. #StopUS 9:44:49 38 018
Meghan is not a royal and the Windsors are not suitable for the throne bcz 1) They're Germans 2) Elizabeth has reigned over the greatest losses to the United Kingdom, ever. #DeposeTheWindsors 2:30:15 38 018
How noble of Hank Azaria to 30 years later be willing to stop doing Apu. Such heroics, to not sacrifice celebrity, money or employment, to stop doing an impression of 1 billion people. #StopUS  19:19:54 37 018
Seems like it needs to be said -- I could also kick any robot's and or cyborg's ass. 19:01:57 37 018
42edc875-9607-4e11-954a-189c5a5edeca.png Unsure if NYC sucks? They have metrics and maps, for trees - so rare a commodity they can catalog it. 12:55:28 37 018
Is the window box a/c included in the 1.6M$ price? https://www.zillow.com/ho... 12:42:42 37 018
"Several hundred years from now, that sword you are carrying for the defense of King and country, will be outlawed. Long live England --  until it stops being England." #FacePalm 12:21:33 37 018
US is 45th in press freedom, only ever reports on 5 other countries. US is 27th in education, only ever teaches about 10 other countries. #StopUS 12:19:25 37 018
84089c9b-99ec-48cf-a2f6-0cd7d8aa7ce3.png "What makes you so sure NYC culture sucks?" 12:06:04 37 018
#Legion is an erotic clinic in cinematography. It has me feel inferior, challenges me, makes me hate every thing I have ever made, inspires me to not doing the same while competing with the same. Damn it. 0:01:29 37 018
Americans know the difference between cult and slavery, right? Apparently not, bcz it was a sex cult, voluntary, invitation only -- not barges of sex slaves from abroad. America holds people less and less accountable for their own actions. #StopUS 21:32:44 36 018
"We are all human" says a person who calls dogs by different breeds. #StopUS 21:23:33 36 018
There are two types of people; NYers and every one else. #NYC  14:48:45 36 018
Having been inundated with news of supposed Russian collusion in US elections for well over a year, still completely oblivious as to what the Russians did to influence people to hate a meek Hillary. #StopUS  14:12:59 36 018
00202_5uK39KjII65_600x450.jpg Fairly typical photograph used for promoting the type of attractive #NYC people visiting said establishment. You can clearly see why this species is best left to these islands. 11:55:34 36 018
"Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s also smart. It’s tough to make it through college." Hat trick untruths from theblemish dot com. #NYU #ClaraMcGregor  11:10:21 36 018
Officially moving forward with XML for #Miter to create a subscription element. 21:25:49 35 018
School children produce an extraordinary volume of trash and give quite literally nothing in return. #Gauhd will demand a portion of the curriculum for child participation in school recycling and trash management programs, so as to reduce waste. #Project47 12:54:28 35 018
Anti-Trump advocates shd promote the jailing of Obama as well for war-crimes - shd they wish to sound legitimate in cause and principle. They shd advocate that all members of either party be persecuted for their international collusions. 12:34:20 35 018
So the show is titled #AlexInc but the last episode revolved around giving the company a name...and that name is...not Alex Inc. Not exactly a clever swerve. Using an Indian name made it a patronizing swerve. 12:32:19 35 018
Mild self chuckle rule remains in effect for reason(s) for each episode. Enjoy...or don't, I don't care. #TVShow 4X02 Broke Island https://www.youtube.com/w... 21:50:23 34 018
NBA clips trending on YouTube shd be the give away on who influences faux YouTube trends. Hip hop music videos, goofy hair teens acting stupid, wasting food and make up...virtually a how-to future welfare package. #StopUS 19:42:49 34 018
An intergalactic king is invading, better reveal my finger nail claws [shink]. Are we still taking Token Panther seriously? #InfinityWar  19:38:12 34 018
"A naked man kills 4 and why it could have been worse." NBC4NY giving you the news and then the choose-your-own-adventure version of news. 17:01:56 34 018
NHL best of 7 in the playoffs is exploitation. These players actually play aggressively for the entire game *cough* unlike some sports *cough* MLB NFL *cough* and they are forced in to a ridiculous schedule. Shd be 1 a week season, best of 3 playoffs, best of 5 championship. As shd MLB NBA etc. 16:22:40 34 018
Broken sticks and replacements can litter the ice and play does not stop. They will stop a baseball game for a spilled soda cup. MLB NBA MLS and NFL are homosexuals compared to NHL. #StanleyCupPlayoffs 15:48:48 34 018
2.7 million means nothing to the internet. Put a weapon in each of their hands, and they can change the course of history. Views and wealth mean nothing in a world inundated with too much of either. #Project47 14:10:42 34 018
So that we are clear - we (aye) do not have a Facebook, Twitter or Gab account. Nor shd you. 10:10:35 34 018
How astronomically stupid is it how difficult it is to transfer files from an iPhone to Windows. Google are fiends but at least they care enough to allow a user to use. 23:34:29 33 018
Doubling down on just how terrible the Asus Zenfone 2 is for a device that is used for multimedia work. Garbage camera, muffled sound recording...wonder if I could sell it or part it out. 21:56:43 33 018
I care nothing for the past and yet want to believe that Scandinavian blood runs thru my veins, causing me this strife. 18:11:38 33 018
Nearing the moment when American society has become so saturated with varying degrees of claimed racism that the very term will become as desensitized as 'queef'. #StopUS 13:07:21 32 018
2GGT68w.jpg Wasting food for novelty is so much fun wheeeeeeee. Western world fast became the least right to an opinion about most things. #StopUS 12:43:19 32 018
"Are you people fucking stupid?!" is the first and only acceptable response to hearing need for armored backpacks. If we have decayed in to living in a culture and community fearful of it's self, then the culture and community shd be rewritten. #StopUS #Project47 11:44:14 32 018
Conservatives have god. Liberals have social science. The middle of those two is not the middle ground...well away from both is where rational tangible scientific thought resides. #StopUS  11:35:05 32 018
Half of #APBio is properly hilarious bcz its PG Always Sunny. The other half was cast for what I presume was studio executives having never watched television before the 80's. 20:03:29 31 018
It takes a special kind of adult mental retardation to follow every step from thought to purchase to Kindle to reading of a book un-authored by a teen who may or may not have been near a shooting. A street corner bodega's cashier's life is more interesting. 18:42:58 31 018
40' x 40' 'ghost net' #CleanSeas https://www.caymancompass... 14:29:11 31 018
Where Are We (Me)? Vije Miller Update http://vijemiller.com/ind... 1:23:22 31 018
Phone camera is utter garbage -- odds are in favor of making use of an acquaintance's iPhone 6 -- this is going to be a frustrating 30 days. #TVShow  19:08:38 30 018
Uh huh, so the girl who I have seen self exploiting her self in photographs, knew nothing about sexual violation in her teens. Was he a molester? Yes. Is she a moron and full of shit? Also yes.  https://www.nbcnews.com/n... 13:33:38 30 018
The premise being that you can affect the brain w/o lasting consequences. A 'scientist' deduced this. Sigh. Could not help note that CNN latched right on to this 'story' (story in quotes bcz unverified (irrational) data)  https://www.cnn.com/2018/... 13:25:11 30 018
Other than Chef Carl Chodillia, the Art Bell bits from the KFI days are my all time favorites -- and Phil Hendrie is playing these bits all week on his podcast. https://soundcloud.com/ph... 12:55:46 30 018
"Hey, check out me selfishly panicking to my wife on a plane I thought was going to crash bcz I know nothing about plane mechanics or safety regulations." 22:45:13 29 018
Not a fan of #AlexJones but at least I can distinguish the difference between a talk show host and actual interference -- say like, a politician, lawyer, FBI, etc. https://www.nytimes.com/2...  22:04:40 29 018
Your civility is uncivil. You shd be ashamed for not sacrificing your well being for the hypothetical and statistically unlikely well being of others. Bigot! 21:24:14 29 018
You are now able to order and have delivered roughly every food and beverage you consume and yet - people are still 'stressed' and 'short on time'. Technology is not a salvation or solution - it expedites the problem. 19:51:39 29 018
Alex Inc. is Scrubs III. Zach can not be any thing but JD. Inverse type cast. 19:32:03 29 018
The excitement level in some sciences from the absence of genuine innovation, has become near naive and immature. There are similar geological minerals on other planets?! Shocking, he says dull-ly. 16:18:35 29 018
Barbara Boxer, who has served in US Congress since 1983(g) has a podcast that invites you to 'fight back' -- bcz apparently in the role of elected leader for 35 years, she is admitting she came up short...by a mile...for 35 years: help wanted. 15:28:33 29 018
Why would any modern American now wish to open a business when you are no longer even permitted to deny non-patrons from loitering? This is not even a civil rights issue but a property rights issue. Is nothing ours? #StopUS 15:16:02 29 018
Art Bell must have died to prevent the exercising of pending suits against him for advocating an abundance of government conspiracies. https://www.nytimes.com/2... 14:57:18 29 018
Have narrowed down that my most optimal time for a release of unadulterated anger and violence is roughly midnight EST. Uncertain if varying thru time zones but -- 22:57:41 28 018
Some where between depression and disinterest due to depression lays the reason why I chose not to shoot a new #TVShow tonight. Things need to vaguely appear better for me to delude my self that I am interested. Stay tuned. 20:40:30 28 018
I have so many people on my Penitence List that I can hardly recall why numerous shd perish. I shd take better notes per my angst. 15:57:21 28 018
"April 16: Patriots' Day in various U.S. states (2018)" -- 'various'. United States of America (void where prohibited) #StopUS 15:04:51 28 018
Seeing as the Starbucks CEO approves of loitering, we shd hold a loiter-thon. No purchases, crowd seats for your own selfish behavior, bring out side food, alienate actual customers. Just one store shd send a msg that 'right to refuse service' is a human right. #StopUS 10:46:13 28 018
P_20180415_171859_BF_1_1_1.jpg #TVShow 4X02 sneak peak 2:02:49 28 018
Thx to yet another now seemingly redundant set back - the episode that had been planned to shoot is delayed - now replaced by another episode after having obtained props suitable. #TVShow  0:23:01 28 018
Carl is even annoying in the after life. Piss poor cinematography in the final Rick-Negan battle and chopped writing - either the editor walked out and an intern filled in or #TheWalkingDead is just exhausted of it's self. 0:08:31 28 018
Odette Annable's nose does not suit her facial structure tho if I were Dr. Frankenstein-ing Weird Science-ing a female counterpart, I would suture her's dead center. 20:53:22 27 018
If the US and the rest of the world could just procrastinate their fucking things up interests for say roughly 105 days, that would be great. Thx. #Project47 20:41:30 27 018
Hyphens are insecurities. 20:11:22 27 018
Have had a long standing interest in creating a super-power using technology -- and not surrendering the concept -- furthering designs for a gravity manipulator based on the concepts of #ResistanceTheory 19:19:28 27 018
Do not argue medical classifications with me if your validation is, "is". #Autism 17:21:16 27 018
US finding comfort in being led by PC promotions than by way of actual experiences of a soldier demonstrating leadership skills.  https://abcnews.go.com/am... 15:34:21 27 018
April is "Autism Awareness Month" -- now only if researchers could sincerely narrow down just what Autism actually is to be aware of, rather than a proclaimed spectrum of known and well documented common genetic retardations. 23:15:10 26 018
Pedro Hernandez 33 years after killing Etan Petz still could not speak English well, which speaks to the American cultural demands in New York (none). #48Hours 21:37:34 26 018
As a British-American-Prussian-American, I can not understand how this German-American would be so reckless as to live where African-Americans co-habitate in Michigan-American. 19:50:33 26 018
5ad230330a713.jpeg #Syria 13:59:04 26 018
To be fair, Nature would prefer WW3 bcz the world human population has grown out of control and unmanageable. 3B in 40 years and growing is chaos -- bombs are suppositories. #Syria 10:46:30 26 018
How ridiculously difficult was filming #House, when every room was filled or constructed with reflective surfaces?! 10:42:47 26 018
US shd have a mandatory cool down period before purchasing bombs. #Syria 8:15:56 26 018
I am calling from East of the Rockies to say, thanks Art, for all the ridiculous late night shenanigans. https://radioink.com/2018... 7:37:38 26 018
Have often fantasized about collaborating with Russia and China in destabilizing US then leaving Russia and China to their own vices as shd any non-continental neighbor. #Gauhd 23:54:33 25 018
So the US is putting who in their pocket to support them when the US needs help? Kurds? No whey! #Syria 22:12:35 25 018
Made a quip among like minded colleagues that 'my sex tape would have CGI aliens'. Was immediately warned by a mgr, 'don't, such things may offend some one.' When the war befalls us and you see me atop mounds of bodies, make note that it was due to the inactivity of our culture. #StopUS 19:23:06 25 018
#Tier primary school will include electrical and mechanical engineering relative to daily appliance operation and maintenance. Learning how mechanical things work shd be a part of every child's modern curriculum. #Gauhd #Declaration 12:04:43 25 018
Seeing as we are fast becoming more reliant on others and things, less educated and least forced upon for rational analytical thought, there shd be entire news cycles dedicated to numb skull obituaries. #Darwin https://tinyurl.com/yau94... 10:47:38 25 018
Being disappointed to learn your celebrity infatuation has retweet a Liberal activist is becoming a common American past time. #StopUS  1:19:28 25 018
Filming Part I(?) of "Canon" for #TVShow this week end -- which is technically the conclusion of this 2 of 3 part series-ovella. 22:55:58 24 018
New #Miter version #025018 now available -- combining image and post together @ http://github.com/VijeMil... 20:19:19 24 018
 Now to test if the image-less version is not corrupted. #Miter 19:52:33 24 018
Rule of thumb, when some piece of technology was created with out validation, say, thinking paper towels (recycled) or your pants were inadequate, then it is likely bad for you. Have never perceived some one who numbly stands there drying hands as intellectual. #Feces 19:42:17 24 018
Having to seek assistance on this image/post integration issue on #Miter. File does not want to upload with in the same form so evidently I am missing a step. 19:36:32 24 018
 5446231522375379480.png Test. #Miter 17:21:24 24 018
 Ugh, testing. #Miter 17:14:06 24 018
 Testing image integration. #Miter  17:09:39 24 018
 Testing image/miter integration (again). 16:55:03 24 018
US government is scorned for never finding WMDs in Iraq and yet every new accusation of a foreign power's weapon use - 'no definitely this time, like totally for sure, we swear'. #Syria #StopUS 15:02:14 24 018
At this pace, wildlife will act as our own filtration system. Sure, all ocean life will cease to exist in the median but, nicer beaches? - you pieces of garbage. Ah, humans shd be equally recycled. https://tinyurl.com/yb475... 13:10:41 24 018
Liberal minded people are more often intimidated by manufactured words than facts. That is an immature polluted conditioning. 10:29:01 24 018
Hard and fast reason why #blockchain will not happen -- referencing plumbing and effectively all of engineering -- more joints equates to less reliability. Less, is more...not when its more is less. 23:55:43 23 018
 Testing image + #Miter integration. 15:59:52 23 018
Cruz grilling Zuckerberg looks like an old man yelling at an unruly neighborhood child. Internet success permitted poorly real-world educated youths to rise to positions they would have otherwise been subordinates. https://youtu.be/iwvFD_A5... 7:38:12 23 018
Zuckerberg on a booster seat bcz he is apparently unaware how the tangible, non-digital safe space world judges others. Days later, all evidence of his booster seat will be mysteriously erased from internet memory. #Facebook 7:29:28 23 018
London bans knives, bcz the goal is submission thru hands only dining. UK citizens will promptly join our venture when we advise them that #Gauhd will not take from them but rather simply remove the person(s) causing the strife, as had every community since before 'modern' civil illusions. 7:12:47 23 018
Every single individual who wrote a negative Amazon review for electronics with the affixed 'bought it for my 10 year old' shd be both ignored and be required to pass a keyboard drivers test. 20:57:25 22 018
I am utterly shocked that placing an excessive amount of highly sensitive personal information on to the internet I do not control might be exploited. I do declare [fans self] -- users are as much if not more accountable for spreading eagle. #Facebook #StopUS 20:43:37 22 018
It is when you experience some one who seems to fit in society but god damn they are just so fucking stupid that it sets you back on believing a majority are capable, worth and/or shd exist. #StopUS 11:26:31 22 018
Two types of people - one who misses a turn, agreeably goes past and makes legal turns to accommodate the mistake -- and one who misses a turn, is willing to cut across 5 lanes of traffic to accommodate the mistake -- and shd be removed by rope. #StopUS 11:07:23 22 018
Mark Zuckerberg made a website that aggregates user content, then became wealthy advertising to said users. Not a land developer, inventor, steel magnate, pioneer...a website billboard. Now he is revered enough to have to speak to Congress. This is what measures your America. #StopUS 10:53:47 22 018
JI7 is live. #TVShow goes back in to production in 5 days. 1:04:01 22 018
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) has not had to live like a 'normal person' for decades which is the majority of cultural change in America, so surely her opinion on methods how middle class shd and can live are valid. Then says 'examples around the world' references Florida. #FacePalm 12:06:47 21 018
Certifiable modern teen cunt tries to commit suicide after breaking up with boyfriend, crashes car killing a mother and child. Sentenced to 30, to serve 15, paroled after 4. Emotion killed twice. #Dateline #StopUS  12:01:04 21 018
What was the strategic value of a succeeding, Russian supported, #Syria, using a UN violating weapon deployment? That smell is not sarin, it's bull shit. #StopUS  1:08:37 21 018
She-Royale stunk. Three way (2x), Daniel and Nia forgettable. Cena/Taker was +1 staged-delivered. Ronda was +1 worked (surprised). AJ/Shinsack neither deserve nor are of interest (on now). Roman main over is more blackmailed WWE?! Droning 47 commentators remains ear rape. #WrestleMania34 21:59:55 20 018
#TheMasters commercials are sophisticated products and inspiring innovation. #NBA commercials are for shoes and junk food. 16:45:23 20 018
If your business relies as heavily on the cloud as IBM pitches then you have a highly unstable, unreliable and expendable business. #TheMasters 15:27:04 20 018
NYC is such a disgustingly ugly place. You have to be ailed since birth to embrace such ugliness in environment and culture. 12:55:21 20 018
The purest surrender of integrity by Americans was permitting 'sales tax' -- a tax for the application of the remnants of an income having been taxed. Capitals shd have burned before such submission. #StopUS 2:34:50 20 018
"It is not the concerns of my countrymen to the well being of non-affiliated non-domestic-contributing warring parties in Syria" ...is the statement I would release as leader of a new kingdom that sought self preservation before all else. #Gauhd #Project47 2:20:15 20 018
2019 Audi R8 is when I stopped lusting after the Audi R8. It looks like the stretched silly puddy embossing of an attractive R8. 2:01:35 20 018
JI7 inbound thx to an angel investor. 19:46:23 19 018
The sentence of 'execution' will be conducted as a releasing of the bound and weighted individual in to the ocean no less than 1 mile from shore so that their remains may be recycled and positively contribute. #Gauhd #DOJ #Decree  17:24:44 19 018
Unsolicited or unwarranted murder may only be penalized by execution, and shall be carried out 250 days following sentencing unless otherwise suspended by a provincial Governor. #Gauhd #DOJ #Decree  17:19:25 19 018
UK football players are a bunch of queens. They shd curtsey when joining the pitch. #MCvsMU 13:08:17 19 018
Clearly more Man U players relieved them selves at the half than Man City. Always bet the horse that craps on the pitch. #MCvsMU  12:58:49 19 018
Puerto Ricans are likely unable to repair the damages prior to the approaching storm season -- which in terms of Nature we call, natural extinction and/or evolution. The gift of rum did not satisfy the burdens of culture. 0:34:28 19 018
It takes an extraordinary amount of courage to retaliate with violence in this era of internet cowardice and fictional social constructs -- and I can appreciate every shooter who breaks bcz they did some thing, any thing, that held more lasting substance than some thing like this very miter. 23:42:40 18 018
NYC more promptly reminds you of why cultures went to war over such inanity. #Easter 21:37:12 18 018
Any unregistered person(s) thru citizenship or 'visitor' is denied entry. Said person(s) with in the defined boundary will be immediately detained and released to the nearest border crossing with in 5 days of capture. #Gauhd #Decree #DOR #DOD #DOJ 18:40:41 18 018
Employees are at will and are subject to hiring and termination by any scrutiny becoming of the requirements of the employment. #Decree #Gauhd #DOC 16:57:50 18 018
Going to return to more proactively posting decrees as they would be in the pending Kingdom of #Gauhd - relative to daily head lines. #Project47 16:53:50 18 018
#Legion is the art of a short story. As a connoisseur of brief, this I can appreciate. 0:04:14 18 018
Crossed the Mississippi -- now every thing sucks in growing multiples of 10 14:42:31 16 018
Ugh. 21:18:50 15 018
Angry Orchid Rose -- welcome to what every thing the past never tasted like. 22:47:11 14 018
Searcher finds a fossil, a mundane ordinary event...but he lives in the USA dot dot dot "By law, the State Museum Commission has first rights to any fossils found in the state. Significant finds are important to keep for the public, the Museum Commission said." #StopUS 19:07:04 14 018
"95% certainty" utilizing the standard model will be altered annually to claim to retain that 95% certainty. https://journals.aps.org/... 12:28:58 14 018
Distrust any one who believes their opinion of the weather is 'gorgeous' when they have yet to even step out side. 11:45:10 14 018
A human taking a lizard to a veterinarian -- #StopUS 11:43:57 14 018
Every common person before the industrial age had an annoying sequence of chores every day with out fail, for life -- tell a dog owner today to brush their pet every other day to prevent hair and dander every where and its like asking for a suicide pact. Worst generation of humans, ever. #StopUS 10:57:14 14 018
"pay with a glance" on the iPhone X bcz why even bother having a conversation with your self about restraint - just look - want - own - and regret later when the bank statement text arrives after. #StopUS 23:58:37 13 018
Google has some extraordinary insight in differentiating Christmas from Easter. You see, one has Jesus and one does not, any more. 22:01:53 13 018
Hawking's final public message was "the universe will fade in to darkness" and yet according to theories he subscribed to and authored, that is antithetically fatalistic. Hawking was a theorist, no different than a market speculator. 16:06:02 13 018
2/2 3D printer have now been around long enough for resale of used ones is abundant enough to score a decent kit or build for < 150$ ...so, after a PC purchase maybe a novelty purchase too. 10:06:52 13 018
Realizing it may be cheaper to buy a 3D printer rather than pay membership fees at a makerspace -- far less Liberal-minded cowardice affixed. 9:55:13 13 018
All http://hackaday.io... links are no longer valid. 1:25:40 13 018
It is now easier, thx to diversity to not exist in America than try to attempt to get an ID after having one stolen. #StopUS 19:02:14 12 018
New #TVShow episodes (projects and bits) will be delayed until acquisition of a new computer -- 45 days(?) 18:17:07 12 018
Every thing stolen...every thing! Computer, clothes, tooth brush even a paper clip, all taken against my will. This is a hard step back refresh that will not bear confidence until Friday night soonest. Thx Quaph, DL and JM. Guarantees the next destination is final, no more detours. 14:40:16 12 018
Note they often label it, 'the next big artist' not 'the next good artist' or legendary or some thing conveying a lasting legacy of talent. 18:32:28 11 018
Quite obvious when Conde Nast selected a hotel in it's HQ city of NYC as the second most desirable in the US -- while the remainder were in more tropical destinations like Miami. Conde Nast shd be available daily for bird cage liner. 16:51:42 11 018
Testing new buttons including colors red blue and green as well as increasing character tolerance from 250 to 300 to accommodate url burdens. #Miter 14:38:28 11 018
Can we all just be 'sexist' for a moment and realize that all television news is now just a gaggle of women -- and any man (and woman) knows that it becomes more gossip than practical dialog. Stop watching television news! 12:34:46 11 018
Even the laugh track button guy is now unsure when to initiate the laugh track on #TheBigBangTheory. If he is cued for crew laughter, that...that would explain the lag. 12:32:24 11 018
Hey, congratulations, we reaffirmed than hominids walked on the North Americans continent. Seems like we are really knocking it out of the park on the past but that future thing, I heard Facebook might change policies again. So, yeah. 19:33:02 10 018
Called an idea, not a person, an idea, 'chicken-shit' and was banned from Reddit /science -- the idea, like most scientific theory published for vanity prior to validation today, was and remains chicken-shit. #Miter 16:57:34 10 018
"Michael Sam runs a slot post and oh no is distracted by that tight ass male cheerleader and is sacked on the 20. Speaking of sacked, I'm betting later tonight Sam tackles sacks with that cheerleader." -- "Ew, Michael." 16:00:24 10 018
The NFL just added another male in tights who prances about...oh but he isn't a player. Never mind. 15:58:16 10 018
The field was already soaking in sewage -- with 6 large nuggets floating around the infield ooooohhhh http://abc7.com/sports/do... 15:53:03 10 018
Researchers seek to reduce as many consequences as we can from being fat pieces of shit -- that will teach us! https://msutoday.msu.edu/... 13:52:56 10 018
White farmers are literally being butchered by South Africans and when one speaks out about this behavior, they are imprisoned. That cultural disease spread to Europe and America after the mid-1900's and is just now festering. 13:49:45 10 018
Ideally starting next week we will change the scenery and then include access to the makerspace among other amenities -- not to mention a safer and less un-#Gauhd-ian area. 13:44:06 10 018
Will Jalopnik's Alanis King be triggered by there now being not only women 'exploited' by being cheerleaders in the NFL but now also men?! Men and women who volunteer for remarkable fees to be used as visual sexual objects?! Boycott the NFL, Alanis! 13:26:36 10 018
Seems counter logic that I hate being in the ocean but have become a huge advocate for Pacific garbage-patch and sea otter solutions. #Project47 23:11:20 9 018
18 #TVShow episodes lined up -- quite literally distracting me from doing some thing more practical like survive. You see, but people survive from just making episodes, so (beat) why (beat) can't (beat) I?! Bcz you have a higher calling, Vije. #Sigh 21:02:56 9 018
Tomorrow is 60% hoping for the best then realizing that does not mean a damn thing bcz then you have to compensate for after that. I shd really just pull the pin on this whole wavering b s -- it is Spring after all. 20:11:52 9 018
Heard a convincing argument in antithesis to my agreement that private businesses like Google (YouTube) can choose who to alienate -- "Like a game of poker, you agree to the rules before you ante up. Changing the rules mid-stream is bad business." 20:03:03 9 018
NBC's 'The More You Know' used to give you evidence by way of example. Now they just tell you what people are and then claim, well?! 18:36:36 9 018
Today is well planned to suck, but accomplish, some thing I suppose. Would have preferred to have been a pioneer or frontiersman. 14:59:15 9 018
Commitment to an ideology is most difficult in this era of lust and leisure. Sacrifice is more abundant to do so. 12:56:50 9 018
The amount of $ spent on investigating America's own politicians shd be seen as acts of treason. Kings and Queens were beheaded more promptly bcz citizens recognized time in on a belligerent's side. #StopUS 18:53:03 8 018
A lack of checks and balances for sciences when dabbling in atmospheric projects is unacceptable. Neighboring nations shd consider this an act of aggression. #Gauhd will. https://amp.livescience.c... 17:41:00 8 018
For further clarity, the theme of #BlackPanther is black people fighting them selves and following idiotic cultural traits that worsens the fighting...against their own. Yeah, so, pretty accurate, not fantasy superheroics. Then he saves Compton?! 11:37:43 8 018
4 new project pages have been added to https://hackaday.io/VijeM... with initial CAD sketches for the CNC and 3D printing that shd likely be done in the next 20 days(?) 20:44:33 7 018
BBCode buttons have been returned to #Miter user/. Update to 007018 @ http://github.com/VijeMil... 19:04:44 7 018
Red Lobster now sells waffles and lobster -- a new East Coast location away from collar greens and filet. 17:35:08 7 018
Critical error in not moving to the south of Las Vegas bcz it would seem 85% of all employment is there. Tip to others, the north of Vegas is not worth it for career nor novelty living metrics. Unbridled stagnation. 14:26:37 7 018
The premise behind #BlackPanther is that there is an Africa we can not see that does not benefit the Africa we can see bcz they can not give away the secret of the wealthy Africa. Inspiring. 12:44:32 7 018
How stupid of a species are we to ask technology to adapt to how stupid of a species we are? Can't remember what you ate? We have a solution so you never have to think about what you shoved in your fat face again! https://tinyurl.com/ybsds...   12:43:19 7 018
Conservatives shd hold "Save the Earth, Recycle Protest Debris" protests parallel to every impractical Liberal minded protest. #MarchForOurLives  22:45:03 6 018
Having now witnessed the full devolution of a bright vibrant girl to phD to mother of 2 -- it gives enlightment that every pre-mother was potentially a unique contribution, even insightful... right up until the agreed upon conception. 21:39:41 6 018
Considering voiding the XML option for #Miter and having the app merely grab values from the text data -- but I need to better aggregate the date from a miter -- perhaps via /tag on set. 18:40:44 6 018
Censoring speech is against white people, banning guns is against white people, immigration is against white people -- there is nothing advocating angst towards statistical ailments in US today - obese, black, brown crime and diversity. #StopUS 18:36:51 6 018
White people in America have isolated them selves so well, that there is not enough daily interaction with the inferior cultures that have overwhelmed US communities to inspire the degree of animosity that she reign. #StopUS  18:00:32 6 018
Reading 13th Century (g) Mongolian conquests and of the exploits of 'Emperor of the World' Ögedei Khan -- fast forward 800 years and read about popular Mongolian boy bands. Ugh. 13:29:52 6 018
2/2 ...and ew. Consider some one typing in to PornHub the keywords 'out of shape splotchy old guy and misshapen porn star' -- that person you would not want as a friend. 12:35:35 6 018
Measure your self if tonight you decide that you want to listen to a stripper talk about having sex with Donald Trump bcz - there is no politics actually in that - just slobbery. 12:29:35 6 018
Jennifer Lawrence found her perfect role as a soulless expressionless character, a role she perfected from a life of method acting. #RedSparrow 12:23:03 6 018
Between current events, goal destination and a rather annoying set of vehicular circumstances - finding great difficulty resisting the urge to toss every thing aside and find the quickest path regardless of impediments. Just a wee push. 21:11:32 5 018
NEW #TVShow 4X01 Canon: Part III episode now available @ https://www.youtube.com/w... -- if your high contrast screen over-saturates, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 17:29:45 5 018
Free bluegrass festival around the corner?! Well how 'bout that. No but seriously, how 'bout that? That be all right by me. Pick 'em! 15:26:00 5 018
Just opened an account on https://www.pornhub.com/u... after both a banned popular gun vlog left YouTube in protest and join PH and PH has conveyed the notion of supporting a regular platform. 12:52:18 5 018
I have intermingled with both American cultures, Liberal and Conservative minded, in both their extremes, hippie and Neo-Nazi...and they are both 50% wrong. Median is not the solution, bcz one side must be wiped out. 12:30:28 5 018
Often reminded most (most) people are not worth the effort -- then comforted that there are 7.5B people on this planet and I only want 15 to 20 million (0.003%) (1 in 375) as citizens of #Gauhd. Perhaps, still too many. 11:43:26 5 018
It must be a full retard moon out bcz people and my problems are in perigee today. 11:39:21 5 018
Wrapped on the first episode of Series 4. Follow up eps will likely film Tue. #TVShow  22:27:05 4 018
Hoping each person who presses a button to open a door is thusly crushed to death by the very doors they wasted electricity on, in exchange for the preservation of their slab of fat slung arm. 18:31:26 4 018
Las Vegas has a population of 650K with 11% black. That is roughly 70K blacks which is...which is just too many blacks for a desert city. No wonder it is blue, high and welfare dependant. Casinos must be pissed how much they must 'donate' to sustain. 17:01:57 4 018
Journalists who take those Parkland 'victims'-not-victims as sincere guests shd be ridiculed in to unemployment. They are children who have zero experiences other than a culture of internet avatars who speak out with no validation. 14:42:24 4 018
Updated #Miter to prevent loss of miters on update. A new user setting will check if data files exist and permit new users to setup files -- this prevents existing users need to update archive/ files which could accidentally overwrite miters. 14:02:38 4 018
'golden hour' #TVShow 4X01 shooting tomorrow morning. Seemingly simple shoot that involves me not leaving the stunt bloodied and bruised. 13:22:49 4 018
Physicists will attempt to collide 2 "photons" together to see if they create a different state. Sound any thing like another theorem? Where resistance is defined state, giving illusions of particles?! #ResistanceTheory https://tinyurl.com/yaxuc... 13:05:37 4 018
Amusingly it is entirely possible that Trump signing a betrayal-esque Congressional budget is what will have finally turned the census to legitimate warring parties. It was inevitable, US has been too far gone. #StopUS #Mayflower #Project47 12:44:23 4 018
So this cunt, parks, leaves the engine running, steps out to smoke and text. She, would not be permitted in #Gauhd...and globally shd be considered a threat to humanity. 11:47:53 4 018
Unintelligible over reaction to yet another thing gov can not control thx to the internet, we lose another resource. US gov, both sides, has sought to take every element of our lives from novelty, food, safety and pleasure. Burn 'em all. #StopUS 22:19:38 3 018
Chuckles quietly as Nevada drops to a team often found out side a 7-Eleven after school, drinking slurpees and cookie dough. #NCAA 21:13:54 3 018
Rand Paul is live tweeting the 2,000+ page US budget passing thru Congress -- worth the read to see how USians have better value for the dollar at a casino than thru government. #StopUS https://twitter.com/i/mom... 20:17:47 3 018
2/2 The Hualapai Indian Tribe are not even real natives -- they are selling 80$ tickets to a multi-million dollar skywalk that looks at a dirt ditch. It's uncertain if the 'natives' or the consumers are more full of bull shit. #StopUS 19:20:26 3 018
Does it strike no one as odd that for a people conquered, Indians are still permitted to railroad American consumers to the Grand Canyon? "No cameras permitted" so they charge you 30$ for their 'professionals' to take them for you. #StopUS  19:17:32 3 018
Updated #OTC javascript on Github. http://github.com/VijeMil... 21:03:13 2 018
A few million gun owners who treat their hobby as religiously as automobiles, being persecuted by YouTube, might just be enough to initiate a more stable alternative. YouTube needs to unleash even stricter measures, so it can be assured. 20:35:44 2 018
America has become the 'could be' country. Things could be better. He/she could be in trouble. This could be the solution. We could be seeing a new... If perception were success, America could be practical. #StopUS 20:27:33 2 018
It is not how we have failed the elderly now but how we have now long conditioned our culture for it to be inevitable. We took to the belief that existence has a dead line so we must cease activity before we are thru. 14:23:53 2 018
Laura Loomer noted that we were given video surveillance of the Austin bomber in less than 24 hours while we have yet to see any thing of the Las Vegas shooter who stayed for days in a single place, motive remains "unclear". Rightfully tin foil hats. 14:21:43 2 018
What we call a 'weed', Nature sees as a place for some thing to grow. Humans are vain burdens. 13:08:24 2 018
Shd you find the need to exclaim you #DeleteFacebook with a hashtag, then you are effectively missing the point. 13:03:24 2 018
"Scientists successfully reduce hunger by freezing patient's posterior vagal trunk in obesity pilot study." The long running fool proof solution to obesity had been calling people tubs of lard. Now we need complex dangerous medical procedures. 12:39:36 2 018
Found out the Austin bomber was white and Conservative quicker than how he was captured/died. CNN wasted no time reminding you white people do bad stuff too. Sure, next 470 black homicides in Chicago, DC, Balt, STL, etc might be neglected but... 11:49:57 2 018
Today's side project is to migrate #Miter to XML and create an RSS feed. This move will permit the core means of communication between users and devices. 11:07:07 2 018
Always trust resesrchers who are able to look around at cultural conditions, the lack of symmetry, population growth and sense of uselessness, then wonder aimlessly why more children commit suicide. #StopUS 11:05:14 2 018
Drive thru businesses that require the consumption of combustion fuels are prohibited. #Gauhd #Decree #DOS  10:55:15 2 018
You thought I was pissed when I built the Arduino Idle Alarm, here in NV its idling F150 and 350s to text. As well, just watched idle to text to then get just a cup of coffee. Careless humans need to be torn down and built up again. #StopUS 10:50:18 2 018
Brutal personal history update slash revision. At least we (me) may now be absolved. Cleansed in the blood of Christ or at least a discount detergent. 23:41:21 1 018
"Mark, isn't a consumer analysis disclaimer in your TOS?" "That's for us to advertise to your specific wants, not use your data. Geez, pay attention noob." #Facebook #StopUS 20:11:04 1 018
Great, now Austin residents are going to have a harder time getting their cat pillows from Amazon promptly. 19:49:34 1 018
Have been pondering that now that I have this cheap disposable vehicle -- seems only appropriate I needlessly gadget-hack it up for novelty, episodic and https://hackaday.io... vanity sake. 18:46:39 1 018
Have lined up 13 new episodes for the new #TVShow Series 4 -- including 3 projects and 4 wigs. 4X01 is in production now. 18:39:43 1 018
When the application process became electronic and included generic psychological assessment 'tests' gauging your aptitude to lie to a web browser is when we shd have just burned America to the ground. #StopUS 17:28:32 1 018
Here is a tip, Dicks' Last Resort, do NOT post an advert for employment if you hire from with-in only -- I know you are themed to be ass holes but doubling down in real life, that has consequences. 16:55:46 1 018
A pleasant and other synonyms for good-mannered New Year to you who follow a more rationalized measure of time on Earth. #OTC #Gauhd #Project47  13:49:51 1 018
Due to the tightening of pockets until an employment can resolve things - the next few weeks will be preparation for building the projects - followed by a solid week of building nothing but projects. Shd est. 7 projects in a small window of time. 4:02:41 1 018
New #Miter version now includes user/ time zone selection. Update @ http://github.com/VijeMil... 0:28:00 1 018
Testing user/ time_zone feature. #Miter 21:45:15 365 017
Year 1: "Facebook harvest your information for advertisers." Year 7: "Facebook harvests..." Year 14: "Facebook harvests..." The illusion of the Liberal minded is that they make actionable decisions based on events. 19:35:51 365 017
Isolated #FamilyGuy story episodes are consistently astonishingly good. In the vain I had/have wished to make content - inescapably droll. 14:18:38 365 017
5aafa99e78446.jpg 13:41:33 365 017
Japan revealed a lighter, more efficient version of their already efficient and fast bullet train -- mean while in California, 'this station in bumfuck, no where, shd have a 30" television in the corner for 300,000$." 13:38:10 365 017
Jalopnik's David Tracy writes an article about using the wrong nut on a hub repair. Jalopnik's babe writes an article about race models being uncivilized. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Thx David for making Jalopnik a desirable click today. 13:27:50 365 017
High idle bcz of a microcontroller bcz why not make cars more fallible than their predecessors. Unless I am ridiculously wealthy where I can cast a car aside and drive a new one - I would never casually approve of a car with an electronic brain. 13:17:00 365 017
America loses in Vietnam, then proceeds to buy notebook paper from them. There is no integrity in America. #StopUS 13:14:21 365 017
Why, just today, I punched at the air, bcz the air doesn't tell me what to do. I'll breathe what and when I want to breathe. 17:53:31 364 017
Setting aside that Kathy Griffin is known for her scandalous behavior -- who, who, who believes she is either funny or interesting?! The real dangers in a developing society are preventing cultures from persecuting Kathy Griffin fans. 13:59:52 364 017
I used to want to punch Shia LaBeouf in the face -- but progressively it has become Rihanna bcz she is like so totally okay with and such. What is Chris Brown's current worth? #StopUS  13:41:09 364 017
For clarification, the #WhatsInside YouTube a-holes simply take some thing that some one labored away to make for a measly wage and went on to mindlessly destroy it for your entertainment rather than have some one use the product as intended. #StopUS 13:39:38 364 017
Have to start seriously contemplating size issues for #Miter. 100K file is not tragic but it is also inefficient. 500K file...that is tragic. Thinking file size creates new file. Requires numerous adaptive parameters in every code. I hate code! 22:21:46 363 017
Updated #Miter correcting date coding and changing archive/ date placement and footer. More changes in the works. Update to the latest version @ http://github.com/VijeMil... 18:53:38 363 017
Testing a new date array and archive/ footer by first removing dash from the #miter. 18:44:30 363 017
There is a lot of tiny pecker compensation in #Nevada -- every other beer bellied odorous useless sack of shit drives a pristine over-sized truck that you would need a step ladder to access the bed, you know, the primary reason to have a truck. - 18:16:19 363 017
Do you need a cabinet? Between technology and 250 years of American government enacting every policy unimaginable, having a centralized system would be a greater application than too many cooks in the kitchen. #StopUS  - 17:36:12 363 017
2/2 ...and Mongolian BBQ. - 15:09:13 363 017
Henderson has 3 of the 4 demands I require, was ranked top 10 safest 4 years ago, obviously-subsequently has a decreased black and Hispanic population as compared to North Las Vegas (50% less both)...I am in the wrong spot. - 14:28:23 363 017
A country requiring the need for as many law enforcement agencies as the US has - you must wonder if any one obeys the laws that govern a culture more bcz of excessive oppression or bcz it is what is proper. #StopUS  - 14:11:14 363 017
On the Las Vegas 'strip' on a Friday night - a remarkable volume of attractive women - and for every 100 women, only a quarter as much fabric is used. 4:1 ratio of body to clothing. Neurons, how ever, a 1:470 ratio -- they know 'how' to dress. - 13:47:29 363 017
3 fat fathers at a Del Taco for breakfast, discussing how to raise their children and the social structuring of raising children. Now if they had only swallowed such wisdom and shd nots for them selves instead of that 3 layer cheese burrito. #StopUS - 13:26:02 363 017
Amusing to imagine that in the near future as idiot-automated-cars become a norm - that with but one solar flare - thousands will die. On the bright side for the lazy ass holes, you won't be pinned under a steering wheel. - 13:24:07 363 017
WaPo article as such, "this is not true" then details how it was true -- not before a run on sentence elevating the celebration of the opposite. #MSM #StopUS - 12:53:49 363 017
#Miter Update -- automatic resizing between mobile and desktop (beta) -- users and viewers shd hard-refresh or clear your browser cache to make use of the new format. http://github.com/VijeMil... - 19:56:18 362 017
A new series (4) begins production this week -- with several engineering projects in the works for pending episodes. #TVShow #StayTuned - 17:23:49 362 017
6 more claim sexual relationships with Trump - note - 'relationships' not assaults. CNN is unclear of the difference seeing as they believe thoughts are assault. - 11:50:36 362 017
atc_had_1.png New project started slash being prepped on http://hackaday.io/VijeMi... for an upcoming slew of new projects and episodes. #HackaDay - 22:26:18 361 017
There are numerous programs to make seniors stay busy, but rarely useful. You can see how left to their own devices, they become just things. Shd seek to institute more applicable collaboration with 'keeping busy' for more sentient value. #Gauhd - 20:43:32 361 017
Testing line break bug solution. String replacing /r /n shd solve the issue. #Miter - 16:35:58 361 017
Aware of line break bug -- correcting now. #Miter - 16:28:39 361 017
BBCode functions are now adopted in #Miter. Buttons (first version) have been added to the user/ which includes bold and more... Update @ http://github.com/VijeMil... - 15:22:00 361 017
Testing bold italic underline and strike in #Miter  - 14:29:28 361 017
Audi need only to follow other supercar manufacturers and release a new R8 only when it is a significant improvement over the previous model - rather than an annual release. You can not retire the line completely...unless -- R9?! - 14:16:40 361 017
Matt Damon is moving his family to Australia "bcz of Trump" - but do not let that impede his ability to constantly lecture Americans, who can not move so whimsically away to other countries. - 14:08:27 361 017
Adding to being different from Twitter, etc, we [me] are going to add bbcode (bold, italic, strike and underline) to #Miter. Stay tuned! - 13:54:02 361 017
Noticing people in Las Vegas do not wash their hands with any degree of consistency or integrity. - 12:16:08 361 017
It says 'Story by Del Toro' while it shd say 'by Zimm' seeing as this was merely a sexier Creature from the Black Lagoon. Hawkins was the only notable contribution in a rather flat telling of a token remake. #TheShapeofWater  - 12:15:16 361 017
#TheShapeofWater had a gay, token black, handicap, racist white man villain. Since the creature was from South America, he must have filled the Hispanic token too. No wonder Liberal minded Hollywood stroked it. - 12:11:55 361 017
"What? Block traffic so I can wait for this close to the entrance parking spot...at the gym. I must," is what I presume this cock gobbler thought to him self. - 12:09:43 361 017
Lincoln Continental sales are catastrophically low which means either Ford failed to have a black enough rapper to pitch them or they sold as many as they could to the 12% of the population interested. - 21:14:54 360 017
There is far more national pride in Conservative-minded than Liberal-minded -- but what does it say for you that over the last 50 yrs, children have become vocal advocates w/o penalty. You have BOTH abandoned your roles for your own vanity. #StopUS - 15:25:38 360 017
"...preserved underwater forest from 60K+ years ago is concrete evidence of climate change ..." #Sigh. Just bcz you can internet does not mean you shd internet. 'Climate change' argued today is relative to human impact, not 60x-pre-industrial. - 14:40:05 360 017
2/2 Science used to be the venture forward, to seek out and advance - to experiment and fail - then do again until success. Now, much like every aspect of our culture, we remain stagnant by looking inward and backward. #StopUS - 14:07:51 360 017
Science is becoming redundant -- researchers 'claim' this -- days later research claims the opposite. 1 in 4 humans are this - which means most are which means its not an anomaly but manipulation. 7M yrs ago species did this, who cares any more? 1/2 - 14:06:09 360 017
Setting aside his unmerited self righteousness and egregious behavior towards his wives - he was an unproven theoretical physicist who accomplished nothing but misleading research. #StephenHawking - 13:29:49 360 017
Good riddance! #StephenHawking - 13:21:11 360 017
Setting aside the styling having been done to death and running 15 long, #ITonya was well rounded from above to below the line. It made you have an opinion, /that/ makes for good film making. Yet - one of those never to be seen again films. - 13:18:52 360 017
Shout out to ASUS for the flexibility of their Zenfone series UI for their allowance to disable even core ASUS applications. - 0:28:17 360 017
#FabulousMoolah used to pimp women -- only fitting that the WWE then celebrate being ahead of her time, with a trophy from the biggest pimps in the industry. #SDLive - 22:13:50 359 017
Still debating on which project is (first) next for Series 4 -- mean while, there is a fairly good out line for the first 6 /bit/ episodes. #TVShow  - 20:44:37 359 017
Added 'days ago' to #Miter archive. Update @ http://github.com/VijeMil... - 20:22:29 359 017
There is a notable decline in revenue in Las Vegas while asset values increase -- which apparently does not sway owners from lowering their over priced room rates - which used to be the driving element for bringing in consumers. 70$/n is a bad base. - 16:50:41 359 017
We know banks gamble w/ your $ - their and your folly of permitting investing - but when they own stakes in casinos (Deutsche 25% Chase 15%) it is quite literal. Fed protected and imperative fund holders shd NOT own casinos. #Gauhd #Decree #DOT #DOC - 16:45:45 359 017
Rather queer that 'free speech' will once again be an emblem for our culture when striking out to create a new country. How that one was impeded by Liberal-minded is a lesson that required time to witness. Liberals want 'freedom' with out 'freedoms'. - 14:32:10 359 017
As if one were to ever doubt the Jason Bateman principle -- #GameNight was sharply amusing. Rachel MacAdams is as always, yep in all the presumed ways. - 14:29:17 359 017
Removing physical and/or mental abuse in the military is how you remove that pesky deadly force element in people. Then the US military will really win-not-win wars redundantly. #StopUS  - 13:25:09 359 017
Having access to things is not the problem - consuming to excess and the waste it and you produce as consequence is. #Project47  - 12:37:49 359 017
Does any one not cough in Las Vegas? - 12:36:47 359 017
#Miter update version 358017 moves archive/ index to miter/ -- all permalinks in user/ and embed/ reflect change. This affects all pre-existing permalinks. @ http://github.com/VijeMil... - 17:59:31 358 017
Moving miter/archive to miter/ so to isolate the address for users and visitors. #Miter update shortly. - 17:25:48 358 017
See several #VegasStrong stickers littered thru out a neighborhood that has dispensaries and fast food. Those stickers also do not appear to be made of kevlar. - 17:23:02 358 017
"My thoughts are with those who were killed" bcz you lack functioning brain activity as well. - 17:19:31 358 017
Trudging thru a swamp pretty much sums up the pacing of #TheWalkingDead now. - 16:48:03 358 017
(3) primary tasks today include ____ and writing the premiere for #TVShow Series 4 and modelling projects for build at #SynShop (laser, CNC, 3D, etc) - 15:24:02 358 017
#ElonMusk now wishes to aide those less advantaged with a subway-not-subway -- as long as it doesn't interfere with his polluting our atmosphere on his way to littering on Mars. #SpaceX  - 7:07:48 358 017
"Santa Clarita man" Hispanic "accused of rape and assault of 7 women" story by a Hispanic woman in Pasadena. Santa Clarita was once the 4th safest city - back when people never acknowledged Hispanics even lived there. https://tinyurl.com/y7lel... - 4:03:46 358 017
Dur dur [hits chest] I no longer believe the US government but they just 'signed' a law for some thing I believe they care about like I do so, we're cool this time dur dur [hits chest]. #StopUS  - 3:52:09 358 017
NEW #TVShow 3X42 Wrath of Can Series 3 Finale https://www.youtube.com/w... Series 4 is nigh. - 14:39:58 357 017
There is no excuse for why in the middle of desert - homes are still built atop each other - limiting yards/property. The people of America who claim to be of a superior culture - appease who ever corrals them like sheep. #StopUS #Project47 - 14:05:35 357 017
MSNBC this morning had 2 black anchors discuss "Sports in Trump's America". Players knelt during Obama and are paid yet even more now -- surely they would think athletes are better off -- hold your horses, the black folk wish to speak. #StopUS  - 13:44:12 357 017
Donald Trump had (paid) sex before being elected President. Shock! Did you think Melania was going to always want to? Surely there is no double standard by MSM to persecute him whilst giving Slick Willy a platform to preach innocently from. #StopUS - 13:42:22 357 017
Any activist under the age of 21 shd be asked how many years of their life they have own a car, paid for rent, been employed, paid bills, served in a combat role...all the things that every one else they are preaching to, has done. #StopUS - 13:39:08 357 017
2/2 Shd Elon want a more practical solution to freeing up traffic, rather than professing to a redundantly expensively incapable failed solution called a subway, he could make use of SpaceX to launch 3.5B people in to Mars for potential terraforming. - 17:38:06 356 017
Keep lapping it up MSM and zealots, as Elon Musk -y odor shills yet another version of an impractical Boring and Hyperloop - that now caters ironically to the poor. Similar to how Telsa, Compaq and SpaceX changed business models. - 17:28:46 356 017
Just heard a mother say "welcome to the bikini bottoms bike race" -- looked over to see she was reading her toddler a Sponge Bob book. Was that whole show subliminal pornography on a dare?! - 17:20:04 356 017
As soon as the US wins a war to its completion, then you have permission to brag about your new weapon systems. 'Third arm' equipment? Arabs will likely toss those aside after removing them from your missed drop. #StopUS - 14:29:33 356 017
77 billion $ for a bullet train from Palmdale to almost Sacramento shd be evidence enough that nothing CA does is right -- and reason enough to march from other states and torch the capital with every politician inside. #StopUS - 13:52:13 356 017
The LVAC "women join free" advert has a woman running the wrong direction on the track bcz, pft, dumb women can't pay or do any thing right. - 11:28:47 355 017
 #StayTuned  - 20:52:11 354 017
Major update for #Miter (353017) which removes _temp and replaces array code for user/ and embed files. http://github.com/VijeMil... - 21:34:30 353 017
Ideally, Thomas Edison shd be considered one of the greatest hackers of our time. He is credited with invention yet, they were often adaptations of lesser or failed attempts by others. #HackADay - 12:32:37 353 017
Correcting the delete bug with in the archive/ page - fails to remove the _temp (embed) miter. Anticipate an update alert. #Miter  - 12:10:54 353 017
#TheMenWhoBuiltAmerica recognizes Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller for their innovations that they had nothing but $ to do with. Similar to how Musk is revered today, they are not advisers, inventors, engineers -- but you are led to believe else. - 11:37:32 353 017
Added user color (theme) settings in user/settings. Will be modified to adjust for two-tone soon(?). Right now it is just bg. Version 352017 also includes minor aesthetics and some thing, I forgot. http://github.com/VijeMil... - 0:53:55 353 017
Good. I'm glad it was a bust. Their technique needs to be rebuffed again so they can finally cease blind vertical drilling and instead employ steeped transitions or trenching perpendicular to the box drain. Book a mechanical engineer (me). #OakIsland - 21:41:46 352 017
People with no inherent purpose - put in to an open space - act like lost souls in limbo. We shd herd many to the East to be with their kind. - 13:36:32 352 017
Nom nom Del Taco nom nom its been a year plus nom nom ugh that was too much. - 12:52:43 352 017
Thx to confidence and circumstancial luck, my 2nd worst seat potential was averted to a 2nd best seat flight. Emergency rows shd be called economy-luxury-first-out rows. #Spirit - 12:51:57 352 017
The average IQ on this flight would maybe turn the head of a kumquat or spilt cup of tabacco spit. Anticipate seeing 'Greyhound' on the side of the plane. Can only blame NJ populace being permitted to leave their zoo pens. - 5:42:46 352 017
A crowded 6:30 flight on a Tuesday to a weekend driven destination? Seems unlikely. Vije is on board? Over book that flight asap! Tell me again why we protect and preserve people? Peasants were never meant to travel. - 5:19:01 352 017
Remember the Alamo. - 2:39:54 352 017
Adding a user/settings color option to select your own color theme for #Miter. Will be updated with with a couple of other minor updates. #StayTuned - 23:41:13 351 017
Samsung asks you Millennials to 'never compromise' by compromising with this particular model. The most cancerous ideology in modern internet-culture is believing that compromise is immoral -- it is how cultures literally subsist! - 18:40:19 351 017
The only pure - and overdue - winner of an #Oscars was cinematographer Roger Deakins. Assassination of Jesse James, No Country, Jarhead, Fargo, Shawshank, O' Brother, Lebowski -- motion artwork. Congratulations! - 12:12:46 351 017
"Look at me, I'm not watching the #Oscars bcz I hate righteous celebrities. Look at me." Cancerous cultures thrive in America bcz you AND them equally want your vanity's massaged. #StopUS - 22:56:13 350 017
Higgins delivered rather abundant detailed information to Magnum after a very brief conversation on the phone with Robin -- then he dictated a message to Robin in private. Oh you, #MagnumPI #TinFoilHat - 22:29:45 350 017
Apparently #BillyGraham forgot to tear and paste portions of the Bible that spoke against his notion that there is no tolerance for alienating other cultures. - 19:33:08 350 017
To celebrate #BillyGraham is to celebrate what many of us had presumed had become a passe gimmick; evangelism. His particular story was to be swayed by the vanity found by an evangelist before him. His death moves us forward. - 19:05:35 350 017
"I know the facts better than any one." Uh, yeah, we all agree with you on that. #OJSimpson - 18:54:30 350 017
Thomas stiffened up as he putt and walked on as it left -- he took a dive for Phil. #WGCMexico - 18:20:57 350 017
Camera-man nearly steps on the ball while  passing directly in front of the player on a playoff hole ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mexicans. #WGCMexico - 18:16:25 350 017
"Uh huh, yeah, sure, uh huh, thx caddy -- I mean I did just play this hole 4 times in 4 days but sure, offer your advice." #WGCMexico - 18:12:58 350 017
Updated user/ and archive/ -- removed user/archive to set user in archive/ and updated user/settings/ #Miter #350017 http://github.com/VijeMil... - 16:52:16 350 017
The #Oscars is a platform for validating actors and films as good like a kegger is a platform for validating jocks and sluts on how cool they are. - 15:44:25 350 017
Claiming American culture is changing ignores that humans have existed for thousands of years. They often site philosophers while ignoring they speak to the very same failings we are now burdening our selves with. - 15:17:42 350 017
If you voted for Angela Merkel at any time in your life, citizen or other wise, you are disallowed to apply for citizenship in #Gauhd. #Decree #DOR - 15:11:21 350 017
Roger Stone threatening Trump with a 'technicality' shd ignite a violent fued -- to think Clinton, Obama and the DNC are then excused from provable known fraud against the American people. Not questionable, actual shown uncensored evidence. - 15:10:02 350 017
I would sign that one handed LB just to see the first time he is called for holding and every one shrugs. #NFL  - 15:07:58 350 017
No wealth or goods shall leave #Gauhd borders with out similar and non-emotive compensation. #Decree #DOC #DOT - 11:19:51 350 017
Angling today to create a user cookie permitting the combining of user and public archive. Also possibly adding a URL shortener field to user/. #Miter - 11:02:58 350 017
Liberalism is successfully transmitted like a disease by youths inexperienced in human (and all species) history -- and yet, humans were wiser when they knew less. https://www.atlasobscura.... - 1:26:49 350 017
That is a 'martini' for Series 3 and Astoria. #TVShow #Finale - 0:57:19 350 017
Youtube has a filter policy labeled 'sensational and shocking' which pretty much governs any thing ever said, ever. Would YouTube have suspended Newton, Copernicus ...etc - 16:18:14 349 017
Dove Cameron is a knock out and the concussion -- but she seems like 7 yards of dumbass packed in to a dixie cup. - 15:42:08 349 017
NEW #TVShow 3X41 Dateline "Thin Air" (not) featuring the buttery voiced vampire Keith Morrison. https://www.youtube.com/w... -- remember to subscribe for more. - 12:37:23 349 017
#Miter updated to 349017 which removes white space and colons from date permalinks. Update your Miter @ http://github.com/VijeMil... - 21:20:12 348 017
The artificial disingenuous editing of #MasterChefJr surely sways the average emotive consumer - but it has become indigestible to my self. Eh?! Nah, but yeah I changed the channel. - 20:33:45 348 017
Having worked in a restaurant or 2 or 20 -- seeing a 9 year old plate in the manner they were -- bull shit. BTS on #MasterChefJr must be redundantly 'do this' and 'make it look like this'. - 20:13:49 348 017
"and 100K dollars." What does an 8 to 13 y.o. know what that means? "Life long dream to be Master Chef Jr." So, since last year? "Most successful restaurateur." Bet I can find a single restaurant that has served more guests than all of his combined. - 20:07:57 348 017
tvshow_thinair.png Dedicated to Keith Morrison. #Dateline - 19:47:12 348 017
Was called "yuppie scum" today, bcz I asked for a modern basic amenity like heat. NYers are a pestilence who shd ALL rightly be exterminated for the betterment of ALL mankind. #NYC  - 19:45:25 348 017
Based on my experience living in mediocre apartment buildings in Queens and Manhattan, apparently NYers are not smart enough to know or want things that work better (normal) for them. #NYC - 17:49:52 348 017
#NYC is now the marijuana capital of the world - which is an inevitable consequence of being the useless capital of the world. http://www.dailymail.co.u... - 15:40:16 348 017
Easily counted several dozen automobiles in less than 5 blocks w/o head lights on - not during just rain - but during a storm. Not a single NYPD in a population of 9 million, to be seen. #NYC is safer bcz so little safety is enforced. #114Precinct - 15:22:47 348 017
And what of our species having doubled in size in such a brief time? Have we increased the volume at which we move our selves forward -- or rather more easily blurred the burdens to accommodate moderation, so as to not rock the boat. #Project47 - 12:38:53 348 017
The disparity between when the world population was half what it is today -- a mere 50 years ago -- is disregarded when claiming achievements in modern media and sales. Celebrities would be halved if not for our mindless over-populated gluttony. - 12:06:21 348 017
In life you are entitled to nothing -- and even less when you are in defiance of symmetrical norms. Accommodating shd be appreciated -- now exploited by those who are disadvantaged. Norms unnerved is how a group falls. #StopUS  - 1:39:50 348 017
Kelly Clarkson looks like she never stopped inhaling between notes. - 21:43:50 347 017
Pulling an all nighter to push out #TVShow 3X41 so there is more time to film the Series 3 Finale (3X42) this week end. #StayTuned  - 21:15:41 347 017
#Miter version update 348017 now includes version update notification. http://github.com/VijeMil... - 20:13:31 347 017
After finding third party issues with our #TVShow 3X40 upload -- reuploaded to https://www.youtube.com/w... - 18:18:47 347 017
Twitter's CEO Jack making note of their being good and bad dialog - then only advocating for the 'good' on a platform that supposes dialog between the two - is how Twitter dulls to a silence. #Miter is your dialog and your moderation, not Jack's. - 16:58:41 347 017
Guns have been readily available to all for centuries -- only recently when cultural symmetry is attacked and broken (diversity) are weapons turned more aggressively on our selves. #StopUS - 14:50:24 347 017
16 to drive a 2T vehicle towards others. 18 to elect leaders. 21 to drink and purchase firearms to make up for your mistakes being too young to drive and vote. #StopUS - 14:47:23 347 017
2/2 I do not even care about the treasure or wealth or fame attainable from it's discovery -- the #OakIsland dig having been squashed by so many failures is challenge enough. I want on that island -- and on the opposite side of the narrator. - 1:43:01 347 017
Ugh! It was 50 years ago when Rick discovered a passion for #OakIsland after reading the article in Reader's Digest -- I am reaching the state of craving not as a fan but as an engineer. Do not be surprised to find my way there. - 1:15:26 347 017
NEW #TVShow 3X40 Ebert https://www.youtube.com/w... ...tho, working video? Hard to say [wink] YouTube. - 23:40:15 346 017
"What do you want to watch?" he asks. "Drama," she says to the remote control. "Oh okay, let me then show you 47,000 options you incoherent retard," says the remote. - 19:47:09 346 017
The longest #TVShow episode (3X40) in some time (2m45s) is enduring a 2h45m rendering time -- all for an inside joke bit. Angling to film another episode tonight but motivation is waning. - 19:38:38 346 017
A pleasant Wallace Carothers day to you, Wallace -- you gloomy psychotic genius. #DuPont - 14:58:32 346 017
Dick's Sporting Goods is pulling "assault" rifles not bcz of a moral high ground but bcz they are often over priced on literally every thing and their sales are predictably low -- a trade off for believing 'athletic' Liberal-minded will shop there. - 9:40:45 346 017
The label shd more often read "Singer, Songwriter and Piece of Ass" - 0:46:25 346 017
NEW #TVShow 3X39 Automation https://www.youtube.com/w... - 18:21:24 345 017
Watched several hundred dollars leave the US from just two customers in front of me (Western Union). Immigrants treat America as an ATM and Americans reap nothing but the third world characteristics brought when these hobos opened an account. #StopUS - 14:33:48 345 017
Dragging ass with only 5 days left -- recording audio on 3X40 -- shooting the final scene for 3X39 -- full production on 3X41 -- all tomorrow if the sugar levels are just right and NY inspired malaise is pinned. #TVShow - 1:47:56 345 017
No cementaries are permitted. Corpses are recommended to be cremated in a funeral pyre. Burial on private land is permitted barring pollution of resources. #Gauhd #Decree #DOH #DOS #DOR - 22:05:52 344 017
Men used to buried in their uniforms, war attire and clothes they lived and died by -- today Americans and Europeans are buried in sports jerseys. #StopUS #StopUK - 22:02:12 344 017
What of our species when you quit an employer and are asked to complete a form noting that you are resigning voluntarily. When quitting and moving on became a legal procedure, we became a tiresome novelty. #StopUS - 20:01:20 344 017
You only turn if you die -- except for the 6 other times when it suits the narrative for excusing bad writing. #TheWalkingDead - 12:18:14 344 017
The 'shooting survivor' term is being used a bit too liberally when it comes to students of Stoneman Douglas school. Apparently you are able to label your self as such even if you were stuck on the toilet on the other side of the campus. - 11:58:37 344 017
Countless times I have now witnessed NYers and their immigrant proxies, park illegally by the very curb I painted red months ago, based on #NYC legal parameters. This often gives validation to the lack of integrity NYers condition. - 11:54:46 344 017
A suspect that enables an impediment to the public thru public use access or taxed funds (law enforcement) will be given no more than 15 minutes to surrender or face a tactical combat response. #Gauhd #Decree #DOD #DOJ - 11:45:04 344 017
2/2 Doubling down on how ridiculous it is for law enforcement to fear criminals - is the cost to the tax payer for such protection of a known burden's 'rights'. http://vijemiller.com/mit...#11:13:44 344 017 - 11:28:24 344 017
We live in a 'modern' society where law enforcement is 'afraid' to force a suspect to take a shit. We are not a success of cultural evolution. #StopUK http://metro.co.uk/2018/0... - 11:13:44 344 017
Citizens shd not be burdened any further by those who commit crimes by having to serve on a jury. Judges shall be the sole arbiter. #Gauhd #Decree #DOJ - 0:41:01 344 017
P_20180225_200302_1_1.jpg Wrapping production on the next to next to last episode of #TVShow from the most annoying year long set location yet. - 20:16:38 343 017
Repaired #Miter quotation marks delete bug. Update your #Miter @  http://github.com/VijeMil... - 17:09:28 343 017
"We both served in the Navy." Aw, that's adorable. I too have a friend that works on a cruise ship. #QuikTrip500 - 15:55:25 343 017
You have to appreciate that #NASCAR announcers understand how to restrain speaking when the race starts bcz we want to hear it not them. #QuikTrip500 - 15:34:34 343 017
Chevy and the California government shd have been marched on, burned down and penalized for detouring traffic for a commercial. #Project47 - 14:20:51 343 017
Italians and those with Italian lineage of with in 100 years of date of reference or less, shall not be permitted citizenship in #Gauhd. #Decree - 13:16:29 343 017
No private display aimed at motorists that is not operational instructive to the driver shall occupy a space with in 100 meters of an express road way. #Gauhd #Decree  - 1:05:35 343 017
NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said there is no reason for not having universal background checks for purchasing firearms. She does NOT support this identical ideology for immigration. #Huhberalism #NYC - 19:12:26 342 017
"measles out break" "workers rally at court over union funding" "EMT sexually assault victims" but no...ABC7NY head lines NY 'news' with "Why 'Black Panther' is so much more than box office hit" #NYC  - 16:35:19 342 017
Facebook, Twitter and Google shd not be making effort to remove any conspiracy theory unless they seek to lend credence to it. They shd not have any position et all on the content disseminated unless they aim to be 'news' or politicians. - 16:30:47 342 017
#Miter user name is now live. Update your #Miter to version 342.017 @ http://github.com/VijeMil... - 14:18:33 342 017
Adding more features to #Miter Archive including # of miters and archive file size in bytes. Analyzing how to create user names. Maybe make use of a single file name. - 22:27:33 341 017
Youtube and Google are as polluted as Twitter when it comes to controlling the narrative -- finding it difficult to replace YouTube :/ - 14:33:05 341 017
If you are unable to differentiate between a paid membership organization that promotes positive gun care, safety and culture -- and those who are unstable and shd not own weapons -- then you are destabilizing the problem further. #NRA  - 13:53:01 341 017
Miters now have permalinks! Update your #Miter code(s) @ http://github.com/VijeMil... - 23:17:25 340 017
The lesson that shd be learned of Sophie Scholl is that might is always right in Nature -- as evidenced by her being dead long before Adolf. - 22:45:00 340 017
Axed one of the new #TVShow episodes -- was garbage on this side of garbage, not the other side of garbage. Lack of sun light is holding back 3X39 while either tonight or tomorrow 3X40 goes in to production. - 19:31:54 340 017
An indicator of how far gone reason has decayed in America - in most states - after you private party (citizen to citizen) purchase a vehicle - you are recommended by the DMV to take alternative transportation to the DMV. #TooFarGone #StopAmerica  - 17:16:35 340 017
'may' -- as in 'may be' 'may have' -- is the most polluting word in modern America. #StopAmerica - 17:11:57 340 017
1 of 2 possible methods of escaping NYC is now official -- the alternative is more dastardly but has several rewards -- is approached later. Either way - NYC is ending! - 15:51:51 340 017
NEW #TVShow 3X38 Fatel -- https://www.youtube.com/w... - 1:47:37 340 017
P_20180222_003639.jpg 3X38 in the can -- publishing asap. May cause useless triggering for a parody of reality slash stereotype. #TVShow - 0:39:46 340 017
Footage from worn torn Syria has more people with shirts on than any event that occurs in Mexico. Mexicans are a shade of slob. - 21:53:08 339 017
Shd you be required to guard things in your own community -- then your community does not exist. - 21:09:36 339 017
Couple ordered 2 scotches, neat, on this 1973(g) episode of Hawaii 5-O. Cost? 1.30$ -- what?! Furthering the argument that America ceased existing 40+ years ago when every thing from population to inflation rapidly exceeded tolerances. #StopAmerica - 18:53:03 339 017
The term 'investor' shd scare any and all Americans -- and yet citizens continue to gamble bcz there is a systemic conditioning of never having enough or managing such -- which urges costs higher. #StopAmerica - 14:55:32 339 017
Recording audio for #TVShow 3X38 and shd likely publish by end of day -- 3X39 by end of day tomorrow -- 3X40 the following day. #StayTuned - 13:56:42 339 017
Guarantee that SpaceX and Elon Musk are the catalyst for a terrific (horrific) destruction of satellites and ISS currently orbiting Earth in a very delicate crowded ballet. Musk is a villain, not a hero. - 12:19:07 339 017
Calling an animal 'ugly' is the arrogance of humans to apply their tastes as if foreign deities who gauge all species. Humans are all ugly to lions, guppies, vultures... - 12:03:16 339 017
"I'm glad it has a camera so I can see when I am backing up," as say opposed to us weirdos that never looked where we were driving back in the day. Don't strain your self while sitting comfortably, modern driver. - 0:30:48 339 017
Clearly next week will not seek to entertain us regarding the latest dig -- and as we near what ever numeric of episodes this season -- screw you, #OakIsland team! He says, believing he [me] could-shd have done better. - 23:52:56 338 017
"It's disappointing..." THEN STOP USING THIS METHOD OF DIGGING!!! He says as an engineer who has sketched numerous alternative methods that are not aggressively invasive and tolerate flooding. #OakIsland - 23:43:07 338 017
#OakIsland is clearly not with in OSHA's scope range bcz Rick and Alex are w/o hard hats while on the rig -- a general common sense no-no. Giving further validation of what imbeciles they have been up till now. - 23:34:24 338 017
Arrgghhh -- the optimistic naive chatter in the 'War Room' is every thing #OakIsland shd not be. The hook is the hunt, not the locker room pep talk. - 23:26:14 338 017
Gary Drayton now in every scene is proper -- seeing as his contributions have out weighed these idiot brothers who dig like gold is a fluid. #OakIsland  - 23:14:36 338 017
Iran and Saudi Arabia shd be allowed to dictate the direction of the Middle East by way of permission for increased hostility in proxy wars. EUR, RUS and US only burden its evolution by believing human rights or greed matters. - 22:56:31 338 017
Who is this Frontline he-cunt who requires being edited in to every interview so as to display that it is validation that he is there to listen other wise we must believe it a fabrication. - 22:52:14 338 017
"...a lot of lives were lost..." is when you know the reporter is ill equipped to remain unbiased or reasonable about history or Nature. #Frontline - 22:19:40 338 017
Note that most news aggregators like Google Yahoo CNN FOX ABC etc... -- all display the entertainment category well before and more prominently than science, technology, health... #StopAmerica  - 22:17:58 338 017
Look around you and judge, bcz with out the ability to distinguish what is different from you, then you are a part of nothing. - 22:03:12 338 017
The modern scuttlebutt is placing celebrities in roles of leadership -- not those who actually held legitimate roles of leadership. America can not even effort to be taken seriously whilst appearing like a reality show. #StopAmerica - 21:53:49 338 017
Cornette presenting exactly my angst -- modern gimmicking believes it is more about spot monkeying than being an entertainer. Lottery numbers are less random than WWE booking. https://www.youtube.com/w... - 21:49:30 338 017
Creating a linking and identifying system void of a database -- to hyperlink miters. #Miter - 16:49:10 338 017
"diverse" seems only to mean not-white -- as demonstrated by how white neighborhoods in predominately brown/black countries are not seen as diversity but invasive or gentrifying. #StopAmerica  - 16:21:29 338 017
America exists solely on the promise of others. Income is spent beyond means - health is 'assured' - dwellings are estimated and shift while you are with in them. There is nothing of stability about being American. #StopAmerica - 16:15:34 338 017
Two students who were killed in FL are to receive ROTC medals -- for dying. American military culture today has no interest in celebrating victory - only memorializing losses they have become so adept at. #StopAmerica  - 14:39:19 338 017
Jennifer Lawrence is taking a hiatus from acting to be an activist -- so brave. Going from pretending to be some thing she isn't to pretending to know some thing she doesn't. - 14:36:49 338 017
Oh jeez, hide the bull horn, here comes the shaved head girl who does NOT have cancer but we...we all wish did. - 14:33:48 338 017
Worst thing about teppanyaki in NY are the NYers who can not shut the hell up and eat. NODA in White Plains earns a 4 of 5 -- every thing was well done -- my only fickle scorn is not halving the shrimp and a soggy salad lettuce. #Assessment  - 21:16:41 337 017
Apparently #BlackPanther, the comic book movie about a fictional people engulfed in CGI doubling down on the pretending -- is flawless -- step aside English Patient, Braveheart, Citizen Kane, Godfather... - 17:14:34 337 017
People clung to either version of an America are the real cancer on society. History is littered with demonstrations of abandoning a broken system and building anew elsewhere. #Gauhd #Project47 - 1:05:25 337 017
Quick, listen to the children recently 'traumatized' by a shooting by either having not died or lived or fought or preserved or trained or responded -- bcz children are far more wise than adults decades older. The adults who parade children are scum. - 1:02:52 337 017
Much sympathy for color correction editors for having to balance how annoyingly red the natural human complexion is -- and is amplified by HD. #TVShow - 0:38:49 337 017
Rather idiotic that I had not upgraded the RAM or SSD on this laptop in the 2 years having owned it -- further so that I just order 4GB more and aim to rid this computer by year's end. At least it arrives tomorrow prior to video editing. - 22:57:15 336 017
Apparently the Acer E15 model just after the one I purchased 2 years ago is SIGNIFICANTLY superior to this heaping pile of shit I presently wish to scrap. Thx, Acer. - 22:34:31 336 017
'Showtime at the Apollo' returns and in prime-time... #StopAmerica  - 21:22:15 336 017
"...fight broke out..." the race is all but certain -- and obviously omitted in modern MSM for cowardice reasons. #StopAmerica - 21:09:06 336 017
The presumption NASCAR fans would alienate Bubba Wallace is evidence of how Liberal-minded are the problem -- not those they scorn. Whites appreciate contribution of any person -- not whining. - 21:00:48 336 017
The going method for those who support cultural diversity is to talk about how vibrant people are -- never touching on the negatives -- which is disingenuous for any business model. - 20:50:08 336 017
The only actual daring 'first' at #Daytona500 would be if they let a little old Chinese lady drive. - 12:31:43 336 017
Don't do it, Vije. Don't buy a new laptop. "But this resolution is ridiculously inferior and the size is 2 inches too big (that's what...)" I know, but g d m f...ugh, just a peak on Amazon. - 12:29:37 336 017
Wrapped on the third new episode. Need footage for the first new episode -- then audio and post for all three -- and publish all this week. #TVShow - 20:22:42 335 017
Adele is a female Jerry Lewis. - 16:32:43 335 017
For the stages of America; when does the in-fighting become the out-fighting? Looting will likely be the first book mark for the transition. Per history then an army is raised and marched on rebelling cities -- leaving one side quashed. - 15:42:08 335 017
Inhale the pretentiousness of America as they feign being assaulted by another country the while certainly not them selves guilty of interfering every where else in the world. - 13:33:30 335 017
Humans are one of the most adaptive species on Earth -- that does not mean it serves Earth well to have such a resilient pandemic. - 12:03:25 335 017
Well put observation read this morning, "If the belief is that a mere 13 Russians can influence a US election, where is the skepticism about what millions of illegal aliens can do?" #StopAmerica - 11:58:26 335 017
Starting Monday (337) -- the next (6) #TVShow episodes go in to production. Ideally they will be published in (2) day successions until the Series 3 finale. #StayTuned  - 14:38:57 334 017
Angst of racism and bigotry is effectively against Nature's long lineage of methodologies to alienate members of a species that do not contribute equally. Diversity it self required 'hate' to even be conceived. - 14:01:06 334 017
Obviously you simply did not see the Russians who were organizing people to the Trump rallies in significant notable numbers. Pesky Ruskies manipulating those poor feeble minded Americans or so is implied. - 13:53:19 334 017
Numerous US military are as well quite frankly ill equipped to carry or own fire arms in civilian life - so there is no metric other than extreme profiled scrutiny -- that which is now scorned by those most triggered (pun). - 1:54:53 334 017
Not often one for entertaining 'holocaust deniers' bcz it is past-tense and boring BUT he brought my attention to population figures that don't mesh. 1900 (3.5M) majority is RUS to suddenly 1942 (9.5M?!) now majority in EUR then claim 6M dead WWII?! - 15:16:33 333 017
Pollution is the most tangible negative contribution by humans and the only immediate solution is to eradicate in great numbers those who stagnate, burdening the ability to evolve technology. #Gauhd #Project47 - 13:49:43 333 017
After the first 10 minutes, it is no longer the parents to blame but the passengers too cowardice to respond who deserve to suffer. Had I been there [duct tape]. https://www.thesun.co.uk/... - 13:41:09 333 017
Between the culture of Americans to not alienate and eliminate those who are a danger -- and the victims who are more inclined to reach for their apps than cover -- make it nearly impossible to offer sympathy. #StopAmerica - 12:10:56 333 017
Russia is launching supplies to the ISS while US is launching top-down convertibles no one can afford. #StopAmerica - 11:40:00 333 017
Have jotted down a note stating that in the future, we [me] shall strike down Musk's Tesla he littered in Earth's orbit. http://www.bbc.com/news/s... #Gauhd #Project47 - 1:44:08 333 017
If you quantified the obligatory sex tonight by the average amount of force (thrusting) - presuming an majority direction - could we infer that this 'holiday' shifts the Earth's axis or continental shift? #ValentinesDay - 1:03:01 333 017
Surpassing 10,000 followers on https://hackaday.io/VijeM... -- I will now raise an Indian army and do battle against those heathen Persians. #HackADay - 13:10:22 332 017
Removed 'Literature' from the menu bcz the majority of it was occupied by decaying editorials that demand refinement a decade later. Comics and the like are now under Miscellaneous.  - 12:51:46 332 017
Shd it be the treasures of the Knights Templar, perhaps the 'Arc of the Covenant', I can not imagine a better method of precious treasure hunting than aggressive teethed metal tubes being forced downward. #OakIsland #Idiots - 23:25:10 331 017
Several hundred postings from http://vijemiller.com... (formerly http://tvmiller.com... and vtyhw.com) have been removed. [Read More] http://vijemiller.com/ind... - 19:54:11 331 017
Updated #Miter User-Archive and added CSS style files. Next up is reading third party images and XML (finally). http://github.com/VijeMil... - 17:00:33 331 017
Crap - tonight's #OakIsland is a fluffer. Would rather watch a 45 minute static shot of digging than listen to the narrator over hype a pebble shaped like the nipple of Mary Magdalene.  - 16:17:38 331 017
Intend to begin writing #Miter to CSS includes. Balking at XML write due to lack of immediate concern - but pending. Updating User-Archive and Archive aesthetics. - 1:23:59 331 017
1984 edited for time - aka bewbless - irony of the film's very message. - 0:49:38 331 017
The term 'triumph' shd not be synonymous with leaping and spinning whilst skating. The Olympics has become a staged theater for 'remarkable achievements' - while real men and women do, things. - 0:29:34 331 017
The US population is irreversibly divided down the middle - two cultures - alienated by one another. There is now but only a naivety to believe America could exist for either. A new country must rise as it has again and again. #Gauhd #Project47  - 22:46:37 330 017
atom-photo.jpg This image won for best science photography as it represents what is claimed as a single suspended atom. Note then the model implies literally nothing is intermittent despite the density of the haloed 'atom'. #BS #ResistanceTheory  - 16:29:32 330 017
Italians are so obnoxious in their private family lives that it spills over in to their public lives. WE CAN ALL HEAR YOU, bring the volume down - or rather - stop being Italian, you're a ridiculous people. - 16:17:56 330 017
The Obama portraits break the third wall of the illusion of either of them as 'leaders' and American politicians as 'real' people. - 14:27:07 330 017
Being that the majority of research performed on the ISS is dismissed by the public, drawing interest by promotional means would drastically enthuse the sciences. NASA's disobedience has been a burden to space exploration. - 0:49:15 330 017
*crosses fingers* C'mon Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster holding an irregular course and destroying several satellites which leads to the destruction of the ISS. Chuckling immense-ning. - 0:47:42 330 017
A third party's dullard nature has led to a manipulation of our [my] time line. Means has become more certain - just for added villainy effect. - 0:41:50 330 017
Young adults, I would not recommend them. #NYC - 12:43:36 329 017
Terminated all Twitter account(s) and access. The trending news feature was the sole application - now replaced with suitable alternatives as we venture towards #Project47 - 1:53:32 329 017
It is counter-logic to permit people who have no experience interacting with government independently, to vote at the benefit of others. You shd be removed from parents and employed for at least 2 years prior to authority. #Gauhd - 23:28:33 327 017
Routine is gradual suicide. - 15:41:22 327 017
Elation as President Trump's approval rating is approaching 50% -- bcz nothing speaks to success like nearly half. - 15:27:04 327 017
NYPD 114th is touting a 'decline' in crime whilst having no evidence of an increase in enforcement to 'prevent' crime - subsequently crime has either moved or more undocumented report less crime. Mean while, increasing near misses go unaccounted. - 14:08:56 327 017
Production on (2+1) #TVShow episodes today. (1) is dependent on the weather for the 10th consecutive day. - 13:03:50 327 017
Discovering this 2 generation old ASUS phone using Android 5 as vastly superior to the POS with 7 I had just recently acquired. Intended to make it solely for video, now finding a switch inevitable. Suck it, Kata. - 11:19:58 327 017
"#BlackPanther is the best film of 2018 and here is why -- [insert nothing having to do with film making]." - 15:05:38 326 017
W. Bush, read the room. Your already bleak historical reference just alienated your only advocates. #DACA - 12:06:21 326 017
Take notice how race, gender, etc "inclusion" article head lines are never matter of fact but lead with question, "Why is..." "Why are..." bcz they are always of opinion masked as news. - 9:50:30 326 017
One measly hour of sun light -- all that is needed to complete a scene -- advertised by weather reports daily -- lies. I hate, #NYC. - 0:44:35 326 017
Trump and Wynn are learning that there is logical restraint not being so arrogant as to name every thing after them selves. - 14:05:47 325 017
MSM: "What would you send in to space?" Vije: "Elon Musk." #FalconHeavy - 12:24:47 325 017
NOVA episode on 'around the world' flight of a solar plane - that explores how it is utterly impossible with out editing and flexibility of proof. Disgraceful deceptive selling of engineering. - 1:25:42 325 017
The true curse of #OakIsland is having these buffoon's tactical wherewithal controlling the methodology. They shd have consulted with geological and mechanical engineers not pipe and well drillers. - 1:14:04 325 017
Precious treasures below - obstruction? Break it up with a several ton chisel. Sigh, #OakIsland. - 1:08:59 325 017
"A broken o-ring? Has the Goddess Tanita, known for her hatred of gaskets, cursed the dirt surrounding the money pitt?" #OakIsland - 1:01:40 325 017
Have officially checked out on most new Natural history discoveries bcz recorded history is far more fascinating to analyze and reference going forward. Zero interest in who first populated lands eventually conquered by their superiors. - 0:02:25 325 017
'holo' is Latin for whole - 'caust' for fire and/or destruction. The Jewish culture remains and thrives; evidence that there was no holocaust but merely an attempted genocide. I deny the "holocaust" by linguistic and scientific merits. - 23:21:42 324 017
Added the 'User Archive' to http://github.com/VijeMil... to enable deletion of older miters. #Miter - 22:00:42 324 017
Lost several miters in the process of updating the delete function in the user archive. Updates pending. #Miter - 21:52:31 324 017
Latest version of #Miter 342.017 is now available on http://github.com/VijeMil... tho fair warning that we [me] will be releasing a more expansive delete archive function shortly. - 17:24:15 324 017
Testing truncating urls with-in preg_replace - as alternative to wasting characters on hyphenated urls. #Miter https://stackoverflow.com... - 17:09:32 324 017
Now we have 'researchers' claiming new states of matter between the transitioning states tho they are merely a corroboration of the both - bcz $ funded science needs theories to 'validate' spending. #StopAmerica - 16:15:53 324 017
Here is what was accomplished today - humans polluted and littered to test a theory already in practice for numerous decades. Humans march onward...over them selves. #FalconHeavy - 16:05:32 324 017
Need yet another clue as to the fraud that is the hype surrounding Elon Musk? "3:45" - that is early! Oh, as opposed to what a scientist or engineer might identify as 15:45.  - 15:37:00 324 017
Need yet another clue as to the fraud that is the hype surrounding Elon Musk? "3:45" - that is early! Oh, as opposed to what a scientist or engineer might identify as 15:45. https://twitter.com/elonm... - 14:55:22 324 017
Liberal-minded remain certain of RUS collusion - fast forward 400 days - neither you or I have seen any evidence to corroborate that notion that would subsequently accomplish what they rile over. Both parties are imbeciles but Democrats, are ill. - 12:25:17 324 017
Creating a user only #Miter archive delete event for each individual miter. Soon you may completely 'erase' your foibles. - 1:16:51 324 017
Currently converting the #Miter Archive in to an array so that each miter can be addressed individually. - 23:39:18 323 017
"credit card companies are deceptive and evil" bcz you used them for their generosity of giving you some thing you did not have to obtain some thing you could not have. #StopAmerica - 22:46:18 323 017
If the logic applied is that the people suffering need help but the solution is not to conquer and convert the people, then it is a failed concept before even begun. #Project47  - 20:14:00 323 017
Preference to see US interests and Elon Musk removed from space influences - therefore will applaud a #FalconHeavy failure. - 19:02:12 323 017
Ideally - filming a final scene of a new #TVShow episode tomorrow afternoon with publishing that night. Friday we [me] will film (2) episodes in full and release thru the week end. Following Monday (2) more episodes in production. - 17:07:22 323 017
Neighbor in #NYC just procreated - ensuring Shriner's blanket sales well in to the next decade. - 17:00:47 323 017
Just added a delete last miter function to the user interface. Upgrade your version of #Miter @ http://github.com/VijeMil... - 16:46:55 323 017
Uh huh - forgot textbox validation to prevent blank miters. #Miter - 14:24:36 323 017
 - 14:24:00 323 017
Japanese scientists have discovered a chemical in McDonald's french fries that may aide in curing balding. Rest assure, this is simply untrue. Neither do Del Taco or Jimmy Dean fries. https://goo.gl/xruQNX... - 14:12:00 323 017
Having followed Marcus Allen to the Chiefs when Raiders left LA - I now will follow Alex Smith from the dumpster fire KC to Washington. Not a huge transition seeing as both teams have Indian logos and suck. - 13:27:22 323 017
53$ 1080p video camera from China could go either way. Low light already proving useless - will test Monday under scenic lighting. #TVShow - 1:39:23 322 017
Countless documentaries scorning the actions of the Germans prior and during WWII the while unaware of the advances the film makers them selves use in their every day lives as consequence of the very same 'atrocities'. - 10:52:06 321 017
Syrian rebels entrenched in the middle of a desert battle field for 10+ years have better phones than I do - but you know they remain uncivilized by having shot vertical. #SU45 - 10:49:00 321 017
Liberal-minded are upset that engineers design impediments for sleeping vagrants - the while unwilling to seek forced menial labor alternatives to reduce static homelessness. Appeasing the ailment does not breed a solution. - 13:59:24 320 017
Once again the US federal government is proven to be a disorganized subversive self interest congregation - and there is no one else to blame than those who permitted such redundant behavior - citizens. #FISAMemo #StopAmerica - 13:11:11 320 017
Adding #OTC js php and whole page extension scripts to http://github.com/VijeMil... - 12:20:48 320 017
The #TVShow Series 3 Finale is scheduled for 338-017 (20-Feb(g) with 5 new episodes until then. Series 4 begins in the new #OTC year. - 12:11:14 320 017
If you are unable to see the filth on either side of the fence, then you are standing in one of them. #StopAmerica - 8:14:36 320 017
YouTube seeks to enforce even stricter guidelines the while more than likely disregarding the coarse violent behavior of the culture of music that drives a large audience. If rap is not blocked then neither shd be supremacist dialog. - 0:58:27 320 017
Just ordered a cheap dedicated video camera from Amazon (you're welcome Bezos) to test alternatives. This would be used for #TVShow staging - not random event imagery - so it shd likely serve better. #StayTuned - 14:31:32 319 017
All (3) scenes shot on Tuesday have to be scrapped - all out of focus. Angling to start Series 4 with better equipment. #TVShow - 14:09:36 319 017
Anticipating a change of scenery in the immediate future - a step closer to pulling the trigger on #Project47 [the me-only version] - 1:55:16 319 017
2/2 'member Grbac? #AlexSmith - 14:31:09 318 017
The day before today was the last full day after 24 years of being a Kansas City Chiefs fan. It was an awful run and wish them the worst, only as fairly as they had done to us. - 14:17:38 318 017
F1 will cease using 'grid girls' so that these women - with no other talents than looking pretty - will go on to a well deserved life of poverty, unimportance and death by infected needle. Feminism alienates women who choose to be feminine. - 13:57:26 318 017
Q3cNbLL.gif Testing gif and resize #Miter capabilities - seeking errors. - 2:06:35 318 017
Missed opportunity to have each shaft sponsored by Budweiser or Doritos. #OakIsland  - 1:03:48 318 017
Gary Drayton is the Iron Man of #OakIsland. - 0:59:59 318 017
#OakIsland instead with men in suits and pipes would reduce my eye roll by 470% - 0:54:52 318 017
#OakIsland has shown us that humans have been littering since antiquity. - 0:32:05 318 017
Contemplating methods to removing miters from the Archive. Uncertain if able to not require a database in order to serve a delete simply. #Miter  - 0:09:46 318 017
The Kennedy family has a long standing stain in every political office in American history - and yet the Liberal-minded seek this family as a resource. It argues for how unwilling to learn is a segment of our Nature. - 23:58:59 317 017
The Kennedy family has a long standing stain in every political office in American thru out history - and yet the Liberal-minded seek this family as a resource. It argues for how unwilling to learn is a segment of our Nature. - 23:58:36 317 017
Disregarded in every 'first black' some thing or other - is the story of the countless whites who permitted and supported the event to occur. Every 'first black' thru American history required a white. gizmo.do/GXvUJNT  - 23:52:43 317 017
#NYC runs a promotion where black young adults suggest NYPD need to introduce them selves in their neighbor in order to comfort them to believe they won't be shot. You shdn't need to know police to persuade them from believing you are dangerous. - 23:45:50 317 017
IMG_20180130_134347_004.jpg Testing a correction to the #Miter image feature - reducing the need for an excess folder identification to ascertain file. Proportional resizing is under development. - 20:58:14 317 017
US is often whining when challenged over lands they have no right to. #StopAmerica https://twitter.com/RT_co... - 20:30:46 317 017
Seeking to write up an initial post for the #Miter micro-blog project in the next few days - with minor details of operation and coding function - then linking to http://github.com/VijeMil... for updates. - 17:23:31 317 017
We [me] will discontinue use of http://hackaday.io... [again] [for good] in the next few weeks. Be sure to bookmark http://VijeMiller.com... and subscribe to https://youtube.com/c/Vij... - 14:06:48 317 017
Non-Americans make common note of the correlation between unhealthy fat Americans expressing their opinions about how to culturally live well. #StopAmerica - 14:05:02 317 017
images/IMG_20180130_134347_004.jpg God, damn. #TVShow - 13:44:45 317 017
images/IMG_20180130_114218_628.jpg Intermittent between filming #TVShow scenes today - we [me] will be improving the aesthetics of the #Miter Archive. You can follow the coding on http://github.com/VijeMil... - 11:42:46 317 017
An estimated 20 to 30 days remaining in this shit hole of a city. NYC is the CBS of quality - where you constantly question why and roll your eyes to the premise.  - 2:16:52 317 017
McCabe 'stepped down from his post today' while 'staying on until March' to receive retirement benefits. Forget the FISA memo - this American behavior is the real shadow culprit of deception. #StopAmerica - 23:55:33 316 017
In the next 24 hours I will operate a car blind folded and pretend to be an over-wrought Southern black woman, a confused fast food customer and Lester Holt. #TVShow - 22:24:46 316 017
images/80084319.jpg Discovering embedding placement of floating the image issues. Accepting the variable in the beginning may be the current solution. #Miter  - 20:32:20 316 017
Further testing with alternative image formats. Will attempt to implement adaptive sizing on the display coding. #Miter images/IMG_20161014_204020.jpg - 20:28:43 316 017
Testing images on #Miter. images/1622201.jpg - 20:15:57 316 017
As you listen to Woz rant on Musk - do recall I was skeptical of Elon Musk well before it was cool. Woz knows a Jobs when he smells one. - 19:24:36 316 017
Tomorrow we [me] are pushing thru filming 4 scenes from 4 different upcoming #TVShow episodes. Aiming to upload 3 new episodes by end of next week then 2 more before the Series 3 finale. - 18:26:45 316 017
Adding image uploading and then embedding in the  #Miter display (not Archive) now. Keeping it simple, stupid. - 17:26:17 316 017
A public afraid of stereotypes are unwilling to look in the mirror and see their own short comings. This leads to decay of character and culture - when nothing is scorned to improve upon. #ChiefWahoo - 15:00:56 316 017
The manipulative and disingenuous practices permitted by franchise businesses is reason enough to halt America's culture of capitalism. #StopAmerica  - 13:15:04 316 017
http://tvmiller.com... is now http://vijemiller.com... - adjust your self accordingly. That is all. - 1:41:47 316 017
Finally purchased http://vijemiller.com... - will begin transitioning to the new address while retaining http://tvmiller.com... links bcz, internet. - 22:43:50 314 017
Adding an image function to #Miter by next week. Shd display the image thumbnail with link for full size once discovered in in the text. For the user there will be attempt to embed a file drop that APIs to a third party image host. - 13:36:57 313 017
Liberal-minded individuals have zero defense for why Muslims are scrutinized to the degree that they are - instead they prefer to mirror their own lives and irresponsibly turn a blind eye. A lack of community exists from disconnect and tolerance. - 13:11:01 313 017
The notion of 'being made to have sex with' if not accused as rape is then not 'being made' but the accuser being too weak to say no out of self interests. - 13:09:30 313 017
Americans have been tracked since the advent of the computer - each generation wishes to blame the current administrators but they are merely okaying elder practices never marched against. #StopAmerica - 12:47:35 313 017
Nothing is 'classified' to citizens - only things are restricted out of arrogance and selfishness. A country can not exist in a state of obfuscation. - 12:40:37 313 017
Amnesty by the Trump administration is a best case scenario for swaying the teetering public that would ideally serve with in #Project47.  - 3:01:10 313 017
Gorgeous 5' 10" 23 year old mulatto model fetishes middle aged white males - [anxiously internet searches fastest finger healing methods] - considers amputation and Rambo stylized cauterization. - 2:24:42 313 017
Again extending further back human migration demonstrates the arrogance that is currently prevalent in the sciences today - more often presenting theory as fact and teaching such. Which is why we [me] questions particle physics. https://goo.gl/KmxASm... - 14:31:41 312 017
Liberal-minded people often mistake 'circumstances' for cultural traits. - 13:03:49 312 017
No one has ever altered their behavior relative to the "Doomsday Clock" and yet the pasture is littered with catnipped like behavior when they theatrically tick away. Shrugging is more useful for progression. - 13:01:07 312 017
Surprised CNN could even perceive uselessness. If they rightly saw Casey Neistat as pointless, imagine if they turned their sights inward - it would be a genocide. - 12:50:52 312 017
Listening to Phil Hendrie voice 5 characters 'in studio' and 4 characters 'on the phone' with such seamlessness that it borders on Phil being committed to '7 days in the best facility money can buy'. Listen to the https://www.philhendriesh...  - 1:03:16 312 017
The schedule is set for the remainder of the #TVShow Series 3 episodes. We [me] have 6 episodes planned with another rather special finale parodying a favorite film. #StayTuned - 14:35:17 311 017
The greatest source of arrogance about what black culture could have achieved was arrived at after having been risen up by white cultures being more tolerant - and not of belief in black culture, but by way of domestic vanity. - 14:25:15 311 017
By end of week - adding image loading (read-only) - image upload API (user) - archive aesthetics - to #Miter - 14:16:31 311 017
Larry Nassar is sentenced to 175 years in prison w/ no possibility of parole. He will die in prison - now if there were only some method to expedite that so as to not burden citizens. Hmm. Can not think of how one ends life more promptly. - 13:54:33 311 017
Jordan Peele is complaining that he felt that black directors were unlikely - apparently Sidney Poitier really burned that bridge directing Ghost Dad. - 1:46:45 311 017
What shd 'mystify' Rick is his method of digging with vertical closed tubes as opposed to steeped progression. 5 g d years w/ just Curse of #OakIsland - a stray underfed dog could have dug a stair well down 150'. As an engineer - utterly annoyed. - 1:06:12 311 017
Any wager that the highest concentration of phobias in North America are found in #NYC and/or an other metropolitan cities? There is an obvious masculine decay in such environments that likely leads to increased susceptibility. - 0:18:27 311 017
Updated several elements in both /user and /archive including new search functions in /archive and last miter on /user. https://github.com/VijeMi... #Miter - 22:29:45 310 017
Updated several elements in both /user and /archive including new search functions in /archive and last miter on /user. #Miter - 22:28:31 310 017
Thx to the internet, every one is important well beyond their importance. To achieve true importance requires transcending the internet. #Project47 - 20:59:56 310 017
The supposed "need" to hire diversity either implies the company was existingly biased or establishing the company's success was done with out diversity. - 20:56:44 310 017
Added hashtag search-highlight function with in the #Miter archive page. Toss up if displayed hashtag will redirect-search archive page or remain third party. - 20:04:21 310 017
Time/Date on the displayed #Miter is now the primary link to the archive. V1.02 - 18:45:51 310 017
Adblock ticking away on Tweetdeck is like miniature victories on the battlefield of b/s - on both sides. - 16:05:43 310 017
Finally went to https://stackoverflow.com... to seek a solution to the date to archive link issue. #Miter - 14:52:55 310 017
Now torn between my utter disdain for programming bcz I am right hemisphered and the logical need for an XML RSS feed for users to subscribe to. Will take time to ponder alternatives for #Miter.  - 14:24:18 310 017
It is fitting that Elon Musk take home a 0$ salary considering how much of nothing he contributes. - 13:25:44 310 017
Will proceed adding a third written file today, to place miters in to a RSS feed that could be subscribed to. #Miter - 10:49:45 310 017
Twitter can profess that users define the dialog but when trends and moments are high lighted when only having < 10 likes - it is Twitter leading you around by the nose. Might I suggest a personal micro-blog like #Miter? - 10:32:36 310 017
US Def Sec Mattis suggests Turkey show restraint - presumably to the same degree as say an America - who currently occupies 47 countries. #StopAmerica - 10:19:05 310 017
Annoyingly, it is not even the sophisticated expensive equipment - that shd be cared for - that transfixes most in to a zombie like behavior - instead it is merely what jangles like keys on the screen. - 10:15:13 310 017
Have added the first version of #Miter to https://github.com/VijeMi... - contributions are welcome. A more detailed description will be posted on http://tvmiller.com... soon. - 1:34:15 310 017
NASA blocked from employment is actually an opportunity to not be NASA for a few days - a great deal of rational thought about goals for space might be then achieved. - 0:44:39 310 017
Testing mobile browser scalability - arguably the most annoying part of this project bcz there is quite literally zero symmetry between browsers. #Miter - 23:00:39 309 017
Aging the aesthetics for the #Miter input field. - 22:50:35 309 017
Updating to #Miter version 1.01 with appended date function - utilizing a send on date rather than an on load date. - 20:25:08 309 017
Had wanted to put #Miter on GitHub but how the living hell does Github work?! While the open source will be detailed here, having investigated other code sharing sites, questionable where else. Pastebin? SoundForge looks like crap IMO. - 19:31:14 310 017
Fairly confident to now make claim that #Miter version 1.0 is operating. You may find an archive of miters on the menu link Miter [Archive] - tho seeking to place the link more intuitively near the printed miter. Open source coming soon. - 18:12:27 309 017
#Miter archive has been deleted. This is a third-first miter demonstrating a simple php-txt personalized micro-blog (ala Twitter) that only you moderate. We [me] will open source this after adjusting the input on mobile styling. Updates will follow. - 17:23:25 309 017