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@VijeMiller · 203d
Completed the #Canon mini-series in Series 4 of #TVShow with 4X22 .. Part IX .. leaving us to return to bits and engineering (soon?!)
@VijeMiller · 219d
Upcoming #TVShow Episodes
4X19 Evan Gelist Mini-Trees
4X20 Canon: Part VIII
4X21 Descension
4X22 Canon: Part IX
@VijeMiller · 232d
Filming the final 6 scenes necessary to complete the #Canon mini-series of #TVShow tonight ... a good deal of toplessness ... which will demand a lot of clenching.
@VijeMiller · 241d
New bit #TVShow episode publishing tomorrow ... same day another bit episode in production ... the while re-re-writing Canon: Part X to align to the remaining 4 episodes. Then we are prop and electronics shy of the some odd 30 remaining episodes jotted down ... stay tuned.
@VijeMiller · 259d
The inter-series Canon will end on episode 4X19 ... filming a spiteful bit episode tonight and tomorrow. If a pace were picked up ... could potentially hit X30 by end of July with late July and August filled with engineering projects. #TVShow
@VijeMiller · 261d
NEW #TVShow 4X11 Canon: Part V
@VijeMiller · 262d
Shooting #TVShow 4X11 Canon: Part V on Friday followed by a very spiteful of modern western world episode titled 'Spoiled' with the intent of applying it as a reply to some viral YouTube videos deserving of it. #StayTuned